Monday, November 30, 2009


*** Lord Ashcroft, the alleged tax dodger, as UK media portray him, on the other side of the pond. We know from Belize media articles and various PM Barrow speeches that the controlling political party, accuse him ( The UDP of Belize ) of making his billion dollar fortune dodging payment of taxes in Belize. There have been court cases in Belize with the government and Ashcroft over non-payment of taxes. The infamous ROBBER BARON fights his battles in the courts of the world. Since justice this way costs lots of money, few care to do battle with the feared LORD of reputed alleged tax evasion, even the flat broke, heavily in debt UDP government recently seized his shares in BTL allegedly to avoid any more expensive litigation. Our Belize Prime Minister Barrow has declared war on Lord Ashcroft according to the media. Money talks in the U.K. and so far the ROBBER BARON is winning more than he loses in political circles in England. He is slated to become Foreign Secretary in the UK when his political party over there, win the next election says the local gossip here in Belize. This makes PM Barrow here afraid.

( from the Belize culture listserve debate on the future and row with the UK )


Actually I'm using chicken entrails as in voodoo prophecies.

There is a bunch of anti-UK documentaries on tv. I saw one last night on Mauritius and the CHAGOS ISLANDS, where the UK are going to evict the population, who have been living there for generations. Secret Foreign Office records were shown, how the UK actually got to take over the CHAGOS ISLANDS and their written reports and contempt for the indigenous people there. Imagine Belize with Lord Ashcroft as the UK Government Foreign Minister?

With St. Vincent and the Grenadines going to a Republican type of Constitution, Mr. PM Barrow who follows closely the CARICOM events, seems to me, to have a wider long range view of the future of Belize? I would not be surprised to see him Change the Constitutional Setup of the KINGDOM of BELIZE and get rid of the monarchy and go to a Presidency system like other CARICOM countries, using a President elected by PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION.

Certainly the sugar business hurt him badly in the double cross he received from the UK and EU in his first year and I'm sure he remembers this double cross. We get very little of anything from the UK anymore. Nor are we likely to get any assistance. Even the Cayman Islands are going to go INDEPENDENT. The UK is broke and in no position in a declining importance in the world, able to compete in the NEW WORLD ORDER. Much of their exports have been taken over by India ( GDP of 6.5% this year 2009 ) and China. Brazil, Colombia and Mexico have taken over the processed food business, that used to be their Empire main export in the UK. The UK military has been cut back about 75% in funding. The UK is declining to a 2nd rate power. Their machine and tool industry is neglible anymore. They are fighting hard to maintain supremacy in the FINANCIAL MARKETS WORLD system. The North Sea oil is rapidly finishing, on which they built their socialist government system.

I think PM Barrow is acting right. The issue is over Lord Ashcroft. If the UK does not rein him in, then we in the KINGDOM OF BELIZE will split with the UK. We would not here, even miss his Belize Bank. There are plenty of banks here, to take over and fight for his Bank market share. Personally I approve of such a thing. We in this new world, have to learn to stand on our own two feet. Using a crutch like the crippled UK is not helping us. We must become innovative and competitive. While we have had the UK as a crutch, our growth has been stunted. Sometimes you have to throw the would be swimmer in the water off the end of the pier. To learn to swim. Time Belize did that!

Robber Baron exploiter Lord Ashcroft is simply the STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL'S BACK?

--- On Mon, 11/30/09, Wendy Auxillou wrote:

From: Wendy Auxillou
Subject: Belize in "State of War"
To:, "Ray Auxillou"
Date: Monday, November 30, 2009, 8:54 AM

Are you reading tea leaves or looking into your personal crystal ball?

--- On Mon, 11/30/09, Ray Auxillou wrote:

The point Mary, is that Belize will probably follow suit with some other Caricom countries and go to a REPUBLIC and shed the title of THE KINGDOM OF BELIZE. I think this is the first opening propoganda moves and I approve, especially if a President elected by proportional representation is involved. The blame will be on the UK and the QUEEN, not on Belize for breaking with them.

--- On Sun, 11/29/09, Mary Toy wrote:

From: Mary Toy
Subject: Re: Bz-Culture: Re: Belize in "State of War"
Date: Sunday, November 29, 2009, 4:39 PM

So, Trevor. If you were Cameron and were given an ultimatum by the PM
or Belize – Belize or Ashcroft – who would YOU pick?
What’s the point of all this?

On 11/29/2009 1:25:56 PM, Trevor Vernon ( wrote:
> With the greatest respect MEL, I think the PM has made that case to the
> public before and more importantly he has the total support of the masses..
> .or herd as Gorgeous G puts it. The voting public is more than happy with
> the PM putting the Lord in check especially if phone rates and mortgage
> terms improve generally.
> The Bank the Pulpo controls has exercised some rather harsh loan recalls
> on political targets in the past (recent & not-so-recent) that even the
> elites are not too happy about him. So, in addition to the masses being
> unhappy with Pulpo the upper crust is somewhat uneasy with his
> stranglehold as well. All this bodes real well for the office of the PM to
> go on the offensive.
> Finally, while a sizable portion of the media is either owned or controlled

Sunday, November 29, 2009


November 29, 2009
Belize PM warns Cameron about role for Ashcroft

By Jane Merrick in Port of Spain

Barrow: My government is in 'state of war' with peer

The Prime Minister of Belize warned David Cameron last night that he risks damaging relations between Britain and the Central American country if he gives Lord Ashcroft an influential position in a Conservative government.

Dean Barrow said his government was in a "state of war" with the billionaire Conservative deputy chairman over his business interests in the country.

In an extraordinary intervention in the margins of the Commonwealth heads of government summit in Trinidad and Tobago, Mr Barrow said he hoped no "institutional harm" would come to British-Belize relations, which he described as valuable, as a result of Lord Ashcroft's role in a Tory government. Britain has a military training base in the country and Belize is a strategic ally in the region.

"It's not for me to presume to advise Mr Cameron," Mr Barrow said. "All I can do is to say that I would hope that a practical problem would be managed in such a way as not to damage relations between Belize and the UK."

The Tory peer is ploughing millions of pounds into marginal constituencies and has been tipped for a foreign affairs role if the Tories win power.

Mr Barrow has been a fierce critic, claiming that Lord Ashcroft operated a monopoly by owning both the country's telecoms firms.

Lord Ashcroft has strenuously denied Mr Barrow's claims that he held a monopoly over Belize's telecommunications industry, insisting that he sold Telemedia, a company he owned in the 1990s, seven or eight years ago.

Lord Ashcroft says the criticism is politically motivated. His spokesman, Alan Kilkenny, recently said the peer "has had no economic interest in telecoms in Belize for years". Mr Barrow stepped up the pressure last night by extending his attack to politics, describing Lord Ashcroft as a "relentless foe".

Asked whether he was concerned about Lord Ashcroft's influence in a Tory government, Mr Barrow said: "Yes, I am. I, of course, have to rely on the good sense of David Cameron, and I feel that he is sufficiently astute and wise... to be relied on, that I can expect that he would not allow one person to prejudice in any fundamental way the relations between our two countries. But I know that Lord Ashcroft clearly has to be influential - he is the deputy chairman of the party."

The Conservative leader has been criticised for not saying explicitly whether Lord Ashcroft pays tax in the UK, only that he is satisfied that there is not a problem.

In a sign of how Lord Ashcroft's largesse is paying political dividends, a poll for The Daily Telegraph yesterday showed the Tories streaking ahead in key marginals where the money has been directed.

***** Lord Ashcroft has been allegedly RAPING Belizeans and the NATION of BELIZE, in complicity with the past corrupt PUP government, of their Belizean tax revenues and shoddy second hand service in telecommunications.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Belize buses need better paint jobs and decorating, like these Haitian buses.

** Our Belize buses need more imaginative decorating paint jobs, like these Haitian buses, to attract the tourists and build pride among our citizens.


Monday, November 23, 2009


- Minus 3.5 GDP ( negative GDP for BELIZE )

It is certain that our economy is contracting. It has been doing so, since the PUP were in office during their last term. All is not negative however.

There have been some innovative investments in venture capital on the local scene by the private sector. Primary among these would be the BOWEN Wartisila diesel electric power generating plant down in the Placentia area and the Bagasse electric producing plant, to come on line in six weeks in Corozal by BSI and first promoted by Peter Singfield an engineer living in XAIBE in the Corozal district..

For a small population we are not doing too bad, all things considered. There is a lack of new innovative products for export, but that may more be the lack of experience, imagination and simply lack of entrepreneurial personnel. We also lack any kind of venture capital firm, to buy shares in start up hopefuls. Thus giving them funding. The borrowing loans system doesn’t work for pioneer type new businesses.

If you take out the Belize government run by foreign loan borrowing system of the two political parties, in which they have now sold out the next forty years of tax revenues expected to be generated, the – minus – 3.5 GDP sounds even optimistic. The contraction in the Belize economy is still definite and mostly lies on the heads of the PUP when they were in office, when they invested all their energy and marbles, into a one business driven economy ( tourism ), instead of budgeting investment hours and money into different segments of growing a diversified economy. Nothing has been invested yet in manufacturing industry pilot projects. Except for a little bit of cottage industry type efforts by TAIWAN, with their odd bit of food processing machines for demonstration and education, one couldn’t say anything has been done from the standpoint of investing in a diversified portfolio of economic possibilities. Nobody has started teaching machine lathe work to 1/10,000 tolerances for example. Some sort of government budget priority, allocating investment ideas by the government and support hasn’t even been broached yet. The politicians that we have are simply waiting for the private sector to take the lead and absorb the failures that come with such pioneering experimentation. Of course, in a LOAN financed government, there is a lot of activity going on, but this is more orientated to providing work through loans and grants for civil servants to spend, with the usual reports and accompanying jargon justifying the expenditures. Usually this is poverty fighting, or some other latest fad held by the senior bureaucrats. Sometimes these things are to the good, but mostly it is wasted money. increasing our long term debt.

We would need a boost in GDP from private sector, productivity ( not foreign loan borrowing ), of around $2 billion extra to handle the debts these two PUP and UDP governments have given us, as a burden. A veritable chain and ball hung around the neck of the private sector, holding us back We would also need this needed $2 billion extra GDP growth, in the next fifteen years, which is unlikely. Bureaucratic civil service experimentation and pioneering rarely works. Bureaucrats and politicians by their very nature are followers, not leaders.

I’d like to see a prize of $ 150,000 offered by our government, to the first cottage industry manufacturer of a security guard, automatic shotgun, manufactured in Belize. Such product destined for export to Guatemala, Mexico, Salvador and Honduras. Eventually to all of Latin America and the security guard firms that buy them. Can’t do that, until the UDP wipe out the legislation, that Musa and the PUP put in place, making such manufacturing activity illegal. No sign of that yet, though legal business and law suits are a GROWTH INDUSTRY provided by the UDP and the PUP. Unfortunately the lawsuit business is an internal small market and of little use for our GDP expansion that we need.

It is somewhat prohibitive trying to start a small business in Belize. The bureaucratic red tape is time consuming, expensive and adds oodles of costs to entrepreneurs. Mostly the biggest thing is the lost productivity used, in traveling back and forth to government offices trying to complete paper work. We are a lot like INDIA, for bureaucratic red tape and obstructionism from our civil service. When you figure a small start up, has no employees, then the bureaucratic red tape takes on a new dimension in very expensive, lost productive work hours. Very discouraging! The letter to the editor, by Juan Ramon, in the Amandala newspaper of the 22 nd of November said it all. Most small marginal home businesses are closing shop, choked by the bureaucrats and the regulations. Not so much the taxes, just the paper work and civil servants inadequately trained to know how to interpret the laws, that define how businesses can be run. Myself, I am just such a small home business type person, but we are now out of the Tourist Business and have also canceled any future small scale real estate construction speculation in Belize. We might do it over in Guatemala in the near future, but not in Belize, due to the Building ACT, which is actually worse than that we have had experience with in Florida, which is really bad. On the other hand, we are looking forward to a new business pilot program, now encouragingly under way, to be done in Chicago, USA and are gratified that all we have to do is sign a half a dozen forms, pay a flat capital gains tax of 28% and we are home free, to do what we want. Too bad the US Federal government will get the taxes and the side effects of employment, but c’est la vie! You go where business is encouraged. This may help our national GDP a little bit, as we bring back into the country foreign exchange to spend on living costs. This government is predatory by nature and so is the civil service bureaucracy. Consequently, until they learn how to make ways to encourage investment, the party and bureaucrats in power, can only see the GDP shrink.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ms Gegg of Belize, a natural blonde of Belize

** Ms Gegg. The Gegg family go back several generations and are renowned as business entrepreneurs. Ms Gegg right now in her life is a painter type artist.
** Eat your heart out! This is Ms. Gegg in the age bracket at the prime of her life. She is a natural blond and one of her parents was from Denmark. The Mennonites, a religous farming cult, have a lot of blond haired, fair skin, blue eyed girls. Several thousand of them. They tend to be of Russian genes though, and of farm stock. Due to inbreeding they really need some outside genes in their farming people in Belize. Great for pulling a plow, but homely and stocky. Big boned heavy types.
Not Ms Gegg though. As an artist one cannot figure out if people are admiring because of her looks, or her artistic work.

BELIZE CHIT CHAT going on for 20 years on this listserve.

Chit Chat from subscriber members on the Belize Culture Listserve, with about 150 people from all around the world. Some Belizeans, others just curious.
The listserve is To join, you need to send an email that says and put the word SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message. A lot of the traffic is just nonsense between internet friends that have formed on here over the last 20 years. You do get all the early news effecting Belize before anyone else though.

WELL Bruce and Victoria

Last night on our 2 block walk in the dark, the sky was extremely clear. The moon and stars shone crystal clear. Today started off warm and is getting warmer as the midday progresses. It was clear blue sky early this morning, but we are getting a grey cloud cover coming in from somewhere right now midday.
The wife was up on the third floor doing the internet and I diddled with re potting some vegetables and planted some new seeds. We both admired the view across the two valleys from the third floor verandah, and felt BLESSED that our dreams up in Miami came true. We re retired in a beautiful rural spot. Close to town and shopping, but excellent scenery, calm and peaceful, everything green and a few friendly neighbors. We have everything the heart could desire. Wonderful feeling of being lucky!

--- On Sat, 11/21/09, Bruce and Victoria Collins wrote:

From: Bruce and Victoria Collins
Subject: Re: Bz-Culture: Foggy in the Belize Alps this morning.
To: "Ray Auxillou"
Date: Saturday, November 21, 2009, 10:55 AM

Ray, I really like you postings about the weather and daily life at your home. Thank you for doing this.
Bruce Collins

Ray Auxillou wrote:
> Grey thick fog this morning at 6 a.m. Means a hot sunny day today. Being Saturday, will head for the Twin Towns, Macal River, market this morning.
> Want some yogurt and Mennonite cheese.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Western Belize Happenings" is a BLOG and it has over 650 articles, views, photographs, news, and opinions effecting Western Belize and the small nation itself. I believe you can subscribe to the BLOG and get any new inputs when they happen a few times a week.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Belize Annual National Rodeo

** Western Belize has a lot of cattle ranches. This is the cattle judging at the National Agriculture Fair, held at the show grounds in the capital Belmopan of the Cayo District.
** Blue Creek annual rodeo
** Blue Creek rodeo, up in the Mennonite North country.
National Agriculture Fair held at Belmopan Fair Grounds ( the capital ) located in the Cayo District, Western Belize

For more stories and photos of Western Belize, use the GOOGLE search engine and put in the words WESTERN BELIZE HAPPENINGS ( over 630 articles with photos )

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


If you were a student with a 3.5 or 4.0 grade average and seeking a scholarship - This socialist study just screwed your chances!


Simple Analogy

An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before but had once failed an entire class.

That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on socialism. All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.

After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.

The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.

As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.

The second test average was a D! No one was happy.

When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.

The scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.

All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great but when government takes the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

Could not be any simpler than that.

What a profound short little paragraph that says it all

"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for,that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."

~ Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Horse back riding at Christmas holidays in Belize.
Horse back riding jungle trails in Belize.
Horse back riding in Belize vacation.
Belize horse back riding photo!


** Hi! My name is Ray and I live in Western Belize, in the foothills of the Belize Alps. I like the SPRING weather all year around and being able to grow my own food, every day.
**** OEX OPTION DAY TRADERS WILL NOT LIKE THIS SITE! Our goal is to double our money every 5 months, market willing. We don't like losing trade systems. Admittedly you will get one once in a while.
** Remember the story of the TORTOISE and the HARE? The methodology here is UNDERTRADING


( Two month results - 2 months, paper trading - 64% return )

Method chosen: KISS ( Keep it simple stupid! )

Start time in design and experimenting of trading system. Mid June, 2009.


Paper trading start of methodology Sept. 12, 2009.
Number of trades: 8 trades
Result 64% return on capital in two months ending November 16th, 2009


Restart FRESH experiment with live practice, $5000 funny money FREE ACCOUNT!
( Result so far - 1st weekend up 6% )


Switch to REAL MONEY ACCOUNT with original $5000 of CASH deposit.
( As of Nov.16th, 2009 this writing - this phase has not been reached. Expect to reach the REAL MONEY trading phase #4 around March, 2010? )


( Searching for an adequate description?) - The rational is; that I'm losing money with SAVINGS in USA money market, savings account and Certificate of Deposits at current interest rates and with INFLATION in the USA at 7% thereabouts. Living on a FIXED INCOME is seeing my purchasing capacity declining. Must do something?)

Hectic morning on the trading for the Futures/Hedge Fund being used to balance out the very low, Money Market and Certificate of Deposits miserable returns in the USA. These are losing money at the purchasing power rate of 7% a year to inflation. My savings CD comes due this month November and I'm cashing it out and putting it in money market to feed slowly into the Hedge Fund trading eventually in PHASE #4 if we reach that far successfully? Expected to be around February or March, 2010.

Graduated Friday last, to the Virtual Trading platform, with $5000 usa of their funny money, FREE GRATIS! Got out of that trade I made, with a 6% gain, or + $330 this morning

My hypothetical paper trading is now at an end. Made over the 50% I needed to graduate into the Virtual BROKERAGE money trading with my KISS OPTION TRADING METHOD. I see I started paper trading Sept 12th. 8 trades in all! Lost at the very beginning though! Trying to use a method that has no losses. Very restrictive! I made three mistakes in the 8 trades over two months. The first loss was due to my second guessing the methodology and tweaking it with an entry that was too early. Another lower returns trade than was expected, was experienced by a second bad entry, second guessing the mechanical system. The third error was leaving on the EXIT signal too early also, and taking less profits, due to impatience and fear! Once I settled down to trusting the methodology ( KISS ) things went better with fairly mechanical ENTRY and EXITS about 95% and roughly 5% a final judgment call as to TIMING on EXITS.)( I'm learning to exit on volatility ballooning of premiums - I think? )

That paper trading in 8 trades netted me 64%, or a balance that started with $5000 usa and ended up with $8230 this morning, Nov. 15th, 2009. When I exited the remaining 3 trades that were running.

So my intention to switch from hypothetical paper trading, to virtual trading with the brokerage account worked out well, even though it was a weekend premature. The next step is to move into real CASH trading when this virtual account does 50% as a gain. Step by step, slowly, slowly! Trying to master and get control of the emotions of GREED, PANIC and FEAR. Let the system prove itself first as we go along. THE KISS MONEY MACHINE! ( laugh )

12 Sept made +$750 for balance starting with $5000 of $5730 ( -$20 commissions )
2 Oct lost -($1620) balance of $4090 in account
6 Oct +$580 with ending account balance of $4670
8 Oct +$320 with ending balance of $4990
21 Oct +$380 balance now of $5350
29 Oct + $1070 balance now of $6400
4 Nov + $1510 balance now of $7890
11 Nov ( my birthday - 72 years old ) +$360 with an ending balance of $8230
( $20 commissions deducted for each trade, which may skew the balances here )


Switch to brokerage virtual trading with funny money. Current balance $5330 starting with $5000 6% gain Nov 15 over the weekend. Nervous about the sideways action and EXITED early on a 5% methodology JUDGEMENT CALL, before actually getting an EXIT signal.

Started the methodology experiments back in mid June/2009. Took about 3 to 5 months to work out the methodology and learn it and learn to trust it. My first loss, was because I didn't trust what I had done. I second guessed it and screwed myself.

Going to have to buy a generator. The BEL electricity in Western Belize went off this morning in the middle of a volatile opening session. I couldn't follow it. When the electricity came back on about an hour later, the market was running away from me and the volatility and ballooning was very high. I couldn't get my websites loaded again. I got the DOW numbers off the cable TV while doing breakfast. Darned electricity nearly ruined everything. You have to sell into ballooning volatility. You get inflated premiums.
Even so, the market had started leveling off and the collapse of the premiums was already evident by the time I got into the web site, after the electricity came back on. Sold my virtual trade first. It dropped about $20 while I was trying to get it all together. With the slow dial up wireless internet, ( 115 kbps ) everything lags and takes precious minutes. ( going to buy a generator in Belmopan I guess? ) Then I exited the three paper trades I was holding to collapsing volatility ballooning. Lost something, but overall did well.
Am now into phase three, which is the move from methodology research and testing, to paper trading and now into the ( Phase #3) - Virtual Trading. Next step phase 4, will be real cash trading. Probably by March? Maybe even February?

Goal is $250,000 in two years starting with $5000 and putting additional $5000 capital periodically on a money management formula I have designed. Lots of fun, to see how we do here? ( grin! ) Hell I'm alive the adrenaline gets running and feels good mon! An old retiree needs some mental challenge!

** This photo was taken in January. A cold day here in the tropics, in the foothills of the Belize Alps. There were blizzards up in Canada and the USA and here the temperature dropped to 56 F. I had to wear a T shirt, a regular thick shirt and a sweater to stay warm. Normally our temperatures run between 75 and 85 F nearly all year round.

Started again with the FREE Option House account of funny online money that is not real money. For the learning how to enter orders on their system. Doing paper trading in October and November we did 64% on total $5000 capital. So the next step was to try ONLINE TRADING with a free account for real time learning and no cheating ( which one tends to do with paper trading ) and see if my system works? The idea that once I made 50% of my virtual account, I would send in signed forms and a check for $5000 real money and do it real.
DECEMBER MONTH REALLY WENT BAD FOR ME! I was ahead in this brokers virtual account $310 from end of November in a trade. In December the market went sideways and congested. Everybody on holiday I guess. I took a trade on an early signal, then got the second signal. This was a counter trend trade in a sideways market. I ignored my rules and tried the trade anyway. Turned out I had a fixed OEX number in mind for my weak trade to exit. Got the number but failed to exit with the two options I was now holding. The reason being ??? I don´t know? This is all emotional and physcological. I just hung on too long. What was happening, the first option was losing money, having been entered too early and TIME DECAY was eating it up. The second entry on my signal was GOOD and I made the target INDEX number and a profit, but failed to sell both options on this one trade, as first losing option taken, would have OVERALL caused the two options on the same trade to have given me a loss. Suppose I thought if I held another day, it might put me positive? It didn´t and reversed, proving my methodology was right, but my hindsight critique was faulty. My emotional fault and not the markets or method fault. Anyway promptly cleared the trade and lost $680 on the first option in the trade, though if I had sold them both when targeted, would have lost only about $200. On the second option, I went from the profit to a loss of $245. Ended up with an account balance that went from $5310 to $4385.
Stayed out of the market for the rest of sideways December. There was nothing. Out of curiousity near the end of December I had the sideways market figured, so did a paper trade which won a bit. Though $150 was not worth the risk and this wasn´t my Virtual Account at the broker. I just wanted to try it out and see if I was right. I was right, but + $150 was too little for the risk. We entered January and my chosen methodology is UNDERTRADING. Finally got another signal, but the market was weak and I waited a day or two for things to clarify. Finally jumped in on a second signal. Within the hour I had cleared my SPREAD and gained $35. Unfortunately the next day things went neutral and dead and lost my gain and some to the TIME DECAY and reduced volatility. Still holding at this writing as all the signals are positive, though the OEX is weak. NYSE daily volume is up though, so I´m holding as all trade signals are still positive. Sudden one day drop really had me hurting. Fortunately I had bought March options and could afford to wait. My observation was that we were in a trading range and what went down would go up. I'm pleased to see the higher volatility though. Bigger longer bar days of movement give more opportunities.
January 19th. Finally recovered almost all my down values on a good 6 point OEX UP day, was just a $100 short of breaking even, but EXITED anyway. The balance now is $ 4265 after starting with $5000 of the VIRTUAL MONOPOLY MONEY ACCOUNT. Still workable. Next day saw an 8 point drop again. Really VOLATILE! Love it! Didn't get a chance to buy in though, it was too fast and unexpected.
What went wrong in January? The trend was good, but it was too weak. Small movements of 2 points or less per day and my trades kept jumping in and out of profit, to loss. Due to the angle of the trend. I had thought about it when it started, but didn't know what would happen and elected to try it and see real life what a shallow positive trend will do. This is a learning experience after all and December had been such a dull month. Guess you could call it IMPATIENCE AND OVERTRADING? Anyway, finally exited on January 19th from both trades with a $100 loss. Which in retrospect I consider a victory. In the meantime, I have devised an indicator that will tell me if I have the volatility and premium ballooning needed to make a long term trade profitable. So at $100 cost, or lesson on that one. I'm a guy learns by doing. Theoretical doesn't work. Hopefully I'm wiser? I think my trade last 14 days. Everything went right, except the movement wasn't enough to overcome TIME DECAY.

IN THE MEANTIME have been playing around with watching how the OEX will make rapid moves on CLOSING prices and then GAP and move drastically on the OPEN next day. Tried a number of things, but was really having trouble figuring out what these guys who were trading OVERNIGHT were doing and how they were getting their signals. Anyway, I think I have it figured it and devised a short term system for 2 or 3 trades per week. The first go around, took two days and netted + $850. This was because I bought a spread of trades at different strike prices & months, designed to inform me, which option is the most profitable to buy on a single trade. This being paper trading ( hypothetical ) you can do that. Hopefully I now have two arrows in my quiver and two trading systems. Short term and long term. We shall see how it goes? Will try this newer one, paper trading for a month and if it goes, will switch to the brokerage VIRTUAL ACCOUNT with it. Trying it there, my money management formula should kick in some place soon I hope into trading with real CASH MONEY. PATIENCE!

-Entered DECEMBER account balance of $4630 in the VIRTUAL account.
-Holding the 530 MARCH CALL at $12.20 bought and now slightly negative.
-Bought another option, the OEX March Call 520 at $19.90 Friday Jan. 8th, with a good signal to buy. Got a bad fill from my virtual account. The Option Chain showed $18.20 ASK and the index had dropped after the OPEN and tried to TIME it at the lowest price, so I waited for 40 minutes after MARKET OPENED, but the computer system gave me the price of the CLOSE from the day before, which was a dollar higher priced. Hope this isn't the way it goes with real money? For my purposes, I can just mentally deduct a dollar though.


**** I'm an AMATEUR because I'm not a PROFESSIONAL. In my lexicon, a PROFESSIONAL OEX OPTION TRADER earns 80% to over 250% a year on his total cash account, deposited with his broker. An AMATEUR is everybody else. ( We are not talking individual trades done with percentages of an account cash available. )

*** In my experience limited as it is and I traded OEX OPTIONS about 20 years ago. Unfortunately I was under capitalized and unable to survive even one loss. Different I hope this time around?? ( grin! ) I even wrote a half a dozen books on it. At the time I was heavily into TRADE STATION and computer generated systems and indicators. I learned that simple things work ( I hope! ) The thing is these guys selling you online, or in magazines TRADING SYSTEMS, or TRADING ADVICE, or BUY and SELL orders. If they can't provide you with the last year's BROKER's STATEMENT proving they are PROFESSIONAL and professional in this context does not mean Membership in organizations, or possession of certificates, but a statement that shows PROFITS over 80% a year, on the whole account balance. Not on individual trades. I'm not partial to trading systems that say you have to have; a win to lose ratio either. I know a loss will occur once in a while, but sure don't want a mental set, or system that plans on it as a working methodology. My experience with losses are; that one LOSS will wipe out the profits for three to seven trades, which depending on your trading frequency, translates into a few months of lost earnings while you try to recuperate your capital. If you give up half your year recovering from losses, I cannot see how you are going to make a profit reasonable enough to be doing this. Mind you I've had a trader friend or too, doing volatility trades that had draw downs from $75,000 to $15,000 and then came back to a healthy profitable balance at the end of the year. I tried it last year, hypothetically and the OEX just was not reliable enough. I don't see him on the internet anymore, so he is either DEAD, or BROKE. In the meantime, hypothetical trading, or paper trading, can give you experience, but only REAL TIME trading has value, as the next few days, or weeks are going to change all those fancy computer indicator signals on you. They are lagging indicators and if you will take a few months and the trouble to print out the OEX chart each day with your forecast and look back, you can actually see the computer indicators based on historical data reforming themselves as the future unfolds. Paper trading and this VIRTUAL TRADING are not the same thing either, when you go to real money Especially when it is your money! USING YOUR REAL MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING AGAIN, AS IT PREYS ON YOUR EMOTIONS. I could go on, but why bother? Needless to say I'm eccentric and of strong opinions. Only the balance of my account at the end of 2010 will show whether or not, I graduated from AMATEUR status to PROFESSIONAL STATUS. Have fun, that is what it is all about! Don't use money you cannot afford to lose!



START WITH: Balance $5000
11th November 2009 OEX 505 CALL +310 Balance $5310 Total Capital + 4%
30th November, 2009, OEX 510 PUT - 660 " $4630 ( - 7%)
4th December, 2009 OEX 515 PUT - 225 " $4365 ( - 12%)
5th January, 2010 OEX 530 CALL - 20 " $4365 ( - 14 %)
8th January, 2010 OEX 520 CALL -100 " $4265 ( - 12% )
25th January, 2010 OEX 505 PUT +100 " $4365 ( - 12%)
1 st February, 2010 OEX 500 CALL -580 $3765 ( -24%)
2 nd. February 2010 OEX 500 CALL +100 " $3865 ( - 20% )
3rd February 2010 OEX 510 CALL -360 " $3465 ( - 30%)
23rd February 2010 OEX 505 PUT +115 " $3600 ( -28% )
( Losses so far! Switch in trend messed me up. )
25th February 2010 OEX 505 PUT



$5000 -0- ( START BALANCE )
PUT + 300 (- 20) = $5280 + 6%
??? + 460 (- 20) = $5720 + 15%
PUT + 130 (- 20) = $5850 + 17%

February 2010
CALL ( -70) - 20 = $5770 + 15%
CALL + 120 - 20 = $5870 + 17%
CALL - 380 - 20 = $5470 + 9%
CALL + 120 - 20 = $5560 + 11%
CALL + 55 - 20 = $5595 + 11%
CALL - 50 - 20 = $5525 + 10%
CALL - 350 - 20 = $5155 + 3%
PUT + 260 - 20 = $5395 + 7%
PUT + 20 - 20 = $5395 + 7%

It is possible to start trading successfully with $5000, using only 1 option contract per $5000. This is a money management risk style. In the case of options, your average option contract, which actually contains 100 options, costs anywhere from $1300 to $1800. This means you are risking about 25% to 33% of your capital on each trade. A more conservative approach would be to risk 1 option contract per $10,000 of capital. In case of a loss and your loss is limited to what you paid for the option, you still have money left to do another option. The advantage in options is that your loss, or risk is limited by what you pay, but the UPSIDE in profits is unlimited, dictated only by market action and your skills and wits. Stock traders can have losing accounts for years and years, because they didn't get out in time. They rationalize they still own the stocks - which is just paper if it is losing. The capital is unavailable.
The question arises from amateurs who are under-capitalized. What is the smallest amount you can start with? The smallest amount you can trade with is $2000 and this is 100% of your capital is at risk. If you lose just once, you are out of the game. Possibly for years?
Professional OPTION TRADERS working this as a job at home on their computer, normally starting with a minimum of $25,000 for the gambling of $5 option contracts on one bet. They work their way up to ten contracts which is $50,000 of capital required. It is absolutely dangerous to start with the bare minimum of $2000. You might have been successful, if you were not under capitalized.
The problem for an amateur is how to learn without losing your money. There are as many trading systems, which are successful, as your wife, or girlfriend has in changes of clothes. Each person has to find a physcological fit, to what suits you emotionally. The idea you can buy a successful trading system and start making money is ludicrous. It does not work out that way in practice. The market is ever changing to new players. Many of the classic patterns reoccur, but in slightly different contexts. Computer indicators are always lagging, not telling the future, because they are based on historical performance. The future is UNKNOWN. You CAN guess though and put the odds in your favor.
I would say that you require six months of practice. In my own attempt here, I am starting my 8 th. month already. The first months were in designing a system I was comfortable with. The actual practice part was done and is still being done with PAPER TRADING. Then I have moved into VIRTUAL TRADING using monopoly money with the FREE Broker training account. I have not yet reached my own money in CASH yet. ( Feb. 2010 ) I have a progression planned here, of earning +50% before progressing. The proof of skill learned, is in the profit and account balance.
You have to realize that becoming a trader is akin to becoming a musician. You have to learn to finger your new instrument, learn the scales and how to read music, or not. Learn to play your first songs, like JINGLE BELLS. Then you progress to chords, or melodies and so forth. Of course you must practice every day. This is an intuitive, instinctive, automatic process that you must learn through DOING! A bit like typing. I can give you a book on HOW TO PLAY A GUITAR. I can even show you how. That will not make you a guitar player. Buying a trading system is a lot like that. Without the practice you cannot learn through your finger tips, which is the only way you can succeed. Your subconscious has to learn and recognize all the variables that are happening in the market. This is not a mechanical process. You are trading either with, or against millions of dollars, gambled by other people and what they are thinking. You need to know what the mob, or herd are doing, or going to do? There are also the manipulators, mostly market makers and brokers, to learn to recognize what they are doing. This is easier to do than it sounds, as it shows up in market patterns.
About 20 years ago, I did a lot of the paper trading and learning. Even wrote myself some good books on it, designed and invented many computer indicators, I still use for reference. All based on hypothetical paper trading. I was however under - capitalized and only had the money for one contract in OEX options. I did of course make a mistake and lost my very limited capital, when I went to real money. Now I am back again, to try it once more. Albeit 20 years later, older, hopefully wiser and better capitalized. Things have changed in that 20 years. The commissions are dirt cheap now. Back then it cost me $150 to $300 for commission, versus the $20 of today. You could not enter online through a computer either. Now you can. A lot of my trading real time, back then, would have been successful, if I had the cheaper commissions and prompt service that is available today.
Off hand, I would say, if you got taught a trading system, or bought one, give it six months practice, starting with paper trading, then virtual trading and when you double your money, then move into CASH.
There are many variables in the markets and decision making. When you forget one, it will be a mistake and cost you in real dollars. Losses always take months to recover usually. Humans learn by mistakes. When the market tricks you, you will recognize that situation again and not get caught a second time. Personally, my phsycological state requires a system without losses. This has to become INSTINCTIVE, like learning typing at 65 wpm. The big costly variables are emotional, these are : IMPATIENCE, FEAR, PANIC, GREED. These are what create mistakes! Funny enough, MARKET TIMING is not that hard to figure out and learn. Forecasting what happens after the market turns is the unknown future.
I made mistakes this past December and January. Impatience is what got me. I realized the market was not volatile enough to make money in my system, but rationalizing that; I needed to learn and see by DOING, I traded anyway. I lost in my account as you can see above. I sort of knew I would lose, hoping I wouldn't, but wanted to see what would happen any way. I'm a guy learns by DOING, through his hands. What I learned was to revisit an old friend called VIX and VOLUME. The volume is not so important, but the VIX is important. This number gives you the volatility that is present, which translates into daily and weekly OEX index points that will probably occur. If you don't get enough movement in the market, you will lose. I had a perfectly timed trade in January, the trend went on as predicted, by my correct MARKET TIMING, but the moves were too small incrementally daily to make any money, versus TIME DECAY costs. So, I was forced to remember VIX from 20 years ago. In December the VIX had been down around 14 or 15, by January it was still low around 17 and it wasn't enough, even though the market timing was correct. In February we are running with a VIX of 24 or more. That is good for option trading, the hit and run guerrilla type trades. So, we learn by making mistakes. Better to do it on paper, or virtual trading.




Informative web sites of the author trader here: Western Belize Happenings webpage ( use GOOGLE ) ( Over 600 reports of retirement in Western Belize, ( ETERNAL SPRING weather ) with photos. ) Also check out Retirement in Belize, webpage, and my home in the foothills of the Belize Alps. _______________________________________________

Sunday, November 15, 2009



A lady I know has suffered from arthritis for years. She is not old either. In her 30's and the disease is quite debilitating. Anyway, when we stopped to talk the other day, she was saying she finally found a herbal cure and is much better now. The cure was honey and cinammon mixed in a small drink of water. Perhaps arthritis is simply missing some chemical, or mineral ingredient?

The RISE of vigilante justice in Belize and Guatemala!


Recent articles in the port newspapers of Belize indicate that the murder rate in Guatemala is quite high. Not counting per capita it is high also in Belize. The reasons are much the same.

There is no faith, in either Guatemala or Belize with the justice system. The courts are looked on as a set of rackets, with the only winners being the lawyers. People in both countries have resorted to justice outside of the legal system. The vigilante system of justice is widespread now in both Guatemala and Belize.

Recent newspaper articles in Belize pointed out, you can get a hit man from across the Guatemalan frontier to assassinate somebody for $300 bz, or about $150 usa. here in Western Belize. This is becoming more and more the prefered way of settling beefs, or disputes in Belize. Nobody is discussing the assassination prices to do with the port of Belize City on the coast, which are more common. Frankly I prefer this method over the justice system myself. The Belize national police system continues in corrupt performance according to newspaper articles. Seems they are hiring crooks as recruits? Burglaries in the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Santa Elena Town are escalating. A local nurse working at the government hospital said the other day, that most of the emergency room cases were from Santa Elena town and involved knives and machetes, here in our TWIN TOWNS.

Belize and Jamaica are also in the news with TORTURE by police officers of suspects. Forced confessions are worthless. Everything from dislocating arms and shoulder sockets, to pouring boiling scalding water on the genitals by police officers. In one case in Benque Viejo Town, the ruling Police Inspector even has his bully boy constables to do the torture. No satisfaction can be found through either the police system, or the court system. At least there is no satisfaction in the newspapers in follow up articles. The law in the Caribbean English speaking countries is very much that of the 16 and 17th century. Violent and brutal! Such is the British heritage.

Belize is still small enough not to have yet achieved secret civil, self defense groups, but they undoubtedly are coming. The six or so Guatemalans down by the Rio Dulce that were in the news a couple of years ago for murdering a yachting couple living aboard, during a robbery, have all been assassinated. They went to Guatemalan court trial, which was dismissed and subsequently a local famous business proprietor apparently as the story goes, hired a hit man and sought these murderers out after the justice system failed in that country, and shot them before many witnesses. Nobody saw a thing! As it should be! I kind of like vigilante justice myself. It is certainly cheaper than the lawyer racketeers.



Some of the more outspoken Heads of Government are saying NOW, after 40 years or so, that the concept of a Caribbean Community, or a Common Market are DEAD in the water and will never come to pass.

The reasons are other than business reasons, like insufficient exports and revenues and government done by foreign loan borrowing It seems that the COMMON MARKET idea depends a lot on the common citizenship and free travel of citizens of island countries to be able to travel like in Canadian provinces, or the USA states. The HEADS OF GOVERNMENT are totally opposed to the FREE TRAVEL and WORK abilities of other countries in the Caribbean. Everybody is afraid of a Haitian invasion. Caricom countries are afraid of being flooded by Guyanese and Jamaicans. Not only Haitians. Without the idea you are a citizen of a Federated country with standard laws, the whole concept of a FREE TRADE economic area breaks down.
Population explosion is getting worse and alternate foreign countries to bleed off excess population of Caribbean countries are getting stricter and harder to get into.

Major Heads of GOVERNMENT are now saying a Caribbean Community and or a CARICOM Nation is basically dead, because of the population problem. Most of the countries are all sustained by foreign LOANS to govern with. They have not developed any kind of self sufficiency and exports.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Canoeing in the Cayo District of Western Belize Alps foothills!

*** There are worse ways to spend the winter than digging out of snow storms.
*** When it is FREEZING COLD in North America and Europe, remember you could be canoeing and camping in the Belize Alps foothills of Western Belize.
**** Canoeing in Cayo District, the Western Belize Adventures.

I'm always amused by protesting visitors from countries in the colder northern temperate zones. They say they love the changing of the seasons, the variety. Yeah sure! For me, give me the ETERNAL SPRING of BELIZE. I don't want to spend half my life in buildings with the heat on, the bills to pay, digging out of snow banks, driving in heavy traffic with snow chains. Forget it! Then there is the infamous SPRING. Yeah sure! Sleet, mud, rain and cold with alternate glimpses of odd sunlight. Forget it, give me Belize and our climate of ETERNAL SPRING and a full year of living in and outdoors at MY CHOICE! True, January can be chilly here, when the Northers come through from Alaska and we tend to get a lot of rain as the weather fronts pass over. It also gets very warm in May and June. You can sure keep your indoor living up there mon! Not for me! The only decent months up in temperate climates is August, September and October - just a quarter of a year. The other 9 months, or 3/4 's of your life is wasted.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Charlie ( Washington, D.C. )

Was seriously considering moving to TEXAS to operate the trading due to slow dial up internet speed here. The only problem with that was, we couldn't afford the USA health system.
For example the wife was running a fever yesterday and had recurring kidney pains again. So off we went to try out the new San Ignacio Poly Clinic out on the Bullet Tree Road here in Western Belize, Central America. Feels like about 2 miles from San Ignacio past the police check point. We live across the river in Hillview, in Green Parrot Valley, a suburb of Santa Elena Town. Rural style living.
The location of the new Poly Clinic is superb on a hill and all around are hills and valleys with lovely views. The new building isn't bad either. It took us seven hours to get through service, diagnosis and treatment. But she got a blood test which was okay, a urine test which showed she had an infection and then got two antibiotics and some Tylenol. At first we had to line up in the ordinary hospital/poly clinic reception area. That took a long time as everybody had quit for lunch. En masse. No service and it seemed somewhat disorganized and chaotic. The reception area lacked a TAKE A NUMBER, or priority system. Lots of women with children problems. Finally after a few hours, saw the doctor and she was referred to the emergency room. Got antibiotic by intra venous for a couple of hours as she is allergic to some of them. The new emergency room has 4 beds and 2 children beds, state of the art equipped. IMPRESSIVE! I saw a sign that said there was a TRAUMA room. The CUBAN staff, doctor and nurse were EXCELLENT. Professional and good bed side manner.
Anyway, after seven hours and everything she needed done, it was all FREE ! Including medication from the hospital pharmacy. At a local private doctor and clinic and tests, in the center of the Twin Towns here, the whole shebang would have run about $200 Bz. ( $2 Bz to $1 usa ) and taken about 2 1/2 hours in and out. This in downtown TWIN TOWNS. So for the price of 7 hours at the government public hospital poly clinic, the savings was good and the service was very good. Next time I'll take a book to read though.
The same treatment ( kidney infections are recurrent with my wife ) in Miami-Dade metropolitan area in Florida used to take 3 weeks. With a lot of car travelling, traffic, waiting room time and seeing the family doctor, being referred to a clinic for tests and then a specialist doctor with more tests and then back to the family doctor again. The pain would escalate and make those 3 weeks seem like hell! With insurance or medicare, the cost ran around $4000 usa. You still had to pay co-payments as well. I'll take the medical service in Belize, Central America, over that in the USA anytime.
------------ As an aside Charlie, it is true we closed the three story, Falconview Backpackers Adventure Hostel. We have 18 beds, five bathrooms, two furnished apartments for rent, two dormitories and a back yard with two nurseries for growing our own vegetables and flowers. Not counting our internal central private residence of two bedrooms, bath and kitchenette of 400 sq. ft in the center of the Hostel. Nor the warehouse and two store rooms and laundry area. Lots of fruit trees, breadfruit, coconuts, oranges, plenty of papaya. We eat well! All in a 75 ft x 100 ft lot. Very quiet around here. We have the place for sale for $328,000 usa on the internet and will move to a duplex we built on a ridge a block away, which is one floor as we are getting too old, to be climbing stairs.

For stories and articles on Western Belize there are over 600 of them on WESTERN BELIZE HAPPENINGS, my BLOG

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Belize farmers get new market for GINGER and PEPPERS in London


USA declares war on ALBA countries and Chavez declares war on Colombia?


A document was sent to me yesterday. Apparently it declares war on any anti-USA country in Latin America and the Caribbean by the USA Air Force. This is industrial and economic war. Modern warfare is about AIR POWER and COVERT groups, behind the scenes type activities.

This is said to be an official USA AIR FORCE DOCUMENT presented to Congress at Budget Hearings for expansion of the Palanquero, Colombia air base. The air base is recommended because it is isolated and is central from the USA borders in the North, to Patagonia in the South and can cover air operations, industrial espionage throughout the continent. The idea is to increase the capability of USA warfare capabilities and expand expeditionary warfare capacity. The USA military establishment is used mainly to further the economic requirements of the industrial sector of the USA economy.

I don't know if this document is true or not myself?

The target is ANY ANTI-USA country and government. The document is under the name of Eva Golinger, a US citizen allegedly living in Venezuela.

Belize is covered by this warfare umbrella. In all fairness the US say it is for fighting the FARC and narco terrorism. President Hugo Chavez has declared war on Colombia this past week and is said to be moving 25,000 troops along the border with Colombia. Colombia he says is a client state of the USA. The heart of the move is intended one would presume, to secure a remote frontier and protect the ORINICO OIL RESERVES yet undeveloped. The USA is reported to be changing to a Natural Gas transportation system in which they have gas resources of their own. Since some oil will still be needed, the biggest oil supplier is Venezuela and the biggest oil reserves are the ORINICO BASIN, shared by Colombia and Venezuela and currently controlled not by either country sovereign government, but by the infamous kidnapping 12,000 army of terrorist mafia bandits the FARC. There are no security on the ground from either Caracas or Bogota. No civil service functions serving the area. The USA call it an UNGOVERNED AREA on the maps.
Persian Gulf oil reserves are declining now. They have passed PEAK OIL production.
President Uribe of Colombia changed the Constitution to have a second term. Apparently he is changing the constitution again to run for a third term. This pretty much makes him in Latin America no different than Chavez, who is a PRESIDENT FOR LIFE and has rigged the government, Supreme Court, and fraudulently counts his own ballots, it is said, to say in office.
The document implies that all ALBA FEDERATION countries are enemies of the USA, and authorizes by the budget committee of the US Congress for the military and particularly the AIR FORCE, to carry out this war, but not in those actual words.
Chavez of Venezuela carries out covert war and spying in Colombia, using the FARC TERRORIST BANDIT ARMY along the frontier, and recently he captured three DAS ( Intelligence agents from Colombia) within Venezuela. A tit for tat situation. There are also different factions in the Colombian military and the socialist communist sympathizers are passing intelligence to Venezuela it has been long rumored. The Colombian military have failed to eliminate the FARC and establish good governance in the disputed land areas in the ORINICO basin. There is a lot of economic trade between Venezuela and Colombia by citizens, elsewhere.
Some are saying CHAVEZ is declaring WAR to distract the populace from 27% inflation in his country and an inadequate investment in infra-structure. There are a lot of electrical brownouts and water shortages. In the USA some say that the OBAMA government is trying to STIMULATE the economy with another war, to work it's way out of a depression and rising 18% unemployment figures. Whatever you believe, the region is being destabilized by both CHAVEZ and OBAMA bureaucracies.
In Belize, one should remember; that when the elephants fight, the ants should get out of the way.

Monday, November 9, 2009



SHANGHAI -- China will start building its first large nuclear-power reactor with home-developed "fourth generation" technology in 2012-13, a senior engineer involved in developing the system said.

The Experimental Fast Reactor will have a designed annual power-generating capacity of 800 megawatts, and is due to come online around 2020, according to Xu Mi, chief engineer with the China Institute of Atomic Energy's Fast Reactor Experiment Department.

The project underscores how China is trying to take a lead in developing cutting-edge nuclear technologies at a time it is planning a massive buildup in its fleet of civil nuclear reactors. Fourth-generation technology represents an improvement over designs currently being rolled out in terms of cost, fuel efficiency and safety.

One problem China will face, even if it develops and employs more-advanced reactors, is the lack of enough uranium at home to supply them. That means that China will become increasingly reliant on imports to fuel its economy, which in turn means it is likely to intensify its buying of foreign assets -- a scenario already playing out with its other energy sources: oil, gas and coal.

China, which gets less than 2% of its power-generating capacity from its 11 nuclear reactors, plans to build dozens more reactors by 2020, bringing the sector's share to 5% of its generating capacity, or about 70,000 megawatts.

In May, China's top energy official, National Energy Administration head Zhang Guobao, said under longer-range plans China is expected to have more than 100 reactors in 20 years, matching the current level of the U.S.
[Chart photo]

The fourth-generation fast reactor, to be located in Fujian province's Sanming city, will be 51%-owned by China National Nuclear Corp., the nation's top nuclear-power developer by capacity, Mr. Xu said. The China Institute of Atomic Energy is a research unit run by CNNC.

Another Chinese company, utility China Huaneng Group, also is doing a trial of its own fourth-generation reactor, but it is designed on a much smaller scale, of around 100 megawatts.

China is already at the forefront. In March it started to build the world's first AP1000 third-generation reactor, pioneered by Westinghouse Electric Co. of the U.S., a unit of Toshiba Corp. It is located in Sanmen in Zhejiang province, and has a designed power capacity of 1,250 megawatts.

In 2007, China agreed to buy four third-generation pressurized water reactors from Westinghouse -- two in Sanmen and two in Haiyang city in Shandong province. The pact involved the transfer of AP1000 technology. China also has access to advanced French nuclear technology. France's Areva SA in November 2007 signed an €8 billion ($11.8 billion) contract to build and supply fuel for two third-generation nuclear reactors in China.

China will need to become a significant uranium importer to power all of the reactors it plans to build, Mr. Xu said.

China doesn't publish uranium output data, but CNNC said in August it aims to raise its domestic uranium output to 2,000 tons a year by 2020. Five uranium mines now operate in China, producing about 840 tons a year, according to the World Nuclear Association.

In November 2008, China's Ministry of Commerce approved Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co. as the second company allowed to import uranium for civil use. With an eye on future uranium needs, Guangdong Nuclear in September bid for control of Australia's uranium-exploration company Energy Metals Ltd.

CNNC next year will ship home a batch of 700 tons of the fuel from its mine in Jordan, marking a first from overseas projects it has in six countries.
—Jing Yang

This time, FORTIS should not control such a power plant supply, but should be a government corporation, or some other investment group?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


*** This is me trading OEX Options some 18 years ago. Been out of it for a long while and have had to re-learn everything. Takes time! The market has changed also. Back then, it cost me $150 usa to $300 usa just for commissions, versus the $20 round trip commissions of today. Don't remember, but think the SPREAD between BID and ASK prices is wider today, taking up some of that possibilities for profit. A lot of indicators take the place of bar chart reading we used to do back then as well. Though I'm finding those skills are still good and effective. Indicators are lagging and rarely useful in real time trading. The chart bar reading is better and have selected two excellent patterns for trade signals, then backed up by computer indicators, which can warn you of the trend, or potential changes.


Am running about one month behind schedule. Due to the difficulty in getting the internet connection out here in Hillview, in Western Belize. Finally got it. Now we can trade via the internet. To sum it up, have been paper trading and studying since June of this past summer and it is November now. Figure I'm ready and signed up for OPTION HOUSE at the CBOE exchange. This is an electronic trading platform. For the next two months plan to VIRTUAL TRADE, using their FREE trading platform. Come Monday, I will try and get into their setup and learn how to use it. Option House give you a fictitious $5000 account to practice on. Paper trading and real money OEX option trading, or the SPY trading is different when you use real money. I'm hoping the VIRTUAL trading platform will overcome the inhibitions and lag time on MARKET FILLS reality check. As you can get a slide on the prices you want to buy, or sell at. This differentiates between paper trading and real trading. Also I get real time data, so want some practice with that. I've been using BIG CHARTS, which is FREE, but half an hour or more DELAYED data. Okay for learning on, but not so good when you are trying to get FILLS for your orders.
Have given up this week on the DAY TRADING trials. I wanted .50 cents, but the market doesn't move enough to give me that. Sure, the market on a daily bar can show an 8 point OEX move for the day, but most of that is early morning orders that are very volatile occurring in 30 minutes with BUY or SELL on OPEN orders. The prices smooth out and lose the volatility by 10 a.m. The volatility and SPREAD between the bid and ask prices can run .30 cents to .80 cents, or about 2 to 3 OEX points and that has been impossible to accomplish this past week. Was reading about some guy making a $100 a day net, doing several trades a day, just going for .15 cents on the SPY index. Will probably look into the practicalities of that later. I notice last week, the best I could get on BIG CHARTS which is delayed data was .30 cents. Not likely in real time, with real money?
My POSITION trading is working well and since these run a week to three weeks, better suited for my temperament. The plan is to move into a REAL MONEY trading account January, or February. I've chosen OPTION HOUSE as my brokers here in Chicago. A missed .10 cents, or .20 cents is not critical on POSITION TRADING with the slide for bad fills, over a longer time frame, the blogs are reporting on the Chicago Board of Trade Exchange. We'll see how it all works out? I'm kind of working on the premise of attempting to trade with no losses, which requires good market timing directional skills. Think we have that now?


**** Ray Auxillou in his third floor nursery.


All day Saturday, we had low cloud base, few open spots to the blue sky above, but some really beautiful painting type pictures from my third floor verandah in Hillview. Cloud formations of different colors and densities in different locations. The Yalbac hills tend to get some really colorful formations and the atmosphere was clean, washed out by rains. The green colors and variations of the surrounding hills and valleys, against the different colored cloud formations were stupendous. We have been getting night time showers for four or five days. Planted some bougainnvilla today and some other flowering bush cuttings up at the new ridge house. Doing some landscaping up there.
Got my part time fella to spend the day cleaning out the mud from my third floor nursery. Scraped all the planks of accumulated dirt and scum. Cloroxed the floor and shelves and benches. Looks great now. Cost me $28 Bz. Got to re-do my downstairs nursery as well, one of these weeks. Have a few seedlings coming up in trays. Forget what I planted? Think it was chile peppers, some lettuce, some tomatos. Our motto around here, is never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
My terraces at the new house are springing up banana plants. Those things are growing about 4 feet in one month? I cut down some old banana plants and I put them in the bottom of the terraces for compost before filling with some truck loads of dirt. Those things shot up right through several feet of dirt and growing like crazy. Didn't even know there were any shoots in the plants when I tossed them in there. Have planted two Elephant Ear plants too, they look lovely for decorative plants and catch quickly. Put in some re-bar by the wall next to the door, to hold sum decorative creaper type ornamental. Don't know what you call it, but it is a vine with big leaves that are yellow and green. Anyway one was growing along the ground and got covered with weeds, so I cleaned it out and sort of gave it some vertical support with re-bar,I had laying around.
According to what I hear, we had tropical storms pass on both sides of Belize. We mostly got fringe belts of rain clouds. No wind to speak of up here in the foothills of the Belize Alps. Since I get a slow internet service here at home in Hillview, I haven't been to the TWIN towns central area, for over a week. Went down couple of times to Santa Elena here, below the hills here, to get hardware stuff and the odd thing from the Chinese supermarket. But most stuff I can get right on the corner, a block away, from Betty's small grocery.
The wife found one of those hub cap type grills, we liked down on the WINNIE ESTELLE when camping out in the Rio Dulce a couple of months back. Robert told me he bought his at Simon Quan's down in the port. We stopped to look there, but they had none. Lo and behold the other day, she found an identical one in THREE FLAGS the new store here in Santa Elena and she has been feeding us grilled marianated chicken breast and grilled vegetables, like egg plant, peppers and stuff from the open market stalls around the highway. Done over a two burner butane stove ( no oven ). We eat bananas every day, usually for breakfast and we have been gorging on papaya from my own trees for the last couple of months. I love diced papaya with condensed milk on it. Man, I have a lot of papaya. Our oranges are ripe too on the tree. Since we opted out of the tourist business, we have loaded coconut trees too. Used to always give guests a drinking coconut FREE, as a courtesy. Been drying some papaya seeds for planting up at the other house on the ridge a block away. Going to stick them in between the bananas soon in the two terraces. This is rainy winter season, so good time to plant. Temperatures some nights have been extremely cold, around high 60's farenheight. Shivering around here! Two shirts and sweater time, some nights, even some mornings.

-- Over six hundred articles and photos can be found on things of interest to living in Western Belize. Use GOOGLE and type in WESTERN BELIZE HAPPENINGS for news and opinions.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Giselle de la Fuente of Caye Caulker, Belize and Katy, Texas.

** Party girl when in Belize City at the college, so her mother moved her to Katy, Texas. Now, I want to see a photo of her in her new army uniform.
** Giselle in the prime of her life. This is her with sunglasses on the water taxi to Caye Caulker island from mainland Belize, Central America.
** Giselle de la Fuente on the left in the green dress.

Giselle is the granddaughter of Ray Auxillou Jr. and her mother Wendy Auxillou moved to Katy, Texas to buy a house and get her three daughters out of the party scene in the port town of Belize City during College years. Giselle finished her Associate Degree in Texas and then decided to join the National Guard program, in order to qualify for educational assistance to get her Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. At this writing of November 2nd, 2009 she is half way through basic training in Georgia with the Army. Says she is enjoying it. She graduates in her passing out parade on November 20th. Wish I could go, but family support will be there. Unfortunately air fares to the USA out of Belize are higher than air fares from the USA to Belize. Don't ask me why, I don't know? Next stop for Giselle is back to school hopefully and not Afghanistan?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tyler Auxillou Loeper in China studying Mandarin.


Tyler is in China studying Mandarin. He went to high school, living with his German father in Nairobi, Kenya. His mother is Tina Auxillou, owner of Tina's Backpackers Hostel on the beachfront on the Great Barrier Island of Caye Caulker, in Belize, Central America.
His grandfather is Ray Auxillou Jr. Tyler's father is Ziegfried Loeper.
Tyler Auxillou Loeper is a USA citizen. He was also registered in Belize when he was a baby, but born in Curacao, a Dutch island in the Caribbean, who do not register foreign births.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


*** Typical 500 megawatt nuclear power plant that Belize is contemplating installing to ensure a reliable electrical supply for the growing population.

SPAIN - Garona 500 megawatt nuclear power plant was off line in April this year 2009, for refueling. During start up, it was disconnected from the grid, while a safety valve had to be replaced. It is now working again. SPAIN has nine nuclear power plants of different sizes.
Belize does not have sufficient electricity and four hydro electric dams in the country have ruined the environment, destroyed the pristine nature of some of the tourist attractions and still lack the capacity to supply enough electrical power. A BAGASSE power plant is coming on line from the single small sugar factory. There is a private sector contributor using WARTSILLA diesel generation on a 30 year contract. Still the electrical power supply for the future is in doubt. FORTIS a Canadian company has been looking after electrical power supply mostly and all of the distribution network in a seperate company. In recent years FORTIS got embroiled with the government and people over finagling the accounts charging customers and balance sheet discrepancies that might in certain circles be called FRAUD. The newspapers were full of investigative articles. Eventually the public arguments were settled by the new PUC, or Public Utilities Commission. Up until then there had been no oversight of utility services. There are still outages, brownouts and the idea is that the Government itself is going to have to find another private investor to put in a 500 megawatt nuclear power plant. FORTIS cannot be trusted the ordinary people feel, to back any future large investments and while there is satisfaction with distribution and repair work, the future population growth need something better. What that will be nobody yet knows, as the country is bankrupt otherwise.


Comfortable computer repairman in the tropics!


One of my two computers went kaput. So I had to take it to the Computer Repair guy. He had to replace the power supply and mother board. Said it was a power surge by BEL during the night. He pointed to a pile of computers he was repairing all from the same power surge and same damage.
I explained I had a surge protector. The repair man told me, it doesn't help sometimes. The surge goes straight through and takes out the power supplies and mother boards.
Cost me $250 to have some second hand ones put in to replace my good computer gear.

Locals say they have had this problem before and BEL the power company will not pay for the damages they are causing to equipment. I have two computers right now, one cheap DELL which didn't get damaged and is used by the family for games and one for my business work communications. This is a more expensive computer and this is the one that got burned out by the BEL power surge. Hope this doesn't happen to often, I can't afford it. We get power outages all the time from the local BEL power company. Don't know why? We are just downstream from the hydro electric dam, two dozen miles. The country apparently continues to have inadequate electrical supply. Wonder what a small 500 mgwatt nucleur power plant would cost?