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Ray Auxillou, Mrs. Sharon Auxillou Urscheler, Mrs. Silvia Auxillou , Oct. 28th 2012 in Hillview, Belize

Ray Auxillou a week and a half before his 75th birthday in Hillview, Belize.  See the tumor on the
side of his neck.  Daughter Sharon Auxillou Urscheller who came down from Miami, to drag him kicking and screaming and take him back to Miami and put him in the hospital.

  Ray Auxillou on left, Sharon Auxillou Urscheler in the middle and Ray's wife Silvia Auxillou.


PROTEST MEETING TODAY AT POMONA BY SMALL GROWERS.  THE PLUS TV CLIPS WERE BRIEF.  They did show two POLITICAL AGITATORS stirring up the crowd with disinformation and twisted truths.  One agitator was Melvin Hulse. Didn't know the other fellow.  The growers looked young and campesinos.  They probably do not have internet computers, or other means to educate themselves.  I feel sorry for them, as they were obviously from this OUTSIDER's viewpoint being stirred up and led astray by people in the CGA with twisted and half baked lies, scattered with a smattering of truth, in order to convince them.  I suspect the leadership and agitators are fighting over getting salaries and position, off the CGA membership.  Saw it over decades in my own Northern Fishing Cooperative.  Always the same!
  Last night caught a program on Love FM interviewing some government bureaucrat. Didn't get a name, but he proved both CGA and Rise and Shine TV program were spreading lies and untruths.  Shame on the guy who calls himself a Christian Pastor.  According to the LoveFM interview, the bureaucrat represented the government in the meeting last week, in which the opening of the FACTORY and price stuff was discussed and agreed upon.  CGA were there, the other ASSOCIATION where in it, and Banks Holdings operator of the FACTORY was there in the meeting.  The government bureaucrat did say, that this meeting last week DID agree on the start of receiving GRAPEFRUIT only.  Which makes Rise and Shine PASTOR,  a dumb hoodwinked country bumpkin, in my book.  So, both Rise and Shine TV and CGA are LIARDS from this outsider's viewpoint, each with their own agenda.  TV program probably seeking advertising dollars and circulation, OBVIOUS from an outside viewpoint.  No matter if it is coated in CHRISTIAN BULLSHIT rhetoric..
  The government representative did say, there is a problem with the CITRUS ACT, as it has not yet been amended, as there are now by LAW, allowed by the Supreme Court more than one ASSOCIATION.  The government will fix that.  However the CGA agitators in it for their own benefit obviously, pushed the facts and squirreled them around a bit, to make themselves look good.  Too bad for the illiterate less smart CGA membership?
  One lie, I didn't like, is that the CGA hold 51 % of the shares in the FACTORY.  This is not true, as while they are holding the shares, they owe the OTHER Association membership ( forget the title ) 10.2% holding of that portion of shares and have not transferred them yet.  In fact, they are such swindlers in the CGA I doubt they will EVER give the other former members their share of the FACTORY shares?  You can know people by their actions, not by what they say. They haven't given over the shares in the FACTORY yet, some 10.2% of what the CGA is holding, so nuff said on that.
  There was supposed to be another meeting today I believe, for agreeing on price and delivery dates for oranges, if I remember the Love FM interview properly?  In the meantime, the stirred up small growers in the CGA, are ruining themselves based on the crap the agitators are handing out as disinformation, and holding off delivering grapefruit for four days.  Who do they think they are hurting?  Only themselves!
  There was a blurb on FACEBOOK, by another TV station.  Not sure what station that is, but it said the SMALL GROWERS in the CGA grouping were demanding their RIGHTS.  I cannot figure out what rights?
They really only hold 40.8 % of the shares in the FACTORY, the other 10.2% belong to their former members who were forced out in  disagreements with the bad management and had to form their own ASSOCIATION.  NOW they have rights by longevity to 10.2% of those shares.  So are the CGA stealing them?  Seems so, from this outsider's viewpoint?
  As to CONTROL, this is based on the LEGAL AGREEMENT signed by CGA leadership for the membership long ago.  Melvin Hulse  gave another lie, and said that was not important.  Which made me wonder if he had a hand in it, long ago?
  ALL the growers in both ASSOCIATIONS,  lost CONTROL OF THE FACTORY by the legal agreement.  Like any SWINDLERS, CON MEN, AND CRIMINALS, the agitators and leadership OF THE CGA,  are convincing the CGA membership that they are entitled to swindle the investor out of his LEGAL AGREEMENT that they signed.  Sounds Belizean for true!  Just my opinion from watching and listening to the TV talk shows and the newspapers.  I think the CGA need to reform, or restructure into a COOPERATIVE, they will not go anywhere as an ASSOCIATION, except let people take advantage of them, in order to raid the CGA treasury for salaries and benefits, at the membership expense.  Saw it come and go in cycles in our Fishing Cooperative history. Personal greed and human nature at work.  This is all old story to me, from Caye Caulker. Instead of lobster and fish, it is about citrus fruit.

  What the SWINDLERS and CRIMINALS in the CGA are trying to do, according to later and different TV channel news and talk shows.  Is harass, Banks Holding Ltd., from Barbados, who put tens of millions into the citrus factory, in return for SHARES and CONTROL, in a LEGAL AGREEMENT and try to inconvenience them ( Banks Holdings Ltd ) so much; they give up their money to the CGA, by giving them back CONTROL.  Failing that, the strategy was explained by the media, that the CGA otherwise, will cause and are causing, POLITICAL BLACKMAIL on the party in power, of our government. They want OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR TAXES, to BUY OUT Banks Holdings Ltd. and give them back the whole investment.  Disregarding there is another ASSOCIATION of growers nowadays and will be in the future probably more fruit growing associations, cooperatives and processors. The whole business from day one, going back to the original LEGAL AGREEMENT BY CGA,  I interpret, is to get TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS invested,  FREE!  They are pre-meditated SWINDLERS AND CROOKS.  Apparently, their credit is no good.  They can't borrow from anybody, as they are untrustworthy swindlers.  Are using parades, media and a lot of harassment on legitimate people doing real business.  The latest is to EXTORT from our joint government, the tens of millions in a screwy loan, to the CGA.  They are acting like a MAFIA gang, not serious small business people.  I wish them well in ordinary times, but cannot understand why they don't form a a cooperative, or different district area cooperatives and pool resources like we fishermen have done throughout the nation.  This EXTORTION, lies and swindling by the CGA, offends my sense of propriety.  Much as I sympathize with smaller groups of producers, THIS just smells and acts, TOO BLOODY BAD for me.  When they try to help themselves and form cooperatives, the government has at least this voter's vote, to assist them somewhat, to start again. But OPENLY to go about STEALING tens of millions of dollars, either from Banks Holdings Ltd., or from our political elected government, via EXTORTION, I cannot countenance.  They made a deal, now stick to it, and if there are consequences you don't like, then start over and learn from it.  You don't go screwing the rest of us hard working people in the country out of our taxes, the government has to spend on infra-structure.

Educationa versus intelligence!

IRELAND debt to GDP ratio over 500% while Belize is over 100% to GDP


  I was startled watching the business channel, that Ireland has gone from an IT paradise, as in rising star, and bigger GDP, more technological education; and fallen to a crapped out governed state again?

  CNBC was stating that Ireland Debt to GDP ratio is the WORST in the world, at over 500% debt to GDP, which makes the Belize Debt to GDP ratio of over 100% look even healthy. ( smile and groan )

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


  Saw another show, in which CGA, Citrus Growers Association, holder of majority dividend earning shares in the new factory operation, were playing spoiler, with spurious arguments of why they should RENEGE on their LEGAL AGREEMENT with Banks Holdings Ltd.

   I'm reminded of the young man who stabbed another man, who was acting as peacemaker between two fellows who were quarreling.  Took out a knife and fatally stabbed the Good Samaritan peace maker.  Now he goes up for MURDER ONE.  Kind of like the CGA.  They get millions to pay off their debts, millions invested in new product lines and factory rejuvenation expansion and like the murderer with the knife, is pleading innocent, or extenuating circumstances, of why he should not be sentenced for murder.  Lost his temper, it was an accident, I didn't mean it, etc., etc., etc.   When you take actions there are CONSEQUENCES.  The CGA need to take the CONSEQUENCES.  You cannot welch out of your committments.  They got their loans covered and saved themselves from bankruptcy and loss of it all.  Now the factory is turning profitable, they want the government to muscle the financial rescuers out of their millions, and refuse to be a man and take the CONSEQUENCES.  Change your CGA leadership, maybe you will get someplace again, rebuild your organization?

  What I don't see mentioned, is that the majority PRODUCERS of citrus, of the CGA, the media say; is that they left the CGA over the bad leadership.  They formed their own CITRUS ASSOCIATION.  Now if these losers that are the old time CGA relics, want to show integrity, they should hand over to their former members, their share in the factory of shares,  based on production, of the FACTORY shares, to the new ASSOCIATION. Or is it all gimmee, gimmee, gimmee and screw you other citrus producers?

  They did raise a technical point about the CITRUS ACT, done to give a MONOPOLY and political control in the past, and the price rate and starting date legislation.  To me that is no longer valid and should be deleted from the LAWS OF BELIZE.  Court cases have changed the dynamics of the citrus producers and the CGA no longer represents ALL the citrus growers.  There are OTHER citrus growers in another CITRUS ASSOCIATION with rights too, ( the media say they also produce more fruit ) also if you wish to press the point, also have RIGHTS to some of those SHARES held by the former CGA.
 From:  Francis Gegg           ( the other side of the argument )

It is one thing to speak from a position of knowledge and authority, than to speak from a position of a complete lack of knowledge or understanding of what is happening in the Citrus Industry and at CPBL.  Before writing such dogmatic perspectives and opinions, any wise person would familiarize themselves with the truth and the details of what is happening in the industry and not make claims or statements which are patently untrue.  

Henry Canton and Banks Holdings and the previous Directors of CGA and CPBL have breached their Fiduciary Duties, Obligations and Responsibilities to the majority share holders CGA, and are liable for all of the accumulated losses which they have racked up as a result of their intransigence and obnoxious behavior, and lack of competence to operate the company profitably.  A factory with the capacity to process 10 million boxes of fruit is barely processing 5 million.  The CPBL groves have been poorly managed, and average less than a box per tree.  The global average is 2.5 boxes per tree.  Get the drift Ray? This has all happened with prices of these commodities at historic highs.  You make sense out of this one, or maybe of the back handed sweetheart deals which have been made with the major buyers of the company's products at hugely discounted prices to the detriment of the producer.

Maybe now you will understand why he and they don't want to give up control.

*************  I would like to know WHEN or even IF, the CGA will share the shares with their other previous members in the CGA who formed another ASSOCIATION, or Company, because they could not countenance the reckless management clique of the CGA and accumulated losses they kept racking up for their own benefits.  If the CGA is still holding 51% of the shares they have in the factory, then WHEN WILL they give 10.2% of those shares to the members who were forced out of the CGA, by their reckless management actions? ( based on formula of CGA 80% small producers produce 20% of the fruit, while they next Association produce 80% ) That would show the rest of the nation, that the CGA is an HONEST partner, and not greedy self serving crooks.  Also when will the CGA change from an ASSOCIATION to a COOPERATIVE?  If they wish to own and manage; production, processing and marketing of citrus fruit. Like the Fishing Cooperatives.  Associations are no good for business in my opinion.  Too many opinions and no rules or regulations.  Just too loose. ******************

Ray's argument for the majority shareholders to give up their controlling interest doesn't make him a "fucking capitalist."  His argument is not at all reflective of a traditional capitalist point-of-view or mindset.  Ray is ignorant about a lot of the dynamics in the industry and he likes to try to be provocative by making rash uninformed statements that appear to be outside the box thinking.   As the majority shareholders, I would think that the CGA are the ones who would want to engage by the rules of capitalism.  Nothing wrong with that.  Belize needs more capitalists and fewer opportunists.


Monday, October 29, 2012



  The past Sunday show I saw, came up with questions about $22 million in losses.  Which if EITHER of the TV Hosts EVER operated a company Ltd., would have been able to answer ?  Losses come about, by writing off losing processing lines, obsolete equipment, depreciation on inventory of equipment, etc.  Nothing sinister about have losses in this company bookkeeping.

There was a nifty piece about Henry Canton, FRONTING for Hummingbird Citrus.  From the description given, it would seem BANKS HOLDINGS LTD took the citrus acreage owned by the factory, which was, or is a loser, and transferred it to it's own separate company structure.  Three shareholders involved in the new company and Henry Canton, is listed as shareholder, based on a $3.5 million loan.  The citrus grove is currently not profitable, but a loser financially.  That Henry is FRONTING for BANKS HOLDINGS LTD., I have no doubt and as these things go, simply ALREADY PROBABLY wrote off his so called, share ownership, over to BANKS HOLDINGS.  He's just a figurehead and if he makes the groves profitable, will earn his salary.  It's hard for BANKS HOLDINGS LTD, to do that; being an absentee controlling owner, from far off Barbados. You need to provide a cash incentive to make somebody work for you, as an absentee owner. When I operated a company, I was never able to pay myself a salary, or make enough to cover depreciation on equipment.  Still while a losing operation can lose on the books, one might get some bread and butter bare necessitities out of it, at times, as a business expense. One day you can only hope to make it profitable.  On the other hand, the land itself can be used as security, for offshore bank loans, you need to develop new product lines at the factory. Nothing sinister or criminal here that I can see.  Jealousy and envy I can see, but otherwise NADA.  Just a couple of country bumpkins as TV hosts, trying to understand the corporate business world.

  Far as I can see; the CITRUS FACTORY squabbles between shareholders, is a private affair, legal agreement and so forth.  Nothing either the nation itself, or the Government should interfere with.  Let the shareholders continue to fight their own battles. That is what the legal court system is for and designed to do.


Saturday, October 27, 2012


Kids on Southside Belize city and apologists should take note.


New World Oil and Gas Plc, an oil and gas exploration and development company focused on Belize and Denmark, is pleased to provide an update on drilling operations at the B Crest prospect on the Company’s flagship Blue Creek Project (‘Blue Creek’ or ‘the Project’), located in the productive Petén Basin in Northwest Belize.
Drilling operations at the Blue Creek #2 well (‘the Well’) are continuing on schedule and under budget at an average rate of 24ft per hour. As at 1300 CST in Belize on 24 October 2012, the Well had drilled to a depth of 4,509ft, having passed through anhydrite, dolomite and limestone sequences in line with the Company’s geologic prognosis. The primary objective of the Well lies at 5,700ft in the mid Cretaceous Y2 interval, 1,300ft below the current depth. The Well remains on course to reach the total depth (‘TD’) of 7,000ft on or before 15 November 2012 where it expects to have reached the base of the mid Cretaceous Y2 interval.
New World CEO William Kelleher said, “I am pleased to report that drilling operations at B Crest, the first of our three well programme at the Blue Creek Project, Belize, have so far been in line with our expectations and forecast geologic prognosis. We are 1,300ft above our primary objective, being the Yalbac 2 formation, which we believe to contain multiple payzones for this well. I will of course provide the market with further updates on our progress in due course.”
The Blue Creek #2 well is part of the Company’s three well drilling programme at Blue Creek, the details of which are included in the table below:
Drill Ready Prospects P50 un-risked prospective resources P50 NPV10 Expected Timetable
B Crest 92 MMboUS$2.4 billion H2 2012
West Gallon Jug Crest 113 MMboUS$2.6 billion H2 2012
A 124 MMboUS$3.2 billion H1 2013
Total 329MMboUS$8.2 billion  
Note: figures are stated on a gross 100% WI (‘working interest’) basis
The technical content of this announcement has been reviewed and approved by William Kelleher who has been a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers for 27 years.

BELIZE - Former Hostel for sale, turned into residence.

Former FALCONVIEW BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL, turned into a residence the last few years as the owner got older.  The owner now 75 years old, is fighting the battle with cancer.  Wants to clear the property and has put it for sale. The place is too big, for my wife, too live alone when she becomes a widow.

  Located in Hillview, a rural suburb on the side of Green Parrot Valley, of the town of Santa Elena, in the Western foothills of Belize.  The owner has another duplex up the block on the ridge here, and his wife wants to move there, when he dies.  This facility now residence, but formally built as a HOSTEL is for SALE, or you may put half down, and arrange to pay off the balance on a lease/purchase agreement.  We still live in the home right now though, and will do so, until it is sold.

  The home has two separate buildings. The main house, one story, that has an inner, two bedroom house.  Surrounded by a former hostel kitchen and dining area, now used to make things, as in hobbies.  A small office still used for bookshelves, telephone and table, a TV room with chairs and hammocks and two dormitories that slept four persons in each, but are now used for storing weaving stuff for the wife. Three bathrooms for the dormitories.

  The ANNEX building is three stories.  On the bottom floor is the garage and two smaller store rooms. Also a warehouse, that is used to make things, like furniture, and store the usual accumulation of tools and spare materials.  It was originally intended to be a retail store, with a big sliding door facing the street side.  The second floor has a rental apartment, one bedroom with own verandah, ( currently occupied full time ) and the other side of the hall, there is a dormitory with four bunk beds and bathroom.  Still used for visiting children and grandchildren.  The third floor has another; one bedroom apartment, and beautiful view of the Belize River Valley and the Yalback hills, and also looks out on the Eastern slope of nearby Green Parrot Valley. The other side of the stairs and hall, is a fairly big office space.  There used to be a vegetable nursery here, but it was torn down and a brand new building placed in this space on the 3rd floor, opposite the apartment, to provide a large internet business office space. Currently used by Jaguar Capital Management.

  The yard has a nursery for growing flowers and plants.  Plus bearing coconut trees, and papaya trees, along with flowers and other plants. A shed along one side for doing work projects that need more space to work in.  The whole area is fenced and we have two dogs.  The climate is ETERNAL SPRING.  Beautiful place for us to retire and now the end of life is nigh, can only hope someone else, will grow to love living here, as much as I have. Lots of kitchens, bathrooms and space for the largest family, or someone wanting to run a business, and live on the premises.

  Back when it was an active HOSTEL, there are numerous web pages on the internet and have lots of photos of apartments, etc.  FALCONVIEW BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL, you should be able to see some photos there of long ago when we operated the place as a business.



Caye Caulker photo.  All roads lead to the Emerald or Blue sea.


NICHE had a conclave of alternative healers it showed on TV.  Not sure where this was?  Maybe Toledo, or Belmopan in the center of the country?  It had not been advertised in the news media anyway. Came as a surprise. The idea was to try to get herbal cures, and alternative means of healing out into mainstream, and even develop an export business.  GOOD IDEA!
  At the moment, antibiotics imported from abroad are the major treatments offered by medical doctors trained within establishment guidelines.  Both doctors and hospitals I am finding out first hand, can offer nothing for cancer patients. Other than surgery, chemo, and radiation.  Apparently, which do not solve more than a few percentage points of cases?  So far, it seems to be the kiss of death, depending on type.  USA statistics say that 70% of people developing cancer, die eventually, either sooner, or later from the problem. 
Whereas those using alternative medicine, herbal and such, only die of cancer at 64% of cancer cases.
The thrust by NICHE was to develop and expand the capabilities of alternative medicine types.  A hospital is a great place to be if having a baby, or fixing broken bones and injuries from falls, and car accidents.  CANCER seems to be not doing well at all, for standard treatments, by trained medical doctors and hospitals.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Banks Beer supposed to being sold in Belize?

Banks beer is supposed to be on sale in Belize.  Anybody ever tasted one?  From the Eastern Caribbean.

BELIZE - Famous Mr. Guy, JUNGLE REMEDIES continues to beat doctors and hospitals for cures.

REPORT #490 May 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

WESTERN ADVERTISING IS TOO POWERFUL! From the Belize Times of this week...
Herbal Elixirs, Health from Mother Nature ÏThere are plants that we walk on without realizing that these same plants could actually save our livesÓ A simple disease is cured differently by a poor man than it is by a rich man; a poor man always seeks his herbsÓ . Mr. Harry Guy Sr.
Exactly nine months ago Mr. Harry Guy Sr., visited the BELIZE TIMES to make known his miracle cure herbal medicine and to voice disappointment after two major organizations, Alliance Against Aids (AAA) and My Refuge Christian Network, whose mission statements include helping patients living with infections and viruses such as HIV/AIDS and Cancer, turned him down with complete disdain by ignoring his humanitarian requests for collaboration. In an interview with the BELIZE TIMES today he said no one yet has shown any concern with the effectiveness of his herbal concoctions.
Last year Mr. Guy offered his assistance to both AAA and My Refuge Christian Network and has since never been contacted. Mr. Guy is positive that he has a cure for the early stages of cancer and a remedy to foil the HIV/AIDS virus. He is well known in Cayo for his knowledge in bush medicine and for his the quality of his herbal medicine. Several patients have come forward requesting his remedies and after receiving his treatment have come back feeling and being healthier than before; notwithstanding, no one wants to collaborate with Mr. Guy to prove whether his medicine is a fake or like he says, better and more effective than any pharmaceutical medicine.
Presently, Mr. Guy still puts out the challenge, since that is what it seems to be for AAA and My Refuge Christian Network rather than a mere request. Mr. GuyÌs business underwent a new change; his business is now called ÏJungle RemediesÓ. Mr. Guy still provides natural remedies for patients. We asked him what he thought about persons, who claim to provide a remedy with chemical solutions, and he said, ÏChemicals bring side-effects and organic remedies are pure and bring no side-effects.Ó
Mr. Guy commented that in Belize there are at least 1000 medicinal plants, of which about only 40% is discovered. The other 60% is unknown, however, very powerful and may cure the diseases, which have always plagued our societies.
Today Mr. Guy showed complete optimism that people could depend on him to cure cancer. He said that he has cured patients with cancer infections, whether it is prostate, breast, or uterus. He urged persons knowing that they are infected with cancer to consult with him, if they are seeking a non-intrusive, painless cure. His elixir consists of a mixture of herbs. Three herbs, which altogether boost the immune system, help fight the tumor and attack things that harm the body, substituting herbs for chemotherapy. One crucial advice that Mr. Guy gives any person with cancer is that they should not eat red meat.
Mr. Guy feels that there is an important need to educate Belizeans about the cures possible found in natural herbs. This, he said, is the only way our country will recognize the importance and begin making a difference.
South America is most advanced when it comes to herbal medicine. Researchers have done a complete survey of their land and have unearthed secrets. Mr. Guy has studied the results made by these researchers and has come up with cures for Colitis, an intestine problem, Hemorrhage, Hepatitis A, B and C, and many other infections. Mr. Guy continues to cure patients that come to seek his services. He maintains that a simple headache or stomach problem can be cured with herbs, rather than buying pills and spending money unnecessarily.
Anyone interested in contacting Mr. Guy can do so at Jungle Remedies, Orange St. San Ignacio Cayo, phone # 824-4117, email address or visited at his website,

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Death rate from cancer in Belize??

Damned Statistics!

Survival rate for CANCER in Belize.

Death by cancer 70%
Without treatment death rate is 64% 

Ran across this on a USA website. Thought it was interesting!

Belize drones you can make and export from Belize

Drones you can make and export from Belize as a manufacturing business.

This model was used in the Libya revolution, to spy on artillery by Ghadaffi's men.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


2:10pm Oct 25
"On two separate and distinct occasions earlier this year, I had cause to have land titles transferred into my name. They are unrelated, but the process for both began in June of this year. To date, four months later, I do not yet have a deed in my hand because the deeds are still "at the land's department." These are reputable dealings with above-board principals. So, my question is, what's going on at the Land's Department? How can the Land's Department delay the registration of a deed so long without repercussions? They are denying me a profit by disabling me from re-selling my property. Why is land transfer in Belize such a painful and slow process? Surely, it hasn't helped to reduce fraud, so that excuse won't work."

Long list of complaints from victims of the Lands Department, cannot either find their files and deeds, and waiting too long.  
  The Lands Department used to come under Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister, politician.   A recent scandal in which he was using ALL THE CLERICAL resources of the small LANDS DEPARTMENT, to transfer lands to his family and friends, at far below market values was on television.  Criminal apparently he is; according to television, NOTHING apparently has changed in the UDP CABINET?
  Another point, is that the Lands Department has moved to a new location, someplace near Embassy row.  In the move, presumably they lost a lot of documents and files?
  Harmonyville, were on Television this morning, castigating the UDP government for taking too long and losing their land title files. Screaming, yelling and crying, hinting at violence.
  What the actual problem is:  I don't know?  I was laughing this morning when the HARMONYVILLE people were yelling and screaming about the Lands Department. When they said their documents were lost by the LANDS DEPARTMENT.  Three year service for me, is my normal experience in transfering titles.  By the LANDS DEPARTMENT.
But yes, the PRIVATE SECTOR CANNOT FLOURISH, unable to rapidly transfer deeds.



  When you get cancer you get desperate!  Thats when the medical establishment gets you.

  Yesterday we picked up a $50 bottle of  Jungle Remedies Cancer cure. From Harry Guy, off the Bullet Tree road.  Made of Sour Sop tree leaves and bark.  Something called CATSLEW and possibly a few other things.  Man o' man, does that STUFF taste TERRIBLE!  As a young boy, when medicine tasted bad, my mother would tell me, that is a sure sign of it working good.  Yikes!  This Jungle Remedies stuff, is really bitter!

  Then my granddaughter in London, Canada, tells me of the CARROT cure.  Apparently you have to eat RAW, ( you juice them ) 5 lbs of carrots a day.  You can include BEETS.  Back to the market today I guess and buy some stock!

  Darn! The end of delicious food.  Got to be raw vegetables like this for 3 months. Something about detoxifying the body.  I think this morning I will splurge and try to finish up my white French Bread role, with butter and MARMITE. ( bad for me, but oh, so delicious. ) Then by lunch time, will go on the carrot and beet diet.  Man o man!  I'm not sure life is going to be worth living now? There are beets in the market.  Will try to stock up, before they stop importing them again. Carrots are no problem, imported and grown locally all year around.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



  BANDIED ABOUT, IS ANYWHERE BETWEEN A BUDGETED $ 9 MILLION TO $25 MILLION TO BE SPENT BY OUR GOVERNMENT OF UDP, ON THE ICJ MATTER.  An item outside of lawyers, nobody else intelligent, even begins to understand?  Other than follow the money trail, to see who is getting rich off this NONSENSE.  So, the lawyers in the UDP are getting rich off our government tax money, for their retirment nest eggs, by manufacturing a stupid, very risky thing to do?


ICJ debate view from a Belizean who has lived in Guatemala for a long time.


I was in Guatemala City for 7 years doing my bachelor degree and never did I
experienced any hostility for being a Belizean. In fact the Guatemalan
citizenry were very curious to know about Belize and the general sentiment
was that Belize was never theirs and never would be. Besides, the thought
that they already had enough problems at home, to try and create more was
absurd. During the Falklands war they did sided with Argentina, but they
also knew that the war was just a diversion from the economic and social
evil that was plaguing the Argentines at the time. And the Guatemalans know
that their military governments of the past had this issue as a card that
could be used any time. In fact President Shell Laugerud was just about to
use it when the earthquake of 1976 occurred.

The problem, as I see it is that the Belize Claim is well incrusted in their
Constitution and a Constitution is not easy to amend (although Mr. Barrow
did), so they cannot just disregard the issue. President Serrano Elias
tried, but he ended in exile accused of corruption.

Perhaps the good thing, that is if any good could come from the ICJ, is that
if it rules against Guatemala, then and only then will the Guatemalan
Government have a good reason to amend their constitution.


******  I think anybody in Belize thinking that Guatemala would change the Constitution, IF the ICJ ruling went against them, and take out the CLAIM, is living in CUCKOO LAND.  A NEGATIVE ruling at the ICJ for Guatemala will change NOTHING.  ******** My opinion of what bullies do.

In my opinion, the lawyers in the UDP Cabinet have put our borders at risk with the ICJ for their OWN REASONS.

"Beverley, whilst agreeing wholeheartedly with the thrust of your
comments, allow me to make one correction. The citizens of the
Falkland Islands (many of them British passport holders) were indeed
consulted and it was at their request that Britain came to their
rescue. Both the inhabitants of the Falklands and also the inhabitants
of Gibraltar have for many many years expressed a clear wish to remain
part of the United Kingdom,a fact which has been respected by
successive British governments.

I think Ray has made a very important point by challenging the
importance of agreements made or broken two hundred years ago.  It is
what the present day people want that matters, not some horse trading
over an unbuilt road long long before Belize even existed.
The ICJ vote is a nonsense. Why would we go to court to confirm status
which the United Nations accepted unanimously years ago by two hundred
and forty odd votes to nil with only one against (and no prizes for
guessing who that was)?
As far as I can see the only people who want to go to the ICJ are
lawyers (and again no prizes for guessing why)" 


  +*****  Far as I'm concerned, the ICJ business, is TREASON by the lawers for the UDP in Cabinet.  I only know of TWO?  Dean Barrow and Elrington.  Every other party cabinet minister owes his job and has to toe the line of these two, or lose their extra salaries and perks.  It is a GANG with a Mafia Don, after all.  So what these two want, they get.  Belizeans should be BEWARE about them.  What could be done, I do not know?  

A few points on the ICJ thread:

1) someone please tell Ms Nikki that as at 2004 there were some twenty odd unresolved territorial disputes in the western hemisphere. The figure being used by ranking USA govt cabinet official was 29.

2) UDP, in all fairness, did not invent the ICJ option. In fact, the UDP has bairly been engaged and have had to be dragged along by Assad Showman all along. Some insiders will say he is still dragging Sedi along today.

3) Yes, Bill, to some extent the distraction argument carries some validity. Guatemala does have her share of internal political turmoil much of which has a severe international conjunctivitis effect. I say to some extent because Belize is equally if not more disposed of heading to the ICJ....when sitting at the OAS table (since mid-2000.)

4) The only reason I am concerned about a "ICJ ruling" is that we are looking not so much at a strict ruling by aloof Judges but more a political settlement given how the case is expected to be framed for the judges to consider. What exactly will the judges be asked to rule on? Don't assume you know that. Ask!

5) I will vote and i will vote often by influencing my circle of amigos and conocidos...after I've gotten more relevant information esp as it relates to the point raised in #4 above.

6) Incidentally, the entire process is budgeted at well above $9 million USD. But, at that level, money becomes irrelevant with so many foreign actors sweetening the pot.

That's my 2 sense, with lots of honey.



I don't know where this came from :

" The question has been revealed / leaked on FB.

The citizens of Guatemala and the Facebook denizens are better informed than most Belizeans:

"Do you agree that any legal claim of Guatemala against Belize relating to land and insular territories and to any maritime areas pertaining to these territories should be submitted to the International Court of Justice for final settlement and that it determine finally the boundaries of the respective territories and areas of the Parties?"

Meanwhile the Belize Foreign Minister WIlfred Elrington has gone on record describing the KREMANDALA infiltrated Belize Coalition For Justice opposing the Referendum as "Garbage In Garbage Out".  "

On 24/10/2012 06:50, Hugo Lambrechts wrote:
> If you don't understand anything, look for the dollar, and you will find your answer.
> Who is making money here? "Stupid lawyer crap"? Not so stupid if you think of who is laughing all the way to the bank.
> Also, think of the other legal battles the government is embroiled in.
> On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 3:21 AM, Ray Auxillou <
>> wrote:
>    I think it is plain stupid this ICJ business.  I'm terribly disappointed
>    in the UDP for even considering this nonsense.  From Independence, we are
>    who we are; with recognized borders.  Why would you jepeordize that?  This
>    has got to be the most stupid lawyer crap EVER in the political party.
>    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    **

Citrus Factory highlights prior to Annual General Meeting, promise plenty of FIREWORKS of the shouting type.

CPBL, THE CITRUS FACTORY turns the corner and shows a small profit this year.  They made a profit of $4.7 million.  Whereas the previous two years showed losses of $10 and $11 million.  The company says that they have re-invested $3 million dollars into new product lines.  A new company is Belize Citrus Feed, producing Citropulpa organic feed for livestock.  Valley Manufacturing is producing the local natural juices.
  2011 statistics showed about 5.25 million boxes of fruit and a $10 million profit from 6.7 million boxes of fruit in 2012.  Hurricane Richard had devastated citrus production in 2010.
  Directors for the majority citrus growers ( in number anyway, if not in production ) interim chairman Julian Murillo, CGA CEO Henry Anderson, Denzil Jenkins and Antonio and Rosella Zabaneh.
  Minority shareholders appointed Richard Cozier as director, Sir Allan Fields, Dan Stoute and Dr. Henry Canton ( Banks Holdings )  Canton was fired as a director, by the major shareholder, the small large number of lower fruit producing grouping, but a Supreme Court ruling, threw that out.  There is a war among directors, mostly to do with Jenkins, Chanona and Zabaneh's, in continuous power plays against Canton.  This has caused a lot of turmoil in the factory operations.
  A bone of contention was the ownership of majority shares in a subsidiary company, Hummingbird Citrus, supported by the major financiers of developments in the processing and marketing of citrus products, by Dr. Canton, who answered questions and said, he was trying to bring it into profitability.  Anthony Chanona and ICL representatives said they do not recognize him, as either CEO, or director of CPBL.  This is a moot point, as the financiers of the re-built citrus factory operations, Banks Holdings, are all about profit, not feathering the nests of executives of the smaller producing citrus growers association.  Lot of envy and jealousy at play here.  Logic goes out the window.  In past decades, the Small Growers Citrus Association, has bankrupted and brought the citrus factories of the past, over and over again,  to ruin, including homonguous debts. Since HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER CALLS THE TUNE, Banks Holdings from the Eastern Caribbean rule the roost, through a legal agreement, made when they agreed to put in about a $100 million to re-juvenate the industry and factory, paying off all the Small Citrus Growers Association, accumulated millions of dollars in debts, incurred through bad management.  The smaller producing group, but holding majority dividend earning shares in the factory asked to include Orange Growers Trust to attend and participate in future meetings.  The financier Banks Holdings, said it would have to go to legal counsel, as breaching the articles of the company would be a possibility. Individual citrus producers in the Citrus Growers Association, are forbidden it is said, to give their proxy votes to the other side, for the Annual Board Meeting..
Which if I was a small grower, would make me mad as hell.  Either the small growers do not understand their rights, or apathy rules.  Local PLUS TV, has entered the turmoil with a program, that is intended to muddy the waters called 'Rise and Shine'.  Lots of disinformation and a campaign siding politically with Chanona, Jenkins and Zabaneh's on television, and the small growers are being blitzed with campaign ads of disinformation.  A great advertising stunt by PLUS  TV, the station for circulation.  Most people are not savvy enough to understand the slant to this program news.  In Belize, this is live SOAP OPERA.  Lots of fun!
  The real FIREWORKS between rival shareholders will take place in a few weeks time, at the Annual General Meeting.  TV spots for the media will be at a premium, as live proceedings are likely to broadcast.

Belize Entrepreneur, Lisa Novelo on the island of Caye Caulker, Belize makes idyllic exotic soaps.

Homemade Organic Soaps on Caye Caulker

October 23rd, 2012 Posted in Businesses | No Comments » For the past few months we have been hearing about these homemade soaps that are made from natural ingredients and no preservatives are added.  It leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth and studies show that one of the main issues with most commercial soaps is the Glycerine is removed which is created, to sell as a separate product.  Glycerine is a natural humectant which means it attracts moisture to the skin. There is nothing more irritating that having just finished a shower and the soap you used dried out your skin. Homemade soap will solve that problem.  These organic soaps also have special purposes and can be used for treating acne, dry skin, wrinkles, replenishing the skin, etc.  especially for kids who have the most sensitive skin, organic soaps are the best and safest option.  Also because of the use on non harmful chemicals, they are more environment friendly and it does their part in reducing the burden we are putting on nature.
These soaps can be found right here on Caye Caulker and they are fantastic. Lisa’s Soap Delights by Lisa Novelo.  She has a wide variety of soaps such as Almond Oatmeal, Rosemary and Aloe, Chocolate, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Choco Banana, and many more. There are also scented and non-scented soaps as well.  These can be bought at Village Treasures Boutique located next to Cayeboard Connection and they are $12.00Bze per bar.  She also makes hotel size soap bars and are also great for gifts.
Personally I love them!
Lisa's Soap Delights





Caye Caulker’s Recovery After Hurricane Hattie

October 23rd, 2012 Posted in History | No Comments » Some of us always wondered what happened during or after Hurricane Hattie hit our island in 1961.  Here is an excerpt found in the Belize Archives after the storm.
Caye Caulker’s Recovery After Hattie
Caye Caulker, 20 miles north-east of Belize, near the Barrier Reef, was swept by 15-foot waves.  After the hurricane only two good houses were left out of over 100. Almost 400 people were homeless and nearly completely wiped out with 14 known dead.
There were a few more houses numbering about 8 that were also used as refugee centres during the storm but at best were continually swept by water and badly damaged.
People were in a complete daze for the next two days as their grief and sorrow made hem seemingly incapable of dealing with the situation.  Meanwhile on the second day in Belize a fisherman from the Caye arrived in his small boat where he immediately spread the word among relatives of the terrible bad, bad, bad disaster there.  Upon questioning the man, Mr. Ray Auxillou, an Englishman, residing in Belize, thought it necessary to make a trip out to the Caye and bring back an accurate damage report.  He set out, contacting relatives of the people on the Caye and soon a small party with a 19ft. runabout and salt water drowned motor was found.  A mechanic from Gordo’s worked on the motor feverishly while gasoline was hunted.
During the hurry and bustle of preparation a visit to the controlling authority was paid by Auxillou to notify them of the intention to inspect the needs of the people  at the Caye and the extent of the damage. Controlling authority turned out to be the Governor who seemed pleased and offered any help.
Consequently, a small list of food was obtained from the Marketing Board to be taken out for emergency use.  The food turned out to be too much for the small boat and tow other island sloops were commandeered at the wharf and the food loaded aboard.  The speedboat with Ray Auxillou, Luis Alamina and Ilna Alamina went ahead to organize the reception and distribution of food.
Upon arrival the group were met by Constable Bernard Higinio who was informed by Mr. Ray Auxillou that a state of Emergency was declared on the Caye and that he would work under his authority for the time being on direct verbal orders from the Police Commissioner Bruce Taylor in Belize.  A meeting of the Village Council was held at the J.P’s House (best house remaining).
The distribution and plans for rehabilitation ere discussed and after a little time it was decided to leave things in the hands of the Village Council.  However, by the next morning it was apparent that the shock of disaster and great loss of everyone made things difficult.  The Council were not reliable to adequately control or agree on what to do, people were looting and there was no spirit of cooperation.  The Constable and Mr. Auxillou therefore called a public meeting that morning.  The terrible situation in which the hurricane had left the whole country was described and the situation at the Caye was reviewed.  Mr. Auxillou, speaking as the Governor’s representative, stated he found it necessary to declare “Martial Law” on the Caye, and in a long speech told the people that they could expect hardly any help from outside, but the best could be attempted, with no promises.
He explained how everyone should work together in cooperation with the Village Council who would control all operations answerable to him.
Registration groups were formed immediately to list all people on the Caye by age, name and family.  A list of the destitute was made; a list of immediate requirements was also made.
The paper work took most of the ay.  Another meeting was held that night and “volunteer” conscription was organized with the motto “no work, no food”.
Gangs were assigned to the emergency projects in order of priority.  There were the gathering and repairing of all water vats, erection of temporary shelters and looking after aid.  Five serious hospital cases were send in by boat to Belize early the next day.
Upon returning to Belize, a report was given to the Governor and a list of emergency requirements requested.  These were authorized immediately and Mr. Auxillou’s authority for representing the Governor’s Emergency Hurricane Headquarters was confirmed verbally.
A tough time, even with the Governor’s written authority was experienced in getting materials, as no respect was shown to the Police guard assigned.  It was eventually found necessary to use two armed soldiers; after this was done things worked out smoothly.
In two day’s time, the Caye had several houses standing and 19 temporary shelters.  Now four weeks later, there are almost 50 complete houses, and work has stopped only because materials are lacking.  At least 50 houses were swept completely away to sea.  After ten days Mr. Auxillou passed the authority over to the Constable through the Governor, still leaving the Village Council in actual charge of operations, as the emergency crisis was deemed over and all operations were now working fairly smoothly.  The situation broke down slightly a few days later for a short time but went back to normal again with the Village Council now working in complete charge.
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  I was trying to seperate imagination from Facts.  There was an interesting bit, about a $22 million dollar loss, and a $3.5 million dollar loan to a citrus company of some kind.  I must have tuned in too late, to get the nitty gritty conspiracy theories on that?  I kept looking to connect the dots but failed to do so.

  Much continued to be made about the minority shareholders, controlling the citrus factory company.  I didn't get that?  ALL PUBLIC COMPANIES  of any size, are controlled by about 15% of the shareholders.  When you have proxy voters in a public company, and small citrus growers can give their proxy rights to vote for them.  Once you get control of the Board one time, it is easier to keep control, by controlling the proxy votes, or other strategms.  For example:  Ford, Chrysler, GM, Nestle, Intel, IBM, some very rich food biscuit and candy companies; a bunch of public companies are controlled by minority stockholders. Thousands of them. In the case of the citrus factory, the company is controlled by 47% of the shares. A relative gargantuan amount of shareholders. Where do you think the public companies get to pay bonuses, to the executives, interest free loans,  buy Lear jets with company money and all those business trips to vacation spots.  Best trick ever, is getting control, as a minority shareholder of a publicly held company.  Rise and Shine crew have a lot to learn about business.  The difference between a privately held company and one that is publicly owned. 


Score another victory for COLLOIDAL SILVER.

 My brother in law, has been complaining of an eye infection for past two weeks.  He saw a doctor, tried different things from the drugstore.  This morning at breakfast, he said he borrowed my bottle of colloidal silver last night and took a milliliter.  An eye dropper dose.  This morning he says, the infection is GONE!

  THE FORMAL MEDICAL PRACTICE DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS!  Look the stuff up on the internet.
 ****** WHOOPS!  I stand corrected.  Said he only used two drops from the eyedropper, top of the bottle, around the eye itself.  He has thrown away his drugstore, antibiotic conjuctivise treatment.

  Available at health food stores, or natural medicine stores.  In Belize, at Spanish Lookout health food store.

TWIN TOWNS by-pass bridge gets $58 million for the job.

THE NEW BY-PASS BRIDGE IN THE TWIN TOWNS, HAS HAD SOME PRELIMINARY WORK DONE ON THE APPROACHES.  CISCO, our local constructrion giant, of Southern Highway fame, got the contract.  This week, it was announced the contract is to be for $58 million bz, which will include the bridge and approaches. Expected to finish in three years.

BELIZE - AUDREY MATURA SHEPHERD, a Belize role model and heroine.

   Audry Matura Shepherd writes a poignant story, of the challenges she faced in getting an education past primary school in Belize.  Back then, there were no civil servants had even a Bachelors Degree.  The most available, were people with High School Degrees.  It was a very moving story, of a time I remember. The culture of old British Honduras, and then Self Government was certainly against girls getting higher education.  Even today, there are fewer than 8000 students out of 330,000 people who are getting tertiary education in Belize. Times are changing though.  Even in Canada, it was not until the 1960's in Ontario, Canada, when teachers of HIGH SCHOOLS had to get their Bacherlor's Degree in a few years, or lose their teaching jobs.
  Audry tells of how resistant her domineering father was, to her going past primary school.  The attitude then, was girls should get married young and rely on their husbands to support them, in Belize.  Contrast that to Malala, the Pakistani girl, shot in the head by TALIBAN KILL CRAZY ASSASSINS in Pakistan.  Her father ran a girls school, but since she has been shot, he has been forced by the KILL CRAZY TALIBAN criminals to close down the school and is likely to have his whole family killed by assassination anarchists murderous killing squads, under the direction of a preacher, a Mullah, they call these vicious thugs.
  Audry tells of how she was forced to leave home, and live with an Aunt to go to High School.  The school provided her with WORK SCHOLARSHIPS.  My own daughters did the same for work scholarships.  The financial cost of High School, was way beyond that financial capability, of a fisherman, living on an island subsistance lifestyle.
  Audry went on to get a LAW Degree, I believe?  She is an activist for a better government system and a better democracy and Belize the nation.  Someone, WE ALL are very proud of, in her generation.  Her story in the AMANDALA was a very moving and uplifting story, of a human girl determination, to go her own way and get an education.  Unfortunately, I could not find the article online, for the Amandala website, or I would have put it on my BLOG.  It can be found in the Amandala newspaper, page 38, Oct. 21st., 2012.
  The world is changing and technology is changing it also.  Nowadays, it is the academics, girls included, who are having to get these hundreds of new degrees in newer fields, as we move ahead into the 21 st century.  The gap between boys is widening.  As males tend to be more physical orientated, while girls look to academic educational specialties to find income in the work place, as well as being a home mother for her children.  It is true, that the Mennonites, have shown us a religious culture that only goes to primary school level, can introduce development, risk capital, innovation, and the teach yourself attitude, in almost any type of agriculture or manufacturing specialty. Their females though face the same problem Audry had, when she was a young girl.  Times are changing, cultures change, and hopefully all the restrictions placed on a division of the sexes will shrink, as religion is shoved out of education domination in Belize. The new century is demanding it.

   It is not education so much!  The Taliban are SLAVERS from feudal times.  They still hold their females as slaves.  They even kidnap girls to be slaves.  The Northern part of Pakistan is a SLAVE territory.

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  ACQUAPONICS  in the news! Albeit, in a sneaky round about way.  In the Reporter newspaper over the weekend, was an ADVERTISEMENT to buy a Japanese brand, pickup truck, 2012.  Had to have all the gadgets and gillhickies, radio, CD player and all those frills.  This 4 cylinder pickup, was to be for a NEW AQUAPONICS program, done by TAIWAN it looks like?  For the government of Belize.  There are no further details.  Maybe they haven't been thought out yet?
  I got two four cylinder, Japanese made pickup trucks.  Working great.  Well satisfied with them. They are 17 years old, and I find them easy to maintain, as the parts are available over the border in Melchor de Menchos. The parts dealer there, simply orders them from Guatemala City if he doesn't carry them and they arrive in 3 days, by bus cargo.  Now I have two such pickup trucks.  Working great.  I could save this AQUAPONICS  PROGRAM a lot of money and sell them one of mine.  $15,000 Bz would do it.  Have no idea of the cost of a brand new Japanese, 4 cylinder pickup truck though?  Joking aside, no government program, paid with tax dollars, even if it is Taiwanese taxpayers, is going to buy anything, other than NEW.
  Now Central Farm needs a demonstration AQUAPONICS FACILITY, so does the AGRICULTURE COLLEGE, though in the case of the Agriculture College, I doubt they would have full time staff, 24 x 7, to run and keep running, an AQUAPONICS facility.  Maybe on paper, but certainly not in practice.  It is an encouraging bit of extrapolated news though, all the same and a step in the right direction.

Sunday, September 2, 2012




Monday, July 2, 2012



  The tv show never mentioned intelligibly, where this acquaponics operation was?  Some place called BANK?  Maybe Willows Bank, or Lords Bank village?  But a guy and his wife, ( Jones ) did a fantastic job of constructing a TILAPIA fish pond operation in plastic tanks in his backyard.  The secret to production was supplying air bubbles to oxygenate the water.  After four years development, starting with $50 Bz and six fish fingerlings, the guy is now producing 250 lbs of fish fillet per month, at a cost of $4 bz per pound, wholesale, from his small house lot.
  To improve things, he is using his nitrogen rich fish tank water, to fertilize a hydroponic lettuce operation and offering bagged FRESH LETTUCE weekly to restaurants and hotels, using lettuce roots dangling from a float board, into the circulating fish tank waste water.  ( EXTRA $300 PER WEEK ) By then he filters the water and recirculates it, so his water cost is minimal.  The only question I had was; WHAT ABOUT ELECTRICITY RELIABILITY.  Would like to see this.  He combined hydroponics and a fish farm into a combined AQUAPONICS operation, feedback self supporting.  WONDERFUL JOB.



ITVET local Belize Community Colleges rumored to be starting SOLAR PANEL MANUFACTURING CERTIFICATION COURSE

Enroll in a training, certification or licensure program and, if you have employees, require them to do so as well. Many of those in the solar-power manufacturing industry have a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering and a professional-engineering license, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many also seek advanced-engineering degrees or credentials specific to generating solar energy, such as certification as a solar installer, builder and technician or a technical-sales expert. Many community and technical colleges offer certification and associate-degree programs for solar manufacturing and service jobs, according to the BLS, though independent-certification agencies such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners offer independent solar-energy certification and training programs.

  Hmmn!  Solar panel manufacturing in Belize for entrepreneurs, can maybe get the knowledge and certifications from the local Community College in their districts?  Who knows?  Maybe?  Lot of bureaucratic hype lately about starting small light manufacturing business, from red tape short cuts, training programs, grants and other assistance.  Wonder if any of it is actually true?  Any case studies I can print?

Saturday, October 20, 2012


SO!  When will the Jatropha tree growers, sell 5 lb bags of leaves, in the Macal River market, for dietary supplements and make our population more healthy? 
Can't find any Jatropha leaves anywhere?  I can buy Guatemalan SORREL leaves, which are Red Hibiscus flowers, locally called Jamaican Rose, here and in Mexico.  It is not a big local market, but perhaps with the Gautemalan market, could be a nice enterpreneuring business for some young person, as a packaging distributor?


  RISE AND SHINE TV program sometimes comes up with a good subject. The last good one, was the ACQUAPONICS program, covering a village tilapia and vegetable growing combination in the back yard of a house.  Since then, the program has gone down hill.  Mostly to do with religious pap, yapping like Mullahs in Pakistan, though their version at RISE AND SHINE TV,  has something to do with nonsense ( forget the cult they espouse ), a Bible version.
  Friday was way off the wall.  A bunch of crap about the Citrus Growers Association and the Juice producing factory, controlled by minority shareholders, BANKS from the Eastern Caribbean.  How they got confused I don't know?  They probably were brainwashed by the CEO of the Citrus Growers Association, infamous for his nonsense and personal agenda.

  The whole program, or at least the bits I looked and listened too, were so nonsensical idiot gibberish, I tuned out periodically and watched other things.

  At any rate, the two program hosts, couldn't understand the setup of the juice factory.  Why, I have no idea?  It is perfectly plain to me.  They made a big deal about majority shareholders being ruled by the minority shareholders from the Eastern Caribbean.  Their understanding, left much to be desired and they apparently were willing to spout all kinds of theories, AS FACTS.  Total nonsense.

  Back when BANKS came onto the old citrus factory scenario.  The Citrus Growers Association, had a MONOPOLY by law.  Other growers finally had to go to court and run through a couple of years, of court cases, to get freedom in their ASSOCIATIONS, to form other companies collecting, buying and selling citrus products. They broke the existing MONOPOLY LAW.  The old situation had produced a factory, and this cycle had been so mis-managed over the decades, that the FACTORY of that day, was run so badly in debt, in the tens of millions of dollars, it was on the verge of RECEIVERSHIP, BANKRUPTCY and being sold off for parts, or just the real estate of the factory, at auction.  The Citrus Growers Association had so greedily run the factory, and it happened not once, but several cycles of times, through the decades, that they sucked the money out of the juice factory, for the benefit of the small growers to spend, and never kept up the plant.  BANKS and banks is not a bank, but some sort of citrus juice company in the Eastern Caribbean.  Forget their name now, saw an opportunity to get the benefits of the citrus crop in Belize, which was on the verge of totally collapsing, through mis-management.  They reasoned quite rightly, that they could keep the small and large citrus growers orchards, producing and make a profit, if they could build them a new factory, with modern sales processing lines. The attraction was to acquire the citrus crop product, an existing viable situation, if it could be re-organized.  The problem was the huge debts.  I forget the amount, it was about $64 million or something, either in USA or Bz currency?  Not sure about that.
  At any rate, BANKS came in and offered to buy shares IN THE FACTORY, alone.  Mind you, this was by then, a useless piece of rusted galvanized steel sheeting mostly.  The trouble was, the CITRUS MONOPLY LEGISLATION, the Citrus Growers Association had, through political interference during elections, ( anything for the vote ) led by traditional bad managers, who were only really interested in feathering their own nests at the expense of the citrus industry, owned all the shares for the real estate and plant.    

BANKS offered to pay off the loans that were being called in. For shares and invest more money in modernizing the factory. I don't remember the exact amount, but it was close to, or over a $100 million dollars, for what was a defunct operation, going to be sold at auction.  It puzzled me for a while, why they didn't just wait for the auction.  Later it became clear, that they were trying to stay friends with the Citrus Growers Association, as they had a market, as a distributor, in the Eastern Caribbean, for the whole citrus crop as juices.  During the negotiations, it became clear the Citrus Growers Association, then a MONOPOLY BY LEGISLATION were reluctant to surrender majority shares in the factory.  The stupid greedy leadership people, would rather see the citrus industry in Belize COLLAPSE, than lose control.  So, as I understand it; BANKS agreed to take a MINORITY SHAREHOLDING in the factory, but clearly their major desire, was to guarantee the source of the crop in Belize, which they would distribute.  So, an AGREEMENT was reached, whereby the Citrus Growers Association owned MAJORITY SHARES.  The special agreement, gave BANKS the right to control the FACTORY, provided they let the Board of Directors collapse, controlled by the CITRUS GROWERS ASSOCIATION majority share.  Otherwise their $100 million, whatever, would be money flushed down the toilet. By controlling the FACTORY itself, they were able; to not only pay off all the bad debts of the Citrus Growers Association, but control building new additional factory space, to implement new juice lines, processing, and go for more modern packaged markets, particularly in the Eastern Caribbean, where they were a big distributor. Since then, and since the MONOPOLY BY LEGISLATION for political purposes has been broken, a segment of the larger citrus growers have broken away from the smaller growers old association, which was once dominant and now no longer is. They have formed another company to sell their citrus, and some they do independently and some goes still to the FACTORY, dependent solely by the market place price.  The profit motive is back and the citrus industry has recovered.  Because of BANKS AGREEMENT.  The two groups share the dividends from the factory fairly by share holdings, but FACTORY OPERATING control remains with the INVESTOR.  The trouble is; there is only ONE FACTORY for processing.  By rights, the Small Growers Citrus Association, need to form into a COOPERATIVE, rather than an ASSOCIATION, and start the business of building their own FACTORYseperately, or making contract deals to jointly market their product with this remodeled, debt free, and better managed and run new FACTORY.

  Now RISE and SHINE TV were obviously led astray, when they visited the factory by the CEO and leadership of the Citrus Association?  In previous decades, the cycle had been for Association Growers, to bleed and suck the cash flows out of the citrus factory and pay high salaries and expenses, to their executive, etc.  Eventually, leaving the factory in a mountain of debts, over and over again.

  The deal was; majority shareholders get DIVIDENDS, the MINORITY SHAREHOLDERS get less dividends.  The AGREEMENT contract in the deal, makes sure the Citrus Growers do not interfere with the FACTORY as a profit making company. BANKS gets the product to distribute. What they lose in DIVIDENDS to the Citrus Association, they recoup by markup, as a DISTRIBUTOR in the Eastern Caribbean.  I'm sure they had their accountants closely figure out, how to protect their $100 million investment, and give a return with a profit.  That is as it should be!  The FACTORY is now a FOR PROFIT modern operation and no longer a personal PIGGY BANK for the leadership of the Citrus Growers Association of past times.  Most big producers have already moved into a newer producing company, to get away from the GREED and BAD MANAGEMENT of the old politically created, once legislated bad monopoly, Citrus Association.

  That is the way I see it now!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Belize and Japanese secrets of blue water ocean fishing.

The secret of deep blue water ocean fishing.  The Japanese have a secret book, in which they give the depths different fish species favor like to live and cruise.  I've noticed it when I used to deep water snapper fish.  Outside the reef. Depending on whether you want black snapper, grey snapper, red snapper, you let your reel line out, weighted and stop it descending on the outside of the reefs, by a marked red tag on the line.  That is the depth and you will catch the kind of fish you especially want. Each fish specie likes a certain gradient of pressure and that is their territory.  Once you know that, fishing is much easier, especially if you are long lining for TUNA.  Even tuna have gradients they prefer depending on the type.

Caye Caulker early morning experience.

Early morning greets the early birds who watched the sun come up over the Great Barrier Reef in Belize.
Sailwinds condo's on the beach.  The red building on the left, is FRENCHIES SCUBA DIVING.  For Blue Hole trips, certification training classes and other shorter trips.