Wednesday, July 25, 2012


One of the things, that made the USA great, is their econonic power and the fact that everything is dedicated to making stuff mostly to EXPORT. They even use their military as a weapon of economic trade control.

  The recent dialogue in Belize on what the government wants to do with Indian hemp laws doesn't address the idea that Indian hemp laws should be directed to GDP, economic growth and making it easy and profitable.

  With the current dialogue focused by government solely on street side sales of marijuana, for smoking, the amounts in the changes in the laws, are only focusing on cigarette sized amounts in grams.  I have a hard time visualizing a gram of anything, other than gold dust.  The whole talks do not seem to be orientated to forwarding the GDP and economic growth that Belize needs.  For instance, if an entrepreneur wished to export container loads of an arthritus relief lotion, made from Bay Rum soaked in casks with buds from Indian hemp SATIVA variety for pain and joint  relief, the export entrepreneur would need, even on a very small scale 500 kilos of Indian hemp SATIVA in stock inventory.  With a soaking time, of 3 to 6 weeks, before removing exhausted Indian hemp and used for animal feed, or fertilizer, and THEN bottling the subesquent product as a brand name lotion, BELIZE ARTHRITUS PAIN RELIEF, bottled, packed in cartons and shipped by container to wholesalers for homeopathic natural food stores around the world.  ( There are tens of millions of them ), the current and future changes to the laws of Belize simply ignore any economic advantage to the nation and business exporting. This stuff has been produced illegally in Belize for the past 55 years for local arthritus sufferers and works. I've thought of this as  an export businss many times over the years, but no government either of the COLONY of British Honduras, or subsequent independence as BELIZE, has ever put ECONOMICS, manufacturing and EXPORTING as a priority in legislation.  It is almost as if the small minded people who get elected to office have no interest in economics and GDP growth? They live in the colonial past. History as it was 60 years ago.

   Indian hemp oil is also an item to export to HEALTH FOOD STORES AND HOMEOPATHIC CLINICS. around the world.  The oil is a proven and statistical effective way of fighting CANCER CELLS. Wish I could buy some produced in Belize right now. The variety of Indian hemp used for hemp oil as a natural herbal medicine is different as a variety than that used for growing for smoking.  It is much too weak, to be competitive for smokers, looking for a THC high.

  In a TV talk show from Dickie Bradley, it was all about ONLY, smokers of strong types of Indian Hemp and nothing about ECONOMICS, MANUFACTURING AND GDP GROWTH.  It is as if the debaters from Belize City cannot see anything other than the drug trade, as it has existed in Belize forever more, back from Colonial times. Street sales would move to grocery stores from the street corners and treated just like taxed cigarettes or alcohol.  One lady by telephone to the show expressed her fears that sales of strong Indian Hemp varities would flood the port city, and ruin children.  I see no difference economically between addictive low level substances when properly licensed and taxed.


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