Saturday, August 30, 2008

WESTERN BELIZE HAPPENINGS! ( Maya artificat photo )

The photo below is of a Mayan artifact found in Belize. Once when digging our Septic Tank when we started to build our small guest hotel/hostel, the back hoe brought up small pottery from as deep as 14 feet. We were surprised and felt good that people had been successfully living in our chosen location for 15,000 years or so. Most of the Mayan pyramids go back to the Classic Mayan period around here, which is sort of the last 1500 years. But some of these hilltop Mayan pyramids go back over 3000 years and belong to a Mayan civilization and empire that preceded the traditional excavate Classic period. There is about a 1000 years between the two Mayan civilizations and lots of the writings are still being studied and as of yet unsolved. The Mayan calendar which is a 5000 year calendar finishes on December 21st, 2012. A time of political change in the world, they forecast.

Western Belize Happenings! ( archeology photo )

Western Belize Happenings ( the Jaguar photo )

The Jaguar photo is of a jaguar that can jump over an eight foot fence and eat your chickens on a jungle farm. I know from experience. This particular jaguar is in the tiny Belize Zoo, made up of animals that have been orphaned or injured and nursed back to health. Usually when I pick up people at the International Airport from an incoming flight, coming out to the Western Belize Recreational Area and staying at Falconview Adventure Hostel on the slope of Green Parrot Valley, a suburb of Santa Elena Town; I always stop on the way home out West at the Belize Zoo which is on the way and worth the lost travel time, to see native Belizean animals. This Small BELIZE ZOO has been featured in many magazines and television documentaries. Well worth a visit.

Western Belize Happenings! ( Jaguar photo )

Friday, August 29, 2008

Western Belize Happenings!

Well I'm new at this blogging? How do I add a photo? Been trying, but it never seems to load a photo? Wonder why?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We started the upgrade now August is over and the tourist eight month season is officially finished. While we might get some straggler adventurous backpackers coming through during the FALL months, this is our OFF SEASON in the FALL months. Antonio the mason started fixing the cracks in the walls of the downstairs hostel area and 18 year old, Terrance is going to do the new fresh painting of the walls. After today Friday, Antonio will go back to work on the two new furnished apartments we are building in the annex for our more upscale guests. Rates in the three apartments will be $45 usa for the Mission Style apartment, with good views over two valleys out the windows and from the verhandah and the new efficiency by December will go for $35 usa a night. The third floor apartment ( $45 usa) also has an excellent rustic atmosphere overlooking Green Parrot Valley and the Belize River valley to the far off Yalbac Hills. We are kind of excited for next year bookings for tourism. We are now in the Le Routard guidebooks for Belgians, French and Swiss. The TROTTER guide book for travelers in Dutch has us this year. has us highly recommended and FODORS BELIZE guidebook has us in there coming out in October. We decided not change our eight bed dormitory for budget travelers, with their own bathrooms, kitchen and living room using hammocks. Capacity is going to increase this year from 10 people to 16 people. The dorm will remain at $11 usa a night for 2009.



We have the 2009 tour and expedition rates posted now for the Western Cayo District of the country of Belize. Sept. 1st, 2008


· Xununtanich, Clarissa Falls and Cahel Pech tour - $22 usa

· Caracol pyramids interior day trip -$75—$85 usa

· XIBALBA, the ATM Cave expedition to the Mayan

sacrifical underworld— all day trip- $75—$85 usa

· Horse back riding Mopan River, ferry and climb to Xununtanich hilltop temple ruins by horse. - $40—$75 usa

· Belize Alps foothills, Pine Ridge day trip— $40—$60—$75 usa depending on tour guide, or tour operator.

· Barton Creek Outpost cave canoeing—$60 usa, or use FREE swimming hole with swinging ropes from trees.

· TIKAL all day round trip $135 usa, ( all inclusive )

· Ultra Light Trike flying over Belize River Valley—$$75 -$100 usa

· Guanacaste National Park swimming hole—$2 usa by bus.

· Blue Hole Cenote National Park Swimming Hole

· Crystal Cave and Petroglyphs - $75 usa

· White water kayaking Mopan River -$60—$75 usa

· Canoeing pristine natural Macal River Gorge - $20 usa

· Canoeing and hiking $70 usa

· There are many more attractions from slate carving, music lessons, painting art lessons, archery, Mayan pottery making, wine making, zip lines, cave tubing, ETC.


Courtesy of: Falconview Backpackers upscale Adventure Hostel