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How to get rich in Belize!

Billionaire Australian Lady advice to governments and middle class.

The lessons are the same," she writes. "You can't get rich without working hard, taking risks, investing and reinvesting your profits."

Daily and Weekly life in Belize retirement.

From FACEBOOK social chat by Belizeans and those related to them, as friends and family.
Weekly update:

Friday rolling around again. The new TRADING ROOM is coming a long. Where the 3 rd. floor nursery used to be. Where we did the three year research on vegetable growing in Belize and wrote the book on it, for the UN FAO. Since then things have exploded in vegetables nationwide. All that re-bar and netting and grow tables are gone, and in it's place is a 14' x 14' wood structure. Wood siding, got finished this week, finished the outside painting this morning. Painting siding 3 stories up in the boondocks is no joke. Really dangerous. I have a new apprentice carpenter, a 16 yr sharp boy, who did not finish primary school. Had to teach him tools, which he is learning quite well. Rule measurements bit slower in metric and inches. He's learning quite well all my boat building wood carpentry shortcut tricks and now I'm leaving him more and more alone to finish work assignments. Raised his day worker pay, he is doing so good. He and my old 63 year old brother-in-law finished the rest of the metal roofing Monday and Tuesday. Gustavo is back to his computer exhausted. Mostly his job was passing tools, up and down. Maynor the boy is now staining today, all ceiling beams and woodwork a brown oak. Looks good, but when I checked up on him, he was getting smears all over the white underside of the metal roof. Gave him a talking to, handed him a rag and gallon of kerosene and got him to clean it, while it was fresh. The ceiling has to look beautiful, with wood beams and rafters against a white underside metal background. Next week with a bit of luck we shall also start to lay the tile floor. About 220 square feet. Also finished installing, the three tinted glass louvered aluminum, screened windows this week. Starting to look like a TRADING ROOM now. Am running almost a few months shy of 3 years since we started JAGUAR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT. Not making any profit yet, but high hopes by January, with any luck. And that ENTREPRENEURIAL GOVERNMENT OF BELIZE DEPARTMENT ON LOCAL TV, TALKING ABOUT TEACHING ENTREPRENEURS IN 2 MONTHS, JUST MADE ME LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH! The academic types bemoaning that young entrepreneurs couldn't make a profit on their GOVERNMENT LOAN money in two months, they were going to extend it to six months. ( another laugh and chuckle ) They should ask my entrepreneurial daughters. A speculative house or boat you build to turnover, takes about 3 to 7 years. A tourist business sometimes in one year, but more often, it takes four or five years. How they expect academic eggheads working on theories to teach Belizean youth entrepreneurs is beyond me. They don't have a clue!

I like early mornings, here in Hillview, Western Belize. As I lay in my hammock at 6:30 a.m., the sun has risen over my right shoulder, clearing the Eastern ridge of Green Parrot Valley. The sun is only a yellow smear, or blob, as the cold air from higher elevations, is pouring down into Green Parrot Valley. It is fairly narrow, about a quarter mile wide. Visibility in the fog that is generated is about one block of houses, or trees away. Calm, no wind, a few birds making chatting noises. Crisp and chill. Not cold, just nice in underwear boxer shorts and a shirt. The hammock feels good, all is well with the world as the day awakens. The light is getting brighter, but so far no burn off, with the fog. Predicts a hot sunny day today. My tumor is shrinking and I'm pleased with the CurCumin that is doing it. So, no pain. I just feel good! Happy to be alive. The puppy has fully recovered from her three story fall and subsequent few weeks of laying listless recovering on an air mattress on the kitchen floor. Now she is frisky and troublesome as ever. Keeping three old folks amused with her energy. My older dog LUCKY is barking noisily in the yard, as a couple of male dogs come pestering. She is in heat. There is some kind of almost totally small yellow colored bird perched on the wires nearby of the high tension lines. Comes every morning to greet me, but I don't know what it is?

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PIG FARM ARTICLE ON BELIZE BLOG ( westernbelizehappenings ) gets 602 hits in one day.







  The first TV interview with Mark Espat the team leader was pretty much uninformative.  Nothing happened. Both BOND HOLDERS AND THE GOB are set in concrete, it looks like.  I don't see any resolution happening, so it is very likely to be a serious DEFAULT and after that the LITIGATION PHASE in the USA, in which all Belize Government assets will be either seized, or sold, or auctioned off.  Or GOB cash reserves will be locked up for FUTURE INTEREST PAYMENTS.  About $400 million usa I theenk?
  I was very interested on the touted visit on local media, that said Mark and the team were going to the USA TREASURY DEPARTMENT, to see what if any, EVIDENCE they had of JOHN ZABANEH in the last 15 years.  John denies any!  However, the TV show that interviewed Embassaor Mark Espat, did not tackle that subject, so we are still in the dark.  It may be, they never did the trip to the USA Treasury?

  John Zabaneh was seeking answers to any charges they are claiming against him for the past 15 years.  He says there can be none.  He asked if the US Embassy would help him talk with the USA Treasury about this KING PIN ACT.  They said sure; come on in and we'll talk. Will arrange a dialogue. Think it was the US Embassy State Department guy, on TV?  Should have been a politician for use of DOUBLESPEAK,.  So John made the trip it was reported on TV and the shown TV clip from the State Department guy speaking, who turned out to be technically correct, but practical BULL MANURE!  The TV reported they only gave him the postal address, for the US Treasury out of the phone book from the Embassy library.  I would imagine that cost JOHN $70 in travel expenses there and back, plus lost wages of $400 for the day.  He could have got that off the internet.  I would have been pissed off for sure, in a similar situation.  The STATE DEPARTMENT guy at the USA EMBASSY says the US TREASURY in his opinion would have evidence of wrong doing.  What a bunch of crap, when unqualified bureaucrats in Belize government, or US government start covering each other's asses, with nonsense and double speak. Protecting their turf and bureaucratic fiefdoms.

  John needs to copy Lord Ashcroft.  He could open some HOLDING COMPANIES, OR TRUSTS in Honduras, Salvador, or Guatemala.  Lawyer handle the details.  Country small town lawyers are cheap and they issue ANONYMOUS SHARE CERTIFICATES AND OPEN BANK ACCOUNTS. Could use BEARER BONDS.  Lord Ashcroft favors, Bermuda, Channel Islands, Virgin Islands, Belize and Turks an Caicos.  Then Lord Ashcroft a billionaire, has his own jet plane.  John would have to take the bus.  Cheap enough, but costly in days traveling. So local Central American countries to provide SHELL COMPANIES for his banana business would be in order and bank accounts in different countries, outside of the OECD for financial transactions. Not too complicated, just a nuisance.





Back in January 2008, I wrote about my first experience visiting the little village of Gales Point Manatee, Belize.

Since then, I have re-visted several times as it is one of my favorite quiet get-away spots in the country.

On this weekend, Aquaboy and I headed down in old Bessie the van with our friends Simeon & Cory to spend an overnight.

While there, we took a few hours to explore the lagoons and the entrance to the little peninsula where we found to our surprise, the fishes were biting like crazy.

After leaving with my $10 bz sack of mango which contained at least a few hundred fruits which I found to be a tremendous bargain, considering we pay a full $1.50 per mango on the islands, I have been O.D'ing with mango flavors especially mango chutney put on everything from pork chops to salads.


Now Open - YUMA'S HOUSE BELIZE - formerly Tina's Backpackers Hostel. ( this article is couple of years old by now - taken from LIFE IN A BANANA REPUBLIC blog.-

Tinas Backpackers Hostel is changing hands this summer!

A lovely lady by the name of Susanne Michelus, a talented photographer of German decent currently living & working in New York, is moving to the island with her son Yuma & taking over the beachfront hostel.

Susanne & I collaborated on a book of Caye Caulker earlier this year.

I am pleased to be the first to welcome to Caye Caulker Susanne & Yuma Michelus!

For Book & Websites CLICK:
YUMA'S HOUSE BELIZE - formerly Tinas Backpackers Hostel

First Lady Sea Captain in Belize?

( six months or more old this article )  Tina now runs a beach restaurant, CHAT AND CHILL.)

She is also a Scuba Diving Instructor,  Master Diver, etc.

From the blog:  LIFE IN A BANANA REPUBLIC     ( Belize )

In December 2010, I got my Captain's License to commercially handle boats up to 32' in size, not that I ever want a job as a Captain, but rather it is more of requirement if you plan on driving any boats in and around the Reef in front of Caye Caulker. Since my sweetie owns a fleet of boats at Frenchies Diving, it was only natural for me to want to get behind the steering!
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The first pic is taken around 1972 in front of one of the first hotels on Caye Caulker owned by my Dad (seen standing way in the back - his four girls in the 1st and 2nd row)  The Hotel called Island Traders, burned down around 1978. This is the same site where Tina's Hostel, Diane's Beach House, Sailwinds Hotel and Auxillou Suites are today 2011  owned by Ray's four daughters and beach property still in the family.
In the boat photo 1970's -(Ray & Ilna Auxillou and kids, Tina, Diane & Sharon - Wendy missing)

Over dinner the other night with a few local friends: Some who never left much further than the bordering countries of Belize; some who had gone abroad the world over for many years and returned a while back; some just coming back to stay,  childhood friends = lot of reminicing & laughter. 

We had one thing in common, we all grew up as kids on Caye Caulker in the 1970's!

As we sat changing topics, one guy mentioned that when he got a tourist complaining about something, he would tell them "just go to the beach and walk into the water like a turtle".
That set us all off laughing and then came the next story. 
Back in the 70's on Caye Caulker, still the days of the glorious outhouses perched at the end of a small dock (as can be seen in the palm tree  photo), the village men, mostly fishermen or boat builder by trade,  use to catch big Loggerhead turtles alive at the reef and bring them back to the sea grass filled shoreline.

Once on the beach, the big turtles would be placed on their backs, sometimes six at a time, where they would be left alive and starving on the beach for days, to keep them 'fresh'. 

On average with a haul like this, one turtle would be killed per day and the meat shared with villagers until the next batch would be caught by another fisherman a few weeks later, and so the trend continued.

H and his brother sat there telling us about the time, as kids in the 70's, they got up early one morning & went out to the beach. 
There they saw several turtles on their backs, sand in their eyes from  frantically flopping trying to flip over to freedom. They could see the water, sometimes feel it as the tide rose, but they were still trapped.
H & Gypsy, feeling that the turtles had somehow stranded themselves on the beach this way,  had flipped each turtle back on their feet where they quickly headed straight for the escape route in the ocean a few feet away.

We sat laughing about  the commotion that was caused on the island when the fisherman went to the beach, buckets and hacks in hand ready to kill and consume his fresh sea food product only to find them missing.

As brutal as that  seemed, at that time, villagers rarely went to the mainland to buy other food products and this was a big source of food for the village.  Storing the animals caught in a day's fishing meant that he didn't have to find fuel to go out every single day since money was scare to inslanders and wasn't much necessary for survial. There was one small grocery store back then, and it was owned by my grandparents Marina and Valentin Alamina.
Today, the Oceana Organization would have our necks for such an act, and rightfully so, since there has been a big decline in the numbers of turtles left in our surrounding seas not to mention the brutality of leaving an animal to starve.  It is acceptable for Oceana to want to ban this practice today, and it was acceptable then, for a small group of villagers to kill and eat turtles to sustain themselves.

If you think we lived like savages then, this story will horrify you even more.
Sometime around 1976, arrived a Circus on Caye Caulker called Circo Apollo.  This was no Circque du Soleil, this was a Mexican Circus. They brought live animals which they held in tiny cages on the football field where they also set up their big tent and stayed and performed shows for at least a week. About 3 shows a day starting from mid-day, followed by an evening matinee and a night show.

Circo Apollo brought with them a big brown Grizzly Bear, several miniture horses and a half dozen Chimpanzees which the kids poked with sticks and threw objects at.  I remember all the animals looking emaciated and hungry and the cages that held them had open bars which exposed them to a taunting public out on the football field.  The circus performances consisted of plenty of clowns, some acrobatics, chimps juggling, horse shows and the Big Grizzly Bear, being whipped on a small stool as he stood upright and growled at the audience.  As we watched this show fascinated by this creature we had never seen before, we now recall that there was only a flimsy make-shift barrier that had seperated that Grizzly from the screaming audience under the tent. 

Greg remembers the Bear's name, "Bobby" he says, since they use to say during the show in Spanish  "Es Bobby el Oso, el muy peligroso" which translates in English to "It's Bobby the Bear, & most dangerous".

One night Bobby had escaped, and we all remember being told not to leave the house since there was a Bear on the loose on the island. It finally got caught and put back in the cage.  Greg offered an explanation as to why the Bear might have broken free.  He recalled that the kids were so curious, so devious, that they would put a razor blade in a banana and feed it to the Bear and Chimps, just to watch them bite into it and bleed, the kids of Caye Caulker were torturing these poor caged animals and the handlers were too busy setting up tents to pay any attention.  Savages yes, froth with curiousity.

The Circus never returned,  one other circus might have returned from 1976 to 2011. There is no profit in dragging animals with thick furs on tugboats across the hot humid sea to Caye Caulker, we don't have enough of a population to make the whole ordeal worth anything to them or the poor trapped animals. 

Warning: Please don't bring your Circus to Caye Caulker, you are going to need new animals by the time you leave!

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Belize - the story of one of the ex cabinet minister's girls.

The story of one ex-cabinet minister's -erhhhh- girls.  This story is just as true for probably more than three quarters of the Belize Cabinet.



Island Girl dropped by to tell me about her childhood friend she currently bumped into, and who lives between Belize & First World in a city where the Twin Towers once stood. Raven Hair Beauty, an out-spoken, no apologies necessary kind of gial just arrived back home for election free give-aways since she claims to be the lover of a Minster on the edge in his last moments of power. She is after houses, money, land and whatever else they throw in around this election time lottery.

In didn't matter to Raven Hair Beauty that she doesn't have a US Visa as she criss-crosses the border (are you a Mexi-can? or are you a Mexi-cant?) and First World. The freebies was worth the risk she rationalizes. "She's been caught & deported back to Belize twice before" she says nonchalantly.

Raven Hair Beauty: "they tell me the third time they catch me, they promise to give me 10 years. But Island Girl, I can't live here in this country, the people too bad mind. I don't know how you do it. To tell you the truth, I prefer 10 years in an American jail than staying in this dreaded country. A going back up through the back door again right after election."

Island Girl: "Gial, well I love my lazy island life in Belize, you wont get me back into no zone where I have to rush again."

Raven Hair Beauty: "let's go with me to Ministers office right now, I go see what I could get for you too."

Island Girl: "I got nothing to lose"

So off they go, Island Girl says and when they get to the office, they were ushered right in like V.I.P's. The two greet happily and Island Girl is convinced her friend was telling the truth about the affair. Raven Hair Beauty get straight down to business. I come fu this an this an this........... and mi friend here, she want all that too and you go give it to us.

Minister protests and says he can't grant her all her wishes right away and she hadn't contacted him in two years so why she come in like that?

Raven Hair Beauty to Minister: "Well you Mr. Attorney Minister, you going do what I ask you to do cause you have to remember that I been your sweetheart since I was a young little girl. "
"You must remember what you IS! "
"You KNOW what you IS? "
"You IS an attorney, people pay you to go lie in court."

The Minister getting all flustered told her he will "handle" her but she need to call him later , gave her his number which Island Girl quickly recorded then he hurriedly ushered them out. Island Girl left with promises of nothing but it was all a gamble and she had a direct number in case by miracle he gets re-elected next week.

On the way out Raven Hair Beauty told Mr. Minister that she still loves him all these years , and he was grinning from ear to ear says Island Girl.

Ooooh! There are some good looking ones on Caye Caulker - boys that is.

How Tina Auxillou said she got the idea to start a hostel on Caye Caulker.

I failed my way to success"
"10 years"

She: "what do you mean failed your way to success?"
Me: "The hostel idea came to me when I found myself single on Caye Caulker and this is the kind of place, as my friend Cynthia (YooHoo) would say " you have to BYOM (bring your own man)" since options are severly limited.

I racked my brain to find a way to be surrounded at home by young handsome men frolicking and sunbathing half naked with little expense or effort on my part. I always wanted to have a place like Hugh Hefner's & had to figure out a poor woman's version. 10 years later, I still don't spend much time looking at the business aspect of this place, I'm too distracted by the boys that are always here"

So you want to retire to Belize and have a small home business? Story here!




 Stories to tell in this new life.
 It's been exactly 52 days15 hours and 46 minutes since I opened my new venture on Caye Caulker.
I came out of retirement to do this.

 I always wanted a beach bar, it was on my bucket list of things to do before I die.
The notion that this was the best job in the world occurred to me way back in the 1980's from the time I watched Tom Cruise as a bartender on a Caribbean Beach in the movie Cocktail.
I have spent many hours, days and weeks in beach bars from St. Maarten to Curacao and Aruba, Kenya, Honduras &; Venezuela etc....I can easily make a song out of THAT experience!

Let me get closer to the point.
I made an error in judgement.
I. Have. Never. Worked. So. Long. Hard. In. My. Life!

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the job itself, I hate the long hours. I am just trying to be part-time.
I enjoy the challenge and new learning experience.
Most days are fun, especially when I am propped on the other side of the bar with cocktail in hand looking more like a tourist attraction: than a boss.
 I am also on days, the cook, the dishwasher; the waitress; the shopper; the cleaner; the cooler stacker; PR etc.

  "Talk about having to kiss some booty & I hate salty ass booties" *line stolen from RHOA.

Oh the people! The people are what makes the memories. Good OR Bad.
In previous entries, I have documented the decline of my people skills after years of taking abuse in this industry.  

While I can write about the cool people that come here, like the couple on vacation with their young kid in a stroller who sit everyday  at lunchtime for the past week, on the lounge chairs near the beach. They lie there and seem very much in love, cuddling while they sip on beer and margaritas during  a leisurely lunch while baby lies fascinated by the seagulls flying overhead. They spend hours together talking, watching the Barrier Reef, just a short distance away from the palm fronds hanging above their heads providing shady relief. This type of feel good story is memorable and put a smile to my face, but it is the conflicted encounters that I remember the most and inspire me to write.

Today was off the chain.  I suspect I will have some angry customers writing on Trip Advisor shortly and that's that! I shall not lose sleep over such.

I had been having trouble with my Chef since I opened. At first I hired a couple. The Chef was very good, thought us a few tricks. The arguments between them started not long after. The man (main chef) quit a few weeks after opening for reasons I can't even recall.
No big deal, she, the next half of the duo said she would stay.
Not much changed in the kitchen as far as food quality, in fact I believe it got better and the new assistant had a kitchen of her own in the past so came with experience.
 Things went smoothly for a few more weeks. Then ex- chef would show up at the restaurant at night notoriously drunk and obnoxious to the point I had to call the "popos" & he was subsequently escorted out by police.
His wife was still employed at this establishment. I just don't know why he would show up at her workplace drunk like that? I don't see the sense in their way of thinking especially after losing one paycheck in the family only recently...?!

A few days later, I came back to the restaurant around dinner time when patron's were again arriving at rush hour, to be told by the bartender that the drunken man over at the corner table has been sleeping crouched over his food for at least three hours now.

"Why didn't anybody call me and tell me, or get him out of here!!!" I screamed.

I called the Police, who are fast becoming my friends, and told them that one of their own is apparently comatose or dead asleep over a cold plate and to please come and retrieve/revive him.

A half hour passes and I call the station (1 block away) to inform once again  that I am losing customers as a result of this nonsense, and I am about to take my camera out and take pictures. This time they were immediately over and gently woke him and escorted him out....

As one leaned on the other stumbling out the door, I meant to say "who is going to pay for this food?" as I walked behind Inspector Clousteau,  but somehow stopped dead in my tracks as my index and pinky finger was about to tap a shoulder on top of another shoulder.

On second thought, I let it slide as I was happy to see them exit and did not want to delay the unpleasant scenario for another second.

Yesterday, Saturday - another day in this new life; a nice upper-middle class family from First World had come over to our island for a few hours on one of those fancy catamaran day cruises that visit almost daily from San Pedro. All seemed happythroughout lunch until the man came over to the bar to pay with his credit card. At this time, the wife and teenagers exited and were waiting on the main street outside.
 "the credit card machine is out of paper" tells me the flustered waitress.
Oh chite, we don't have extra and the bank is closed was my first thought. 
While she decided to run the card manually which takes a little longer, the gentleman engaged me in idle chatter to will the time and awkwardness of waiting away.

He: "are you the owner?
Me: "I am"

He: "When did you move here?"
Me: "I was born here, I am from here"
He: "Did you buy this beach land?"
Me: "No, it's been in my family for 50 years"
He: "Is real estate prices the same as in San Pedro island?"
Me: "yes"

The wife who was standing outside waiting for him,watching our 3-5 min conversation at the bar, couldn't stand it any longer. She barges in and walks up to him and rudely interrupts:

She: "Is this what you do while we are all standing outside in the sun waiting for you?"
He: "I'm trying to pay the Goddam bill and they are still running the card!"

I turned to her and said hello.
 She just gave me the cold head to toe stare as if I had just attempted to steal her husband. I don't have time for this. Before my private thoughts fly out of my mouth ,what a bitch, I returned the icy look. She quickly decided not to mess with me & turned her verbal fury towards him.
I made a hasty exit from the exchange while they continued to argue.

Then there is today. Sunday. The real test of my patience.
One day after that last scenario.

After two days off on sick leave, she the Chef showed up to work then abruptly quit.
Personal problems combined with me telling her that her personal problems are affecting her work and I need a reliable chef pushed her over the edge. I might not have been sensitive, but I have been working in the kitchen for 2 days straight and reliability is important.

 I once again jumped into the fray as acting assistant chef and the assistant chef became the main chef. The crowd poured in and I was not there to be the extra wait staff/bartender as would be the case when needed.

It's rush-hour. Shit about to hit the fan I just know it. It did!

Sunday's are my best days for business so I kind of expected the crowd, the problem was that I did not expect the Chef to quit abruptly; was totally caught off-guard. Deer in the headlights.

I quickly shifted into gear, as I do, when I am about to freak out.
 As we ran around frantic in the kitchen like rats in a lab cage, the orders came pouring in and the wait staff was already inundated outside to ask them for any help.
We were doing our best, honestly......but we were slower than normal and that irritate a few patrons and then things got worse ....and I didn't keep my cool, I failed under duress.
The first true stress test (the earlier ones were training) of my  new biz and I couldn't chill at the Chat 'N' Chill.
 I  was disappointed in myself.

Waitress interrupts: "The Indian couple in the corner want some extra rice"
I stop deadpan in the middle of what I was doing.
 I frantically scoop up rice and give her on a side plate.
a minute later....
Waitress: "The Indian Couple decides they rather have tortilla chips, they don't like white rice"
Me: "But they just ate a whole side of white rice and asked for more".
I stop what I was doing, frantically pour some nacho chips in a bowl and hand it to her.

two minutes later....
Waitress back in the kitchen.
 "The Indian couple are stressing me out, now they want to know if you can curry some rice instead"
It seemed complex to me when we were already pressed for time.
Me: "No, Coconut rice it is, we are too busy"

a minute later....
Waitress: "they just are not happy!"
Me: "I don't have time to care. Can you ask them to give you a break to serve someone else?"

3 minutes later.
Waitress: "the 2 young girls with the baby are refusing to pay for the Ginger Salad"
Me: "Why?"
Waitress: "they said they ordered it as a side and not a main salad"
Me: "tell them they got a main salad but I will charge them as if it is a side order.

a minute later.....
Waitress: "by the way...these two have been working my ass all through lunch rush hour..back and forth, back and forth,...they asked for a To-Go container earlier and I watched them pack the other side dishes with the salad ..... but they are refusing to pay for the ginger salad as a side since it was  our mix-up in size.....AND GET THIS BOSS!?!....they are also refusing to pay for any of the other side dishes ordered since they say it was small and not worth the $2. usd each!"

Me: "Ok, tell them to forget the ginger salad completely, scratch it off the bill, but tell them they have to pay for the extra sides, which they ordered, the didn't have to order it if they didn't like the price....tell them that."

a minute later.....
Waitress: "they are refusing to pay at all and insist to see you"

By now, I have been interrupted in the busy kitchen so many times by these two annoying sets of customers that I was becoming slowly irate, they were keeping me back from serving other's customer's meals!! That boiled to a crescendo when I sat down at their table with as stone cold a face as was stareing me back.

Me: "what is the problem with your bill?"
She: "the whole ginger salad thing has been a mix-up on your part"
Me: "I have completely scratched that $9 off your bill. What other problem do you have with the bill?
She looks at the other girl as if I am annoying them and rolls her eyes into their socket before looking at me again.
She: "We are refusing the $6 for the 3 side orders, they are too small."
Me: "No! You have packed up all your sides for dinner tonight.  Any other questions?"
She: "You are a bitch!"
Me: "So are you, any other questions?"
She: "I'm not going to recommend this place"
Me: "So be it. Pay your bill and get out!"

I stormed back to the kitchen. I sent the waitress back to collect and they paid their bill, but they lingered another 15 minutes for some reason. I imagined they were contemplating how to fcuk me over.

The American family who was sitting at the table next to them and overheard the entire exchange -apologized profusely for his fellow Americans (presuming they were Americans with no class).
 I accepted his sympathy and said with a weak smile, that it was a daily struggle...hehehe..

Meanwhile, just back in the kitchen....

Waitress: "the Indian Couple also want to speak with the manager, they are asking for you"
Me: "Here we go again"

I know this isn't going to be nice, the bell has rung for round 2.
 I'm still recovering from the first round.
Nevertheless, I marched out of the kitchen straight over to their table mentally prepared like Mohammed Ali, not to be defeated in what I am beginning to think will be a battle.
The man stood up to face me, the woman remained seated, both with ragged frowns on their faces.

She: "I want to tell you your service was very slow, we waited a whole hour"
Me: "I appreciate your patience, we have had a challenging day"
She: "You also did not give us curry rice like we asked"
Me: "I didn't have time, sorry, I gave you everything else you asked for"

The man steps forward  to look me squarely in the face.
He: "that's not the point, in America our meal would be for free for having to wait this long"
Me: "Well lucky for me we are not in America, bye bye!"

At this time, I noticed she had the exact amount of money sitting on the bill on the table. $52.00 Belizean dollars.  A solid fifty and two dollar coins sat on top the bill displaying the figure.
I snatched it away like a thief in the dark with just precision and timing to take them off-guard, then  hurriedly left. I looked back finding a way to smooth the abrupt end to our conversation.
Me: Bye Bye, Enjoy the rest of your day!
They had worked me too hard this night for me to want to comp them anything.

A little while later, the waitress runs into the kitchen half hysterical half laughing, shaking her head from side to side in disbelief.
She says: "Boss, please hurry the food, there is a grown man with grey beard who just screamed at me while fist thomping the table like a two year old screaming he wants his food Noooowwww!"
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Volcano in distance from bus in Guatemala. 2012

 Small town of Zunil, by bus ( every hour ) from State capital of  Quetzaltenango ( Xela new name ).  This town is at the foot of the Zunil volcano.  It is five miles further to FUENTES GEORGINAS HOT SPRINGS POOLS AND CABINS.  There are pickup tricks take backpackers up there, for small fee.

FUENTES GEORGINAS, FAMOUS VOLCANO HOT SPRINGS, in a gorge on side of Zunil Volcano. ( Over a hundred years old )

There are TWO volcanoes in the middle of that photo.

(  I'm not sure what my computer is doing to mess up the photos? )

Pan American Expressway. 4 lane mostly, sometimes five lanes.


Three granddaughters of grandpa Ray. Zoe, Bianca and Giselle

Left to right.   Zoe, Bianca and Giselle. (  three Belizean/American granddaughters of mine )
Heading back to HOUSTON, for Zoe and Giselle for more University courses to their degrees and working at full time jobs to support themselves.  Bianca is staying in Orange Walk, Belize, to manage the hotel there.
Giselle just finished her NATIONAL GUARD term this Spring, and has just completed a term in the US Embassy in Belmopan, Belize as an intern in the POLITICAL DEPARTMENT.  Said she liked it.  But when she gets her degree in IT, she will probably go to London, England for the 2 year law degree course that will give her a Masters degree.  For next January? Maybe after that, she will traipse around the world, backpacking, or join the Embassy Department of the USA? Not sure of Zoe's plans. School and work. Grown up and got to pay their own way now.

Auxillou family clan members enjoy 2012 on the islands. We are water and island and boat people.

 VERY FAMOUS Hollywood crowd gathering place, theChat and Chill beach restaurant for Tina Auxillou , with daughter Diane and husband, Tina and Abel, couple of others I don't know.  At Chat and Chill, daughter Tina's beach restaurant.
 Granddaughter Isabelle Auxillou and daughter Tina Auxillou, higher than kites looks like from those eyes?
 Family clan beach restaurant on Caye Caulker, for Tina Auxillou
Election day on Caye Caulker, near my apartment owned by Sharon Auxillou my daughter,  I was using.
Auxillou family and friends on Caye Caulker, Belize and the island of Roatan, Honduras.

Auxillou clan members also have land investments on the island of ROATAN, off the North coast of Honduras.  A small plane flight away.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadians and Jamaica, two island country members of CARICOM are going to change to a REPUBLIC form of government.  They are going to do away with the piratical thieves nest of parliamentary government.

Central Bank projecting 2% GDP going forward versus negative GDP scenario.

PROJECTING 2% GDP going forward by Central Bank seems ridiculous.  Am looking for NEGATIVE GDP within this UDP TERM OF OFFICE.

  While agriculture exports are increasing and we are doing well with food sufficiency.  Agriculture exports cannot generate sufficient tax revenues to maintain a 2% GDP rate, as the oil exports drop and the Banana Industry collapses, due to the warfare being conducted by the USA Government through their US TREASURY, KING PIN ACT ABUSES on the tiny Belize economy.

  Agriculture, even as it expands, will simply not supply the taxes needed to support the current levels of the cost of the Government of Belize.  The only thing that would do that, is exports from manufacturing.  So far, the bureaucracy and the politicians have shown no understanding, or comprehension how to make that happen?  Lots of talk and academic HYPE, but no meat in the bun, so to speak.  The blind leading the blind.  The other problem with Agriculture expansion, is that the land is pretty much all used up and in service.  Perhaps if the Chiquibul and Colombia Reserves down south were opened up to Agriculture, SOME small growth in agriculture exports could occur, but the ability to do so, is limited by the size of the remaining available lands in Belize for agriculture.  We haven't quite maxed out our agriculture land resources yet, but we are not far from it.  Even at three crops per year.  THE TAXES PRODUCED FROM EXPANDED AGRICULTURE ARE NOT ENOUGH TO SUPPORT THE BUREAUCRACY AND POLITICAL SETUP, WE CURRENTLY HOLD.  The country needs a business paradigm shift.


Ambassador Mark Espat and Big Wig lady from Central Bank where on TV last night, discussing SUPER BOND issues.

  I only saw one glaring mistake, by the Central Bank lady.  She said; Central Bank were making their assumptions going forward on ability to pay, based on the current 2% GDP rate.  She also explained in the last time, during the PUP arrangement, the Super bond was created with a 4.5% GDP projection, during that time.  I can see the 4.5% GDP rate used at that time, because the PUP were desperate to sell a pig in a poke idea to bondholders.  The 4.5% GDP assumption back then, she said, was a serious error.  I don't think it was an error but deliberate to coax bondholders to take the bonds.
  That said; I am very doubtful that current bondholders are going to come to any agreement with GOB and there was no discussion at all on the TV show last night, for the scenario of a default.  Just calming, soothing noises, that everything was planned.  YEAH SURE !!!!!
  There was no talk about PLAN B, the litigation scene, and we have heard nothing about moving GOB assets out of the USA, meaning mostly the CASH RESERVES.  Maybe GOB is going to do it, but I am doubtful.  Lot of nonsense talk about showing good faith and all that hype.  Move GOB assets out of the USA, right now, you crazy fools.  If you don't, you don't deserve your positions in government.  Will there be litigation?  It is only a fool that would not plan for it. When you are prepared nothing happens.  But be prepared, or you are derelict. The USA is a litigous society, it is as common as cleaning your teeth every morning.

  Regarding the Central Bank view and projection going forward of 2% GDP, that is foolish.  You know it too?  We will have NEGATIVE GDP within this UDP term of office.  With declining oil exports a huge chunk of the GDP, and collapsing BANANA exports, due to the US TREASURY conducting covert, assymetrical economic warfare on the Belize small economy, there is no place else that the GDP can go, but DOWN!  It is an inverse ratio between the cost and size of government and the government revenue from taxation.  If government revenues drop and obviously they are going to drop and are doing so right now, the size of government has to shrink, or the economy which is shrinking, has to shrink even more and inflation going up.  Only BORROWING LOANS can artificially keep the GDP level up, which the PUP did before, but then this loan and bond scenario simply cycles all over again with new political players at the helm.

  I can understand the wish for Belizeans to show good faith, with bond holders.  But if you don't prepare your PLAN B, the series of LITIGATION court cases and seizures of government assets, present and in the future over time in the USA, you sure as hell don't know what you are doing?  It doesn't work that way in their world mon!

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On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 8:18 AM, Ek Tun <> wrote:
Feed and gas keep going up here, too... governments and wall street are driving everybody out of business except the huge conglomerates.  I will probably go the way of Manolo and Alvaro, and give up and try to cut my losses.... it was a nice hobby for a while.

At 07:18 AM 8/28/2012 -0600, you wrote:
“According to the Southeast Poultry Association, there is no shortage of chicken or eggs in Yucatan. In fact, each week, Yucatan produces 1.5 million broiler chickens and 23.4 million eggs. This has led some to accuse producers of arbitrarily raising prices because of the egg shortage in Jalisco. Yucatan’s producers say that the shortage in Jalisco has nothing to do with the reason their egg prices have to rise. The problem is that feed and gasoline are going up at an ever-increasing rate. Feed prices jumped 40% just in the month of July. Talk of lifting tariffs on imported eggs is frightening to them because other nations, with producers shored up by farm subsidies, will dump eggs into the Mexican market. Yucatan’s farmers cannot bring their prices down and have no subsidies. If they are undersold, they will simply go out of business and yet another Mexican agricultural industry will fall victim to unfair international trade practices. So far, it is expected that the price of eggs will rise to approximately $28 pesos per kilo. Our thoughts are with Yucatan’s poultry and egg producers as they attempt to weather this storm.”

Source: Yucatan Living Newsletter

Sinola Cartel and Gusman, bullshit from US Treasury in Belize

  We the public are waiting to hear what some administrative incompetent in the US TREASURY department has had to say from our investigative government charter team that went to the USA.  Among their assignments is to find out, what they have against John Zabaneh, by the USA Treasury and the subsequent millions of dollars of damage and destruction they have done to the Stann Creek Valley banana industry.
  By applying the KING PIN ACT and accusing John of being a big wig in the Sonola CARTEL of Los Angelus and Tuscon in the States, that cut off all bank deals not only to John, but to all his extended family clan businesses.  If they had reason, it will be interesting to hear what it is?
  If you do the arithmetic, this mysterious guy GUSMAN, WANTED by the DEA and other agencies of the USA; who they say runs this cross border cartel up North, would have been a toddler.  Or in tiny children's pre-school at the time they are quoting; when they talk about John Zabeneh here in Belize, back in the 1980's or 1970's,  the released stories by the US Treasury do not gybe with the facts.  So, John is asking them to prove he had any drug deals with anybody in the last 15 years or so.
  The street talk in Belize is that the nephew of JOHN, a much younger guy, MIGHT possibly be involved in some enroute smuggling, but John himself says he hasn't seen or spoke to him for a number of years.  Doesn't know where he is?  Which said street talk, assumes he is either DEAD, or in jail in the USA system.  If the US TREASURY are making noises and doing the KING PIN ACT based on what they have publicized, going back to the 1970's or 80's, then this GUSMAN character they refer to, must have been a tiny child at the time.  The whole made up story sounds ridiculous.  Speculation here, it is some incompetent administrative bigwig in the US Treasury, trying to make points to justify his job, big salary,  and his budget.  An abuse of the KING PIN ACT.  Certainly the released information so far, for this KING PIN ACT is not based on any FACTS, that anybody in Belize knows about?  We are all looking forward to the revelation our investigative team from our Belize government brings back.  If there are no prosecutable offenses, then it is so much hot air, bombast, lies, and horse manure, done by some incompetent administrator in the US Treasury for his own reasons.
  The public here, feels there is a possibility, the nephew of John Zabaneh named as an associate, who has disappeared for some years, if involved, and might be in the USA jail system, and could be up for parole and is being leaned on by the DEA,  to come up with something to nail John Zabaneh, or anybody else to get his freedom.  This is just wild guesses here.  NOBODY KNOWS!  Personally, what I think, is some US Treasury administrator thought he could make inter bureaucratic points in one upmanship, by going after a remote, tiny country like Belize, who has no resources financially, and no comeback to the bureaucratic status of big shots in the US Treasury.  What I think, is if our investigative team cannot come back with prosecutable facts to make a case against John in the last 15 years, the guy should lose his job and go into retirement.  I saw enough of this bureaucratic disinformation for personal advancement, in Florida International University, and Miami Dade Community College during my years in Florida.  Believe me, it is all crapola and if they can't come up with FACTS, the guy should be fired.  If our investigative team so informs our Prime Minister, it would be time for a personal call to President Obama from our Prime Minister, Barrow, who danced with each other's wives during Caricom HEADS OF STATE MEETINGS some years ago. Time to show no tolerance for administrative imaginative abuse of other people and other countries economies.  We don't tolerate it in Belize, and damned if we are going to tolerate from some guy in the US Treasury.  We await the evidence to take John to court, or something over the last 15 years.  If you go back to the 1970's and 80's, HELL you would have to lock up 75% of the population of Belize in that era. Plus a third of the CIA working in Central America, running cocaine to the USA from South America.
  Going to be interesting to hear on TV, what Mark Espat and his investigative team bring back from the US Treasury is announced the end of this week.




Mexican fruit exports are mainly to the USA, China, Russia, Germany and Hong Kong.

Big earners for the Mexican economy are: AVOCADO, WATERMELON, LEMONS, LIMES AND PAPAYA.


Teaching port town gang members how to pan for GOLD

SO !  Is BELTRAIDE teaching port of Belize City gang members how to pan for GOLD in the Southern Belize placer gold drain fields?  They can hike there, in three days.  There is either gravel road, or track the whole way there.  Or any cooperative officers going to teach them, how to pan for gold and lead them back there to learn how to do it?  Maybe a BDF jungle officer?



  You take 2 inch PVC pipe and make them 18 inches long, bury them in the ground vertically and put a cap on both ends.  Drill a tiny 1/16 inch hole in top and bottom.  You can also put some holes on the sides as well.  The pipe is buried so that the top cap does not protrude, to far above the ground, so a bush hog can clear the weeds and pass over the pvc pipes.   You fill this pvc pipe with a mix of fertilizer and water, about every three weeks.
  The food goes out into the surrounding tree root system and crop yields go up a lot.  Put pipes in a circle around each fruit tree.

  The local magazine the AG REPORT has an artical on it, ISSUE 16.  The magazine is online.



  I have TWO sure herbal cures that I've used personally, or people close to me; that are used in Belize.  They work BETTER than any modern type medicines.  Both are SPICES.

CURCUMIN, or sometimes called TUMERIC EXTRACT.   

  This is an extract from relatives of the yellow ginger plant.  Which grows plentiful in Belize.  It is used as a BLOOD CLEANER.  I can attest personally, that it reduces cancer tumors.  The process is slow, takes about six months to get rid of a cancer tumor.  Favorites of the herbalists for over 10,000 years in both India and China.  My own cancer tumor, originally the size of a hard boiled egg, on the lymph gland node, in the neck has reduced 27% in the first month.  I'm still taking the curcumin.  The stuff is available from Spanish Lookout Health Food store.  They sell both the powdered form and also in bottled pills.
  My vision of what is happening is that; the blood cells that are growing wild and the dead cells your body sheds as cells replenish themselves,  when fighting infection, or inflammation, pile up in tight corners like garbage in a sewer pipe.  What the curcumin seems to do; is eat away at this pile of dead cells and other troublesome garbage clogging up the blood stream and veins. My big tumor seems to come to a bit of a head and make a boil like appearance.  There is a blister forms on top which fills with lymphatic fluid.  Eventually it breaks and the clear fluid runs out.  It is sort of like looking at a burn blister, in which the lymphatic fluid protects the growth of new skin cells underneath.  This cycle is occuring nightly in my own case.  My idea of what is happening, is that the curcumin flushes out the garbage from your blood stream.  How I do not know?  This then allows free passage for your natural IMMUNE SYSTEM to attack the infection, or problem you may be having.  After a week and a half, I became PAIN FREE and had previously continuous pain for about two years.  Modern medical science had failed to deal with it and I spent some thousands of dollars and many doctors and clinics.  The TUMOR spreads nerves out like a network of spider legs, entangled throughout the nearby body otherwise and makes doctors reluctant to operate as they cannot get it all.  In this herbal treatment, the entanglements seem to be getting eaten up and the underlying flesh is restored to the DNA code for that piece of the body, restoring the flesh to how it should be in shape and health.  Two thirds of a teaspoon a day, is the recommended dose of curcumin in the online literature. I'm taking double that, both morning and evening and IT IS WORKING like a charm.


  The other proven cure by herbal means is; the cure for arthritus.  Again the process by herbs is slow and takes some months.  If you talk to our local Santa Elena Librarian, Beatrice, she will swear on a stack of Bibles that it works.  She used to be for years, forever crippled with arthritus, particularly in the fingers.  She is now arthritus FREE ! Take a spoonful of CINAMMON SPICE with honey, twice a day.

  I am now a herbal treatment afficianado.  FOR SURE !

  You can learn how to do the extraction of THUMERIC, or CURCUMIN from Yellow Ginger on the internet.  If you want to start an export herbal business.

What is Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) Powder?

While turmeric is most commonly associated with the bright yellow spice, this flavorful root has been used as condiment, textile dye and health aid for thousands of years.

Turmeric is native to India and Southeast Asia and is a relative of ginger root and cardamom. With a slightly acrid taste, turmeric is featured in many curry and rice recipes. Its principal active ingredient is called curcumin, which contains a potent mix of powerful phytonutrients known as Curcuminoids (Wikipedia). These curcuminoids are responsible for the characteristic yellow color. Turmeric contains three major curcuminoids which are powerful antioxidants - curcumin, desmethoxycurcumin and bisdesmethoxycurcumin - which help neutralize free radical molecules in the body that can damage cell membranes.

Benefits of Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) Powder

Curcumin, with the botanical name of Curcuma longa, is considered a powerful health supplement by today's herbalists and naturopaths. Tumeric has been used in both the Indian (ayurvedic) and Chinese health systems for thousands of years.

Purity and Concentration of Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) Powder

PureBulk offers an extract of turmeric which has been standardized to 95% curcuminoids (the active constituent in turmeric). Curcumioids in this standardized extract include: Curcumin 70-80%, Desmethoxycurcumin 15-25%, and Bisdexmethoxycurcumin 2.5-6.5% No fillers, additives or anti-caking agents are used.

Potential Side Effects of Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) Powder

If taken in the suggested serving sizes, there are no serious side effects when taking curcumin. People with sensitive stomachs may experience an upset stomach while taking turmeric. Please consult a physician before using a turmeric or curcumin based supplement if you have a known allergy to ginger. Those undergoing treatment and medication for diabetes and high blood pressure should exercise caution. Those with blood-clotting issues or who are pregnant should avoid the product. People taking blood thinners should not use this herb, as it may interact with these medications.

Suggested Use of Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) Powder

The suggested serving size for curcumin/turmeric extract powder is 1000 milligrams daily, taken with meals or a glass of water. Three eighths of a teaspoon provides about 932 milligrams of powder. You can see the full bulk density/volumetric conversion chart for Curcumin here.

Bioavailability, Mixing and Solubility of Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) Powder

Curcumin is the pigment found in turmeric; therefore, curcumin-turmeric extract powder is yellow-orange in color with a spicy taste and aroma. Curcumin is said to work best when taken on an empty stomach. Although curcumin can be mixed into liquids, it is significantly better absorbed into the body when blended with cooking oils as in coconut oil, butter or olive oil.

Add 1 tablespoon butter, olive oil or coconut oil and about a level 1/2 to 1 teaspoon curcumin powder to a pot of rice and water before cooking, and you’ll get one of the most delicious and best-tasting rice dishes you’ve tried. Use curcumin-turmeric extract powder sprinkled into any dish while cooking for an excellent seasoning. Additionally, curcumin-turmeric extract makes an excellent hot tea. Simply steep 1 to 1.5 grams of the powder in water and enjoy a new hot tea. Curcumin/turmeric extract powder dissolves best in hot water.

Curcumin Coconut Milk Recipe

These curcumin bioavailability protocols facilitate consumption of very large serving sizes of curcumin, from 1.5 grams and up to 7.5 grams per day in some cases. The key factor to understand about concentrated curcumin is that it must be consumed in an emulsified fatty solution. The most commonly employed method of emulsifying curcumin powder is with the curcumin coconut milk protocol. Since coconut milk is already an emulsified fatty solution adding curcumin powder to the hot (almost boiling) coconut milk is easy, quick and effective.

Once added to 1 can of organic coconut milk (usually between 12 and 14 fluid ounces) the coconut milk can be heated on the stove in a sauce pan to 180°F+ and the 1.5 grams up to 7.5 grams curcumin powder added to the hot coconut milk will quickly dissolve (with stirring), making a smooth bright orange solution. After cooling to room temperature (and then refrigerating as needed for storage) the coconut/curcumin milk can be taken throughout the day as desired with fatty meals for maximal bioavailability. The coconut/curcumin milk can be added to foods or taken as a liquid with meals.


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Snorkeling boat guides to the barrier reef get fringe benefits

Snorkeling trips have their funny side on Caye Caulker.  As a snorkeling boat operator, you get fringe benefits though.

Sunday, August 26, 2012



About 2000 acres are planted in Belize of soybeans.  They are tricky, because they suffer from rainy weather.  Soybeans are usually planted after the corn is harvested, as they are a dry season crop.  Soybeans are used to produce oil through an extruder, for additives to animal feeds. We currently only produce 5% of the soybean oil needed in Belize.  Transportation shipping to Belize from Brazil is too expensive, so the feed mills in Belize have resorted to buying used grease from kitchens and restaurants.  The Soybean crop has to fit into the dry season, about 4 months.  If the season varies and it does, then a farmer could lose his crop.  A soybean crop is impractical in most of Belize, except in the Corozal District, but cane farmers are reluctant to diversify into a second crop of soybeans.  They are doing well enough with sugar cane.  The driest part of Belize is the Corozal District.  Rainfall gets heavier the further SOUTH you go in the country.



  Saw the tv show and he had the two top bigwigs from Central Bank explaining the rational behind the Superbond negotiations.  Interesting a bit.

  One gets the feeling that Central bank bigwigs propose and the political party disposes.  So what they recommend is hedged toward clerical activities rather than usable stuff.

  From the outside looking in; the explanations and rational were interesting, but from a private sector investor viewpoint here in Belize, one got the feeling they were immersed in minutia, looking and explaining about the individual trees, rather than looking at the forest.

  Generally speaking the SUPERBOND is important in the overall picture, but not the most important thing. It is only about 10% of government revenue. GDP is the most important thing.  The SUPERBOND IS LIKE AN ACCIDENT, but it will not effect the macro economics of Belize.  The GDP has peaked under the UDP and is now trending downward and from our Western outlook, it is going to continue for the next three years and possibly five or six years.  It is easy to see that GDP and revenues are going to drop below the level necessary to keep this current set of government employees in jobs.  As the government contracts, the GDP will contract faster.  The only thing that can alter the macro picture of the Belize economy, is by increasing GDP.   We are looking at the next term, or election by possibly the UDP.  That means accelerated LOAN BORROWING again after the next election and the vicious cycle of spending more than we make will start again,especially if the dumb PUP get in power in voters reaction to this trending downturn.
  You cannot get yourself out of debt, or a downtrending GDP, by loan borrowing.  Only by growing the GDP.  Maybe we need more immigrants from China and Japan?  5000 more of each would make a nice mix.  Otherwise it is back to colonial times and the cycle of borrowing more than we can pay, ALL OVER AGAIN.



  ACREAGE IN CACAO HAS EXPANDED FROM 500 ACRES TO ABOUT 3000 ACRES THIS YEAR.  THE MOST DEMAND ABROAD IS FOR DARK CHOCOLATE.  It is reported 15 companies from North American, Asia and Europe are expressing interest in buying cacao beans from Southern Belize.


JOHN CARR OF HIS BEL CARR FARM BUSINESS, REPORTS 80% OF HIS CORNMEAL PRODUCTS ARE BEING EXPORTED TO JAMAICA.   Makes you wonder how he gets his money in foreign exchange?  Beans had a bad winter and apparently in the Spring, rain spoiled the seasonal crop in many places.  Up in Corozal District they did okay and were able to cover the local shortages experienced by the Cayo district.  Guatemalans are buying 50% of the corn gluten by product being produced and this is expected to rise to 75%.
  One could say for all practical purposes, the Guatemalan and Belizean economy are closely linked.  In fact they may be one and the same right now and growing tighter year by year.