Friday, October 28, 2011


*** NONI fruit ****
Noni fruit makes a homeopathic medicine.

The fruit is used in Belize as a homeopathic medicine. We got an old plastic yogurt container, half full of mashed up NONI fruit from our cleaning lady. Taking a spoonfull morning and evening. Anything that tastes so bad, just HAS TO BE GOOD FOR YOU? A neighbor grows it in her yard. We are going to plant a seed and see if we can grow it. Wife and brother-in-law, down with a heavy FLU, decided to try it. I chose to try it, as a preventative. So far, it is working for me anyway. To cover the flavor, I mix my standard glass of water with lime concentrate from the Citrus Valley and mix in a spoonful of the NONI goo.

Proponents claim the noni fruit and its juice can be used to treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, HIV, rheumatism, psoriasis, allergies, infection, and inflammation. Some believe that the fruit can relieve sinus infections, menstrual cramps, arthritis, ulcers, sprains, injuries, depression, senility, poor digestion, atherosclerosis, addiction, colds, flu, and headaches. It is further claimed that the juice can heal scratches on the cornea of the eye.

In India, proponents use noni as a remedy for asthma and dysentery, and folk healers in the Pacific islands use it for many types of illness. In the United States, some noni juice distributors promote it as a general tonic, stress reliever, facial and body cleanser, and dietary and nutritional supplement.

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Unknown said...

I was the first to make Noni or Morinda into a low dose homeopathic at 1X/2X/3X.
I see by one post therre are those who do not understand homeopathy.I read false concepts about it all the time.
An X or 10 means that you take one part in this case Noni and add it to 9 parts purified water.Then it is drop shaken up to 100 times.It becomes 1X. Then one part of that mixture is added to 9 parts of water and shaken again this is a 2 X as it's been drop shaken twice. It can go up to 1,000 times shaking/diution or higher and is very ,very powerful!I have taken CM calcium phosphate.My tooth enamal came bake.My spine felt firm and strong.My bck spine problems clearedup. My gums tightened up,etc.
When you shake a jar of nitric acid ,for example, and test it pre and post the chemical bonds get stronger! This explains a little hy the higher the potency or increased shaking/dilution makes the ingredient stronger- it's checmical bonds get tighter or 'closer'together. Counter intuitive, I know.
I chose low potency for Noni so it will work faster,better,deeper and still retain all of the 148 phytonutrients. Taste is fine, convenient- it's a spray and it really works excellent!You can mist it topically on wounds and for healthy skin.