Saturday, August 30, 2008

WESTERN BELIZE HAPPENINGS! ( Maya artificat photo )

The photo below is of a Mayan artifact found in Belize. Once when digging our Septic Tank when we started to build our small guest hotel/hostel, the back hoe brought up small pottery from as deep as 14 feet. We were surprised and felt good that people had been successfully living in our chosen location for 15,000 years or so. Most of the Mayan pyramids go back to the Classic Mayan period around here, which is sort of the last 1500 years. But some of these hilltop Mayan pyramids go back over 3000 years and belong to a Mayan civilization and empire that preceded the traditional excavate Classic period. There is about a 1000 years between the two Mayan civilizations and lots of the writings are still being studied and as of yet unsolved. The Mayan calendar which is a 5000 year calendar finishes on December 21st, 2012. A time of political change in the world, they forecast.

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