Sunday, October 31, 2010



It took Indira Craig, a Channel 7 news reporter to shake up the bureaucracies. On day four while reporting on those effected by Hurricane Richard, her compassion and heart made her abandon temporarily her job. Reporters in the media are supposed to report the NEWS, but not participate or get involved. A good news reporter does not become the story. The port town of Belize City was lucky, she defied this standard of news reporting and it was her town. Indira organized on DAY 4 - THURSDAY and started serving meals and by the time she and some friends got going, they had food for the hungry and homeless in time for lunch. Over 800 were served in the small area of the disaster area in which she set up shop.
As in all emergencies and disasters, it takes some hero, or heroine, to stop talking and become a person of ACTION. After that, things quickly get organized and snowball. Embarrassed by Indira and the news videos, by the next day the bureaucrats got their own delivery services on the road.
In any disaster it takes one person, to just start doing things, that should be done. The unsung hero´s and heroines act like a magnet and suddenly the FOLLOWERS start following, the private sector start donating, because somebody is doing something positive and seems to have it organized. The real success story coming out of Hurricane Richard and the port town debacle, was INDIRA CRAIG and her friends who started a food kitchen for a long waiting line of desperate desolate people. Indira made a lot of people in the other districts of Belize PROUD and had tears in their eyes, as they watched the tv news video clips.

Indira for Prime Minister maybe? ( grin! ) Or PRESIDENT of the new REPUBLIC OF BELIZE.

contributed comment -- It took Indira Craig 4 hours to do what the Government, Nemo, Belize City Council, Belize Red Cross, the SALVATION ARMY, the YWCA couldn´t do in 4 days.

BELIZE POST HURRICANE RICHARD day -5, relief efforts get into full swing.


On Saturday day 5 post Hurricane Richard disaster emergency. The Government, City Council, Nemo, Red Cross distribution systems were out of their malaise and doing real relief supply distribution to the needy. Local television covered the delivery of food, water and 2 inch Mexican foam mattresses. The distribution from here on is expected to be fairly uniform and those who lost houses will probably get some kind of pre-fab housing shelter if they have house lots, or materials for repairs for damaged structures. They should by rights have their own insurance, but most of them were in an olden beach front area, which while prime property, had been bought a hundred or more years ago and passed down through the families. Since that beginning today´s residents were not in good financial shape and probably did not have insurance for the most part.
The Belize Government institutions have been effective in past disasters, so there is no reason to doubt success in rehabilitating all those effected by Hurricane Richard. If there was a complaint, it was in the days of delay to those in real distress.

Saturday, October 30, 2010



The internet gossip science forums are quoting a lot of video conferences going on between JPL and Nasa scientists to do with the SUN and our Solar system. We are seeing huge filaments coming out of the sun. Reasons unknown. Forecasts amateurish in scope, by these reputable scientists are predicting a major change in our solar system.

Foolish people! Sitting here in remote jungle clad Belize I can tell them what is happening! ( grin ) The solar system is passing through the plane of the elliptic on a round trip circle of about 50,000 years roughly. Of those years 35,000 of them will be spent in the next ICE AGE. As we emerge from the gravitational forces of the plane of the galactic eliptic, the next ICE AGE will start. My guess is about 450 years from now, or sooner. Or probably less! The industrial countries of the Northern Hemisphere are not ready for what will happen and we will lose our cities and industrial knowledge unless they bury sample of our libraries and technology inside caves in Belize and Colombia. Our population will go from billions to millions and we will go back to hunter-gatherer life styles. The only way to leave technical knowledge and a record is carved in stone, to pass through the long dark night.
The solar system circles the star system Virgio, which in turn circles the center of the galaxy. Right now we have the strongest concentration of magnetic and black matter energies effecting our solar system. What that is doing to our sun I don´t know? But what the sun is going to do to the EARTH is part of the long term gelogical record going back 4 billion years.

Wannabe Belize Chocolate Makers still have not got their act together?


Last week I was in CHEN CHEN SUPERMARKET found on the Western Highway running through Santa Elena Town. Yesterday I went back into the store to do a count of the chocolate types they carry. In the front of the store they have a double glass door cooler for storing chocolate candies and chocolate bars. I counted 21 distinct different brands of chocolates. All of them imported from foreign countries. There was not a single chocolate bar, or candy in that cooler of chocolates at this supermarket from any producer of chocolate bars and candies within the country of Belize.



There is a good two page article in the BLACK AMANDALA newspaper of the port Belize City, Belize. Written by Dr. Theodore Aranda.
The article re-constructs the archeological history of the black African voyages to Central America and what is now Mexico.
In 1311 our calendar, the King of Mande ( Mandinga) Mali, Abubakari 11, dispatched 200 master boats accompanied by 200 supply boats loaded with items for trade and food on an expedition to the Americas. Abubakari the King of then MALI sent a second expedition with 1000 trade boats and 1000 supply boats to the Americas. There had been known trade between the Americas and Africa for thousands of years. Even Egyptian mummies of 5000 years ago have had COCA from the ANDES found in their mummies hair follicles, by forensic science.
Archeological relics abound in the Americas of these African trading voyages. The OLMEC stone head carvings are but one archeological relic found still today. As recent as last year, you could still see, the African influence in lips and noses among the Mayan Pacific coast tribes of Guatemala. Scientific research goes back with African trade with the Americas as far back as 30,000 BC. The Chinese have left their unique anchors 3000 years ago off the coast of what is now California. We know Portugese fishermen were fishing COD on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland and the St. Lawrence river, centuries before Columbus made his famous voyage in recent centuries.
The countries of Africa involved in the Americas trade were Mali, Niger, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea. These countries had EMPIRES back around 400 AD. Egyptian religions and the Book of the DEAD , go back to 17,000 BC but share common religious rites to do with a ONE GOD concept.



In an effort to equalize the distribution of government funds going to pay teacher salaries in all the religious private schools, a new policy by the Ministry of Education is to be implemented on the distribution of teacher funding, for ALL schools throughout the nation of Belize. The new policy is INNOVATIVE and an attempt to answer criticisms on teacher distribution and teacher quality, to schools throughout the nation of Belize. Currently the best religious organized schools with political connections got the best teachers who were more academically qualified with diplomas and such at higher salaries. This has resulted in an unfair concentration of the best teachers and the most teachers in just a few academic institutions. The Government itself has few schools of it´s own and uses the private and religious school system, to encourage the spread of education. About 11,000 children have no school at all in the small country of Belize. How the new policy will work out, it will take about three years to see. On the other hand, the new policy is an honest and fair attempt to right some wrongs in the teacher distribution system throughout the country. For that the Minister of Education gets 2 points on the report card for his UDP Government PARTY.



OFFER TO BUY BTL SHARES BEING OFFERED BY GOVERNMENT. VALID ONLY FOR MONDAY, Nov. 1st.,2010 between 7:30 a.m. local Belize time and 2 p.m. ( North American stock market opening and closing times locally.) Bid 10,000 shares @.75 cents. Government ASK price IS $5 per share, for 22 million shares thereabouts.

These are ONE DAY ONLY offering bids and must be consummated by telephone by BTL, or any private seller of BTL shares.. Business hours are 7:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday. Telephone: OFFICE 660 – 6865 HOME 663 5580

Payment and transfer of shares of BTL will be consummated at the BTL office in San Ignacio, Cayo District. All bids are GENUINE, backed by real money.

BID 10,000 SHARES @ .75 CENTS -------- GOVERNMENT ASK $5 - 22 million plus shares ( limited time government offering to Belizean public ending Dec. 31st,2010 )



Dear Friends:

Many of the poorest people in Belize City who can least afford it had their lives totally disrupted by Hurricane Richard. Today, almost a week after Hurricane Richard passed over Belize, there are still many destitute people with nowhere to live, nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep, nothing to wear, nothing to drink ... NOTHING, PERIOD! The worst victims of the hurricane are the children. Yes, children today are sleeping outside in makeshift tents placed on ground cover of mud. In a KREM TV special they filmed after the storm, they recorded the pleas for assistance of some of the hardest hit victims. Friends, this situation could at any time happen to any of us our loved ones. It is truly horrifying to those affected by the storm, but more so to the many innocent children who have to suffer. Attached below is the video filmed by KREM TV entitled "What do you need right now?" Please take a moment to look at it.

Unfortunately, the official disaster response has been less than stellar. To pick up the slack where the government has failed, a private initiative spearheaded by Indira Craig, television newscaster from Channel 7 news, has set up camp in the area and is serving hot meals to the affected residents. Most of these people have NOTHING, not a stove to cook on or a small space to store supplies or groceries. They are in desperate need of assistance. For most of them, their entire survival depends on the availability of the meal that Indira and her wonderful group of volunteers are serving them. I will stress again that this is a private initiative, hence no government funding. It is all coming together as a result of private donations.

There is no telling how long it will be before the situation of these victims improves, and the situation is truly heartbreaking and sad. To that end, I have set up a connection with Glenn Tilllett, a trusted talk show host at Positive Vibes radio. Indira and her crew are always on site serving meals, and she has no time to be running sundry errands. To that end, Glenn Tillett has agreed to pick up donations on behalf of Indira's group. Friends, let us give generously to this endeavor. I will state again, at any time, this could be our situation. How would YOU like to be treated?

Please donate generously to the relief cause. I have made a quick check with Western Union (the fastest way we can deduce to make our donations count RIGHT AWAY) and they charge $15 to WU up to $100, $22 to WU up to $200, and $39 to WU up to $400. So, if several of you each have $20 that you would like to donate, for example, pool the sum of money together into one wire transfer and pay only ONE $15 fee for the entire lot (versus $15 for each $20 transfer).

In any case, Glenn Tillett has generously volunteered his time to pick up any donations from WU and to transport them over to Indira Craig and her group. In order for him to be able to do this, you would have to WU the money in his name (GLENN TILLETT, 1607 MANTA RAY DRIVE, LADYVILLE, BELIZE DISTRICT, BELIZE, CENTRAL AMERICA). Again, this is just the FASTEST way to get donation money to the cause. Glenn will pick up the money, hand it to Indira, and Indira will later confirm the donation once she is able. This is for transparency. Glenn's email is His phone number is 605-6618. Please text him your name (senders name) and the MTCN number once you send a donation so he knows what to expect, OR you can send him an email with the information. Friends, no matter how small big or small the amount, please send something. These are our Belizean brothers and sisters that are suffering.


Wendy Auxillou

OCT 27th 2 cent cam Richard in Yabra disaster

Friday, October 29, 2010






The NEW SCORE for APPROVAL RATING for the UDP Government is now 47%. The score card was deducted 10 points for a poor response by NEMO to the residents of the Port of Belize City down on the central coast to the effects of the storm surge and Category winds of Hurricane Richard. While the port was not hit dead center, it did experience the northern quadrant winds, and about a 100 houses made of wood, and some were in dilapidated shape to begin with, were destroyed or damaged. Surge flood waters damaged ground floors and contents of cement buildings.
There was no lack of equipment, tools, or materials, or even money to assist in the hurricane relief effort. The whole excercise got bogged down in politics, bureaucracy and lack of leadership. By DAY 4, the relief effort had been taken over by private quickly organized city resident groups, with soup kitchens and supplies. While NEMO sat on relief supplies, or corruptly distributed them to favorites, it is claimed. The hard core group of devastated families, believe to be slightly more than a hundred, never saw even an emergency bottle of water for four days. Any relief efforts are being accomplished through the private sector individual groups of good hearted port town residents.



( copied from the Belize Culture List Serve debating forum )

As a lawyer, straight up - not as a citizen of Belize (which I am), not as a resident of Placencia Village, not any of that.

As a lawyer. If I have a client who is worth 40 times what your entire country is worth, I really don't care if what kind of contract you "negotiate."

My client will read and interpret that contract any way it wants to.

Because what are you going to do about it.

I can drag you through the courts for 50 years - appeal after appeal after appeal, I can delay, add new causes of action, object to everything thing you say on thousands of grounds.

By the time we get through, the tour guides of Placencai today will be great, great grandparents.

In the meantime, I'll do whatever the heck I want.

Don't believe me? Look at what's happened in Belize City.

The law said 3500 passengers a day. Cruise ships didn't like that.

So they brought as many people as they wanted. So,the Belize government changed the law to 8000.

So, what.

Now, there are 20,000 cruise ship passengers in Belize City any time they want to bring them.

Why? Because the government of Belize can't or won't stop them. And the Placencia Tour Guide Associate is going to? As if.

So, please. Before anyone agrees to any "terms" of a contract with a cruise ship company. Just remember. What are you going to do if they don't hold up their end of the bargain?

You're going to just sit there and take it - just as they know you will. Because they know you can't afford hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Especially since PM Barrow seems bound and determined to do away with an independent judiciary. Basically, what the national government and what the cruise lines want is what you'll get if you decide to play with them.

As I said. Straight up. From a lawyer. Consult your own if you don't believe me.



By Thursday DAY 4 after Hurricane Richard whomped Belize City the port with a tidal surge and hurricane winds for 3 hours, the situation was absolutely chaos from those charged and responsible for attacking the Hurricance disaster effort. The BUREAUCRATS mired themselves in red tape and were accused of giving family and friends from the donations pouring in to assist those in need.
NEMO our National Emergency Organization said they handed over from Central Government NEMO, to the Belize City Council the responsibility of looking after their residents at their request.
One City Councillor on TV said on the second day, in dispair, that the job was too big for the Belize City Council.
Not a word from NEMO though.
The Belize RED CROSS did a survey completed by Day 3 and said about 100 homes were destroyed or damaged and this would at 5 persons per family, be a core disaster relief effort of 500 persons. None of these core persons and families interviewed by late DAY 3, early DAY 4 had yet received a bottle of water, or some food, or any other assistance. They did say some bureaucratic groups had passed through, making surveys.
By DAY 4, the effects of sleeping in the outdoors, without food and water, made the situation dangerous, as children were drinking from mud puddles. CHOLERA was a distinct possibility. On DAY 4, by the afternoon, PRIVATE SAMARATIN - AD HOC independent groups started getting organized and doing the job of the Belize City Council and NEMO. Food kitchens were started. Stores and bakeries were donating bread to the private volunteer groups, a butane gas company was giving out free refills for butane tanks, so those without homes could cook by Friday, Day 5. The individual scattered GOOD SAMARATIN groups said they would fill in the GAP until the bureaucrats got their ACT TOGETHER and started responding.
Belize City Council and the UDP GOVERNMENT run NEMO can only hang their heads in SHAME! All those organizational seminars, went for nothing, lacking anybody responsible enough to give orders, take charge and start delivering needed water and food to those in need. ACTION should have been the order of the day on DAY 1, MONDAY, the surveys coming later. The NATIONAL POPULATION outside of the port in the 6 districts, can only feel sorrow and SHAME at the response efforts of our bureaucrats. It is and continues to be a NATIONAL DISGRACE!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



The driving force behind the Mexican Hurricane relief supplies, which involved cots, food and mattresses came to a value of a $100,000 in the Mexican truck convoy arranged by the Governor of Quintana Roo.
The driving force were the two border town Mayors. On the Mexican side, Maya Jorge Valencia, of the town of Chetumal, and on the Belize side was our Mayor of our border town, Corozal, Mr. Hilberto Campos. The two Mayors are friends as well. The amazing thing, was the progression from start to finish, from an idea, to the actual Mexican disaster relief delivery in less than 30 hours.
While the relief assistance undoubtedly shocked Government officials in Belmopan, the Belize National Emergency Management Organization and the port town Belize City Council. On the ground, Belizeans were dumbfounded. It isn´t that we don´t appreciate this gift of very prompt disaster relief, it was because they thought of us as neighbors, as brothers in need during a Hurricane disaster. Not only do they declare they are our friends and neighbors and desired to help us, but that sentiment and the size and speed of the disaster relief just overwhelmed people. The generosity of the Mexicans of Quintana Roo is just too much to absorb. There were widespread tears in people´s eyes, when talking about it. It wasn´t the gift that aroused emotion, but the HEART behind the delivery.



The government of Belize is offering ( tongue in cheek ) a little over 22 million shares of BTL stock for a fixed period of time, from November 1st to December 31st. Or for a limited period of two months. The price ASKED is $5 a share.
A lot of factors have changed since the NATIONALIZATION of these BTL shares by the PRIME MINISTER/FINANCE MINISTER/PARTY LEADER, Dean Barrow. There is no longer a government subsidy to guarantee any investor in BTL stock a 15% dividend return. In fact, at $ 5 a share as offered and an expected initial return of a net profit of around $15 million a year, and of which 45% of this net profit is promised as a dividend ( can you trust a politicians promise? ) The dividend calculates out to about 2.4% dividend per share. This may rise as the years progress, TRUE. Still this calculation puts the TRUE VALUE of the company shares at PAR which is $1. So these shares are worth give or take, 5 cents, around $1 a share, the original forming of BTL PAR VALUE. There is a discrepancy of $4 between the TRUE VALUE and the ASK price of $5. In the stock trades parlance, we call this $4, the SPREAD. This is what the MARKET MAKER wants to make a profit. This is a huge spread.
So what is the Prime Minister doing?
In essence what the PRIME MINISTER is doing, is taking out any PRICE/ EARNINGS GROWTH before it happens. Roughly 15 to 20 years growth expectations, you could realize if the shares increased in value, due to the success of the company BTL and increase in population, more cell phones and such, and bigger customer base. So if YOU, or I, the buyer pay $5 for these shares, we cannot fairly realize any increase in the value of these shares over the next 15 to 20 years. The only return we could expect for this investment is dividends. Starting at 2.4% dividend, it is still unlikely that you would get a better dividend rate, than a bank C.D. even given 15 years passage and growth in the company. Bank C.D.s are LIQUID. Meaning, in a financial emergency you can cash them in. BTL shares are not tradeable as the political setup exists right now. The shares have no liquidity. BTL has been used in the past and is being used right now as a political football and the guesses go from legal fee generation for politicians with law firms, to bribes, to campaign donations solicitation. If you love conspiracy theories, BTL SHARES and the ownership thereof is ripe for a dozen books over it´s history of political manipulation in Belize.
The only potential for profit is if you experienced a takeover campaign by somebody, like Lord Ashcroft, or Prosser, or some other companies, trying to accumulate sufficient shares to control the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and the company, currently controlled by whichever political party owned BELMOPAN and the parliament for a 5 year term of office.
An investor then is presented with a dilemma. The $5 a share is not attractive as an investment, unless you are naïve and not savvy about such things. Therefore one has to presume the Prime Minister DOES NOT WANT to actually sell any BTL shares to the public, or give any shares to employees of BTL either. The bombast and rhetoric is pure political hype apparently? For political purposes one can see the necessity to actually go through the play acting of trying to sell shares, and if somebody was stupid enough to pay $5 a share, then okay! The icing off the cake will have been subtracted anyway.
As an investment, the $1 par value is a good starting point. There is the problem of legal ownership of these shares and the costs associated with numerous lawsuits now in the courts going to continue. As an investor you would not know the results of these court cases and they are years down the road anyway. So you DISCOUNT the RISK and offer a lower price than the TRUE VALUE of $1 PAR, to factor in the RISK to your investment. The PUP CONVENTION last week is another factor and the history of the PUP has been they will reverse the NATIONALIZATION and return BTL share ownership to Lord Ashcroft companies, in return for legal work and campaign financing. Not counting SECRET AGREEMENTS, government subsidies, tax write-offs of the past historical record. So there is considerable RISK which lowers the price value of BTL shares being offered by Prime Minister BARROW even more. What you discount that risk for, is up to the individual investor. Not only that, the UDP are probably going to accept campaign financing through ASHCROFT shell companies as well, in return for WHAT? Which makes the idea of a bloated $5 a share ASKING price even more dubious, as a real sincere intention to actually sell any BTL shares. We don´t believe it ourselves.
There is the problem of compensation to ASHCROFT for nationalization. The worth of BTL is whatever shares have sold for and that is ALL any court of law will find as TRUE VALUE. Boyce the Ashcroft man, is claiming $600 million worth for BTL and Prime Minister Dean Barrow has said that $300 million is the compensation value. The REAL VALUE is what somebody will pay for those shares and at the current PUBLIC BID prices, at this writing of .80 cents a share, is about $17.6 million and dropping like a rock. As a trader of shares in companies done two or three times a week, I expect the price value of the BIDs for BTL shares to probably bottom out around between .25 cents and .36 cents a share. There is still too much BAD NEWS coming down the road for BTL. The old adage is SELL your shares on BAD NEWS and buy them back when the BAD NEWS is discounted. The political machinations involving BTL are even more complex than that and Machieveli has some great followers in the political parties of Belize.


OFFER TO BUY BTL SHARES BEING OFFERED BY GOVERNMENT. VALID ONLY FOR THURSDAY 28TH., 2010 between 7:30 a.m. local Belize time and 2 p.m. North American stock market opening and closing times. Bid 3000 shares @ .80 cents. Government ASK price IS $5 for 22 million shares thereabouts.

These are ONE DAY ONLY offering bids and must be consummated by telephone by BTL, or any private seller of BTL shares.. Business hours are 7:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday. Telephone: OFFICE 660 – 6865 HOME 663 5580

Payment and transfer of shares of BTL will be consummated at the BTL office in San Ignacio, Cayo District. All bids are GENUINE, backed by real money.

BID 3000 SHARES @ .80 CENTS -------- GOVERNMENT ASK $5 - 22 million plus shares ( limited time government offering to Belizean public ending Dec. 31st,2010 )


Channel 7 TV apologized for being off the air yesterday with their TV coverage. They showed photos of their collapsed transmission tower. Buckled beyond repair. They have shifted to an emergency backup tower to continue broadcasting. Love FM of Channel 5 was the only tv station to continue broadcasting through the Hurricane.

Early reports from Caye Caulker and San Pedro claim the biggest problem they had was with tidal surge and beach erosion. Since these two TOURIST islands are responsible for the core National Tourist Package, and a tourist product without beaches soon loses their tourists; it behooves this UDP government to quickly tender contracts for portable dredging to reclaim the beaches out there. ( About $300,000 needed ) Tourism is responsible for 1/3 rd of the Belize government revenues each year. The beach at least on Caye Caulker is made up of a 24 ft wide beach street and a 66 ft right of way belonging to the government above the high tide mark. Without tourism, government revenues could drop by $300 million a year.

The Belize Coast Guard have picked up two swimmers from Bluefield range on the Great Barrier Reef. The EYE of Hurricane Richard is believed to have gone right over this set of cayes. One swimmer swam 20 miles to Spanish Caye further West and one swimmer is still missing, while the Coast Guard have started searching again this morning.

The net fish farming operation of salt water COBIA raised fish has not yet been heard from on Robinson Point. They are believed to have been fairly close to the worst side of the EYE of Hurricane Richard.

VIDEOS STILL SHOW MUCH OF THE SEASIDE SUBURBS indundated with flood water in the Port of Belize City. Piers for the RADISSON HOTEL was severly damaged, if not destroyed.

Citrus growers got hit with a lot of trees damaged, or blown down and oranges are all over the ground. Attempts are being made to bag them for delivery to the Citrus Factory. This morning on the NEWS the Citrus Growers Association declare a continuation of the WAR with the investors from the Eastern Caribbean who built their Citrus Factory. There is a General Meeting on Friday to come, for this war of words. In the meantime, the CITRUS FACTORY is talking diversification of product, to pineapples, coconut water, passion fruit and other sources of supply to cover the expenses of a factory that has twice the capacity to handle fruit than currently available from the Citrus Growers Association members.

The Jaguar that escaped during the hurricane has now got six traps set out for it. The decision has been reached that it will be put to sleep when caught, as having lost it´s fear of humans, and already killed one man, it is too dangerous to leave running loose.

Elsewhere in the country of Belize, NEMO the National Emergency Management Operation will handle rehabilitation assistance to damaged homeless people.

Donations are pouring into the Belize City Council. Finstein Group donated $50,000 in building supplies, Bank of Nova Scotia donated $50,000 cash. MEXICAN emergency supply convey will be mostly used in Belize City.

The sea water side homes along the beach on South Side of the port has had several rows of houses destroyed. Mostly older wooden homes. The storm surge varied between 4 feet and 10 feet depending on location. Most wooden homes on the shore were broken up and the cement buildings had water inside the first floor for about 4 feet. This has destroyed personal belongings,furniture and appliances. No lives are known to be lost. The storm surge high water penetrated about 1/8th of a mile inland. This has always been PRIME PROPERTY for the views of the sea and the cooling trade winds. Owned and passed down through generations of port families.


GOVERNMENT OF QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO to the North of Belize STUNS the population of Belize with donation.

The population of Belize this Wednsday morning watched with open mouthed amazement as the Belize tv media showed videos of a CONVOY OF MEXICAN TRUCKS said to be carrying 1800 tons of food and other emergency supplies arrived in the port Belize City. The response is so rapid, and overwhelming. Faster even than local NEMO authorities could act. The feeling is of disbelief at their rapid response and generosity. The reaction time so fast! Belizeans everywhere had tears in their eyes at this action of the Governor of Quintana Roo, in Mexico to our North. We are VERY GRATEFUL!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010



There are reports that outside of the National Emergency area zone, hit by Hurricane Richard, with a swath of Category 1 Hurricane winds, that SMART lost cell phone coverage down in the Southern part of the country, from Placentia South. Within the Hurricane NATIONAL EMERGENCY AREA we were able to talk to Bogota, Colombia by SMART cellphone and reassure my wife´s brother, visiting his girlfriend and getting some dental work done ( the savings pays for half the plane ticket over Western Belize Dental prices )that everything was okay.
Of the FOUR internet providers in Belize, BTL used to be Number 1, but fell into 2nd place during the Hurricane NATIONAL Emergency, as the hurricane Northern sector, from the hurricane EYEWALL, moved West South West across the heaviest populated area of the country. When BEL the Electricity provider shut down, as the small hurricane eye wall strongest winds moved Westward in a swath of high winds; on the internet scene, telecommunications continued to be provided by SMART MODEM wireless connection. BTL disappeared from the scene with the electricity collapse. Cayo Cable also collapsed when the BEL electricity was shut. Twelve hours later, the BWS water supply also was shut off.
THE NATIONAL HURRICANE EMERGENCY lasted about 18 hours and during that time within the destructive path area of Hurricane Richard, only SMART telecommunications kept any semblance of ability to serve the public. Ability to use SMART internet wireless internet depended a lot on whether you had your own generator or not. At least half of the commercial establishments, including Super Markets and Banks had their own emergency generator systems. Businesses were open the next morning afterward, as usual, despite the lack of electricity, water and other infra-structure. Others used DEEP CYCLE battery storage, supplying current to computers through INVERTERS. These in turn were charged either by solar panels, BEL electricity mains - battery chargers, or windmills.
Hurricane Richard hit landfall in the port down on the coast about late afternoon, early evening. By 1 a.m. the Hurricane storm winds had passed into Guatemala and history. BTL telecommunications, Water ( BWS ) and BEL the electricity provider were down from 8:30 p.m. in the evening until late the next day. About 17 hours. SMART telecommunications in the Western Belize area continued for most of this time. Computer run businesses were able to function as normal the next morning a regular business day,until in the early evening electricity was restored, using SMART telecommunications. BTL came up on service shortly thereafter (17 hours off )after regular electricity was restored and the water supply BWS came back on about 14 hours later than that, the next morning. Some Supermarkets stayed closed Monday, due to lacking backup generators to save the perishable food stock in banks of wall freezers and coolers.

SMART TELECOMMUNICATIONS for preparedness and the NATIONAL EMERGENCY controlled by LORD ASHCROFT became the Number 1 provider for the country of Belize, for which we are thankful BTL the second rung provider came in second. If there was a scorecard, we would rate SMART 90% and BTL 45%. Cayo Cable tied to the electricity system was a no show and as also FAST INTERNET a new company just applying for a telecommunications licence nationwide also a no show.


Monday, October 25, 2010



Landing in Belize on Monday afternoon, Hurricane Richard struck South of the port of Belize City with a storm surge and as a low level 2 Hurricane. The hurricane knocked out electricity, water and BTL internet communications. SMART communications both cell phones and modem operated internet continued to work through the hours of the catastrophe. BTL the biggest communications network failed for more than 18 hours, when it was most needed.
Around Roaring Creek, a report was received that many large old trees were knocked down by the storm. This is in the vicinity of Belmopan. A tree fell on a cage holding a wild Jaguar for a film crew and when it escaped it killed the nearest man. A Mr. Cullerton. So far, this is the only human dead because of the hurricane.
By the time the Hurricane reached the Western Twin Towns, the wind force fell to a Category 1 Hurricane and the heaviest populated area in Central and Western corridor felt the Hurricane for about 3 hours. Relatively speaking the damage was light. Trees , branches, a few zincs were damaged. Down in the port things were slightly more damaging, as they lost a lot of advertising signs and some electrical shorts were experienced. The eye of the hurricane is believed to have passed over the Belize Alps around the Hummingbird Highway, Stann Creek Valley near Gales Point and into the Maya Mountain Pine ridge. The northern edge of the hurricane is what was experienced running Westward along the industrial corridor and most heavily populated area.


OFFER TO BUY BTL SHARES BEING OFFERED BY GOVERNMENT. VALID ONLY FOR TUESDAY OCT. 26 TH., 2010 between 7:30 a.m. local Belize time and 2 p.m. North American stock market opening and closing times. Bid 1000 shares @ .85 cents. Government ASK price $5 for 22 million shares thereabouts.

These are ONE DAY ONLY offering bids and must be consummated by telephone by BTL, or any private seller of BTL shares.. Business hours are 7:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday. Telephone: 660 – 6865

Payment and transfer of shares of BTL will be consummated at the BTL office in San Ignacio, Cayo District. All bids are GENUINE, backed by real money.

BID 1000 SHARES @ .85 CENTS -------- GOVERNMENT ASK $5 - 22 million plus shares ( limited time ending Dec. 31st,2010 )

Saturday, October 23, 2010


by Ray Auxillou

One of the missing ingredients in development of Belize is a Belize Stock Exchange. There are a host of small companies in this small SWITZERLAND style country, that could raise capital through selling shares of stock. A stock market provides liquidity to investors. They the investor are able to get their money out of a company rapidly, by selling their stock. All the emphasis on development, so far since Independence has been directed toward LOANS and the making available loans for new business ventures, or making available capital for expansion of existing business ventures. There are several utility companies that could be listed in Belize on a Stock Exchange, there are even enterprises like Bowen and Bowen, the beer and coca cola company. The citrus factory is another opportunity. There are simply hundreds of small cottage industries who enjoy success but enable to expand to the next level, due to lack of capital and selling stock, or shares in a venture is a much more sure way of acquiring capital than using loans. The beauty about offering shares in a company is that the money NEVER has to be paid back on a schedule. The reward is found in dividends from profits and or from the price of stock fluctuating according to the success or failure of a company. Many developing businesses in a country like Belize would eventually become successful, if they did not have to pay interest on loans, or be thwarted in their expansionist desires by inability to qualify for loans, which have to be paid back rigorously on a stated time schedule with interest. Selling shares is a much more effective way of raising capital for development and expansion of business.
So we enter a new era, with the Belize Telemedia Communications Company known as BTL. The government nationalized a huge chunk of this company and have since then announced plans to offer the Belize public shares in the company. Accordingly about 22,069,687 shares are being offered to the public at $5 a share. The sale will be closed on December 31st, the end of this calendar year. What a STUPID thing to do this way! I´m very disappointed in the political angle to this sale, as it is a wonderful opportunity to start a STOCK EXCHANGE in Belize. To do this, the company shares being offered by this UDP government should be traded like any other country with a stock exchange , or share offering public company and let the auction place of buyers and sellers of the shares decide in the free market place the actual price of the shares. Nor should there be a cut off date for sale of these roughly 22 million shares set aside for the public participation. LIQUIDITY is what a STOCK EXCHANGE offers to the public, to compete for capital with banks and other lending institutions.
Right now these government BTL shares being sold, are fixed in price and fixed in time availability. What nonsense! How can you build a nation like this? I´m very disappointed in our Finance Minister and the Cabinet for taking this tack. This is not in my opinion a way of developing Belize. This is COLONIAL BRITISH STYLE exploitation politics.
At $5 a share, the current projected dividend for these BTL shares is 2.4% per year. Obviously the dividend is the play, for curious investors wishing to buy these shares in what is a fundamentally sound company with a future or earnings growth with the population. Effecting the sale of these shares currently are bad news in law suits by the previous owner subsidiaries and the threat of a reversal of Nationalization by the Opposition Party the PUP, who seek power in the national election about 2 years from now.
As a dividend play, the shares being offered started at a BID price of par value of $1, but since then bad news in the large convention and reorganization of the PUP Opposition party threaten any investment and purchase of these BTL shares. While technically a sound investment, the company has many BAD NEWS events coming down the line and as is customary in an auction place, the RISKS must be calculated into the SHARE PRICE in a free open market economy, without political maneuverings for reasons other than straight business and worth. The stock price valuation by potential investors is currently plummeting. On Friday last, the bid on the local scene by Belizean investors had dropped to .90 cents from the previous high of $1 a share. The FINANCE MINISTER and the CABINET are being hard nosed and sticking to the fact they want $5 a share, or they will not sell. Lordy knows what the end game planned here in the political arena with these public company shares? From a business viewpoint and that of an investor it does not make any sense.
Strangely enough, the POLITICAL PARTY RAG and propoganda paper of the current ruling party, called the GUARDIAN, announced that St. John´s Credit Union would be buying a MILLION DOLLARS worth of shares in BTL at the $5 rate. The announcement said the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of this CREDIT UNION in Belize had already approved the purchase. This could be propaganda and a red herring, as it is very hard to believe this CREDIT UNION would invest $1 million of their membership money at an expected dividend rate of 2.4%. This valuation makes the shares extremely overpriced in the market place. The BTL shares customarily used to pay off with a dividend of 15% per annum. St. Johns Credit Union ( district and town location is not known ) owns 6.25% of shares of the BELIZE UNIT TRUST, a Mutual Fund operating in Belize coming from Trinidad. The Mutual Fund is invested mostly in USA BONDS as a trading speculation. The return on capital for the Belize Unit Trust is around 5.59% yield. Why this ST. Johns CREDIT UNION Board of Directors Committee would find a 2.4% dividend in BTL attractive as an investment at $5 a share can only puzzle other outside investors. Patriotism may be the driving force here.
Local Bank C.D.´s currently earn around 7.5% for six months. Six months liquidity is not too bad for people living off their savings in Belize. This makes the action of the Board of Directors of St. Johns Credit Union even more mysterious. There is no liquidity in BTL shares, even the government says that buyers are being screened and only permitted persons may purchase shares in BTL. A very strange thing to happen and very exploitation colonial in methodology. Central Bank have just announced they have lowered the minimum savings interest rate 1% to 3.5% for bank depositers. So the WAR the Finance Minister has declared on high BANK loan and interest rates in Belize continues. This may be a smart move? Lower loan interest rates though in my opinion can never beat the fact that raising capital through selling shares in your company is a safer and more easier way of raising needed capital than a fixed interest rate loan, with a regulated payment schedule. ( Raising capital through selling shares is more advantageous for struggling enterprises, as SHARE CAPITAL NEVER has to be paid back. ) Which in most cases is ruinous to developing enterprises. Selling shares is better as a way of raising capital and one reason why we need a STOCK EXCHANGE in Belize.
So we come around to BTL share offering again. $5 a share has already been discounted in the market place, as there is no liquidity in these shares currently. Nor is the offered dividend at 2.4% a decent return on investment. The price of BTL shares in the market place, so far is as a penny stock, ( $.99 cents or less ) due mostly to the threat of the PUP winning the next election and or the various court cases currently in litigation over the next four years or so. Certainly the company is a good one, but not at this price of $5. The CABINET need to revisit this political dictated sale of BTL shares to Belizean investors. What this UDP Cabinet are doing is just not right! Such actions cannot DEVELOP Belize or stimulate our economy. Just my opinion. Watch this BLOG for current Belizean investor valuations of these BTL shares in the free market place. We will keep you informed.



CINAMMON AND HONEY in your tea, a drink, or on food, cures arthritus and hardened arteries that create heart attacks.

Had stopped into Santa Elena Library today, to replace my books for weekend reading. Beatrice the LIBRARIAN was moving furniture around. She just got a new desk for the second floor. During the conversation, I asked her how her arthritus was doing? For years I have known her, she had been crippled by recurring bouts of severe arthritus. So had told her of the honey and cinammon cure, about a year ago. Don´t know if she remembered, but she answered me and said she doesn´t have arthritus any more. So, probably a year later, if I remember rightly, I asked her what she did to cure it? She said she takes cinammon and honey and it cured her. I smiled at her and silently congratulated myself. When repeating this to my wife, SHE immediately made me a tea this evening with hot water,cinammon and honey. To prevent my arteries from clogging up, as I had two heart attacks in my late forties. ( I´m 73 yrs now ) ( Smile! ) Developing Belize comes in many ways!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Belize Telecommunication Company, BID and ASK share prices on IPO. Friday 22, 2010

October 22, 2010

Friday opening trades in Belize Telecommunications Company Ltd.

These are ONE DAY ONLY offering bids and must be consummated by telephone by BTL, or any private seller of BTL shares.. Business hours are 7:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday. Telephone: 660 – 6865

Payment and transfer of shares of BTL will be consummated at the BTL office in San Ignacio, Cayo District. All bids are GENUINE, backed by real money.

Friday October 22, 2010

BTL 556 SHARES, - BID .90 CENTS, -ASK $5 ( SPREAD IS $4.10 ) LAST SALE ??

BTL is a public telecommunications company in Belize offering telephone land lines, cell phone and internet services. It originated as a Colonial telephone company owned by the government. The company has the largest infra-structure in telecommunications in the country.

The company has 49,551,652 shares outstanding and is capitalized at 100 million shares with a par value of $1.00 So says the PROSPECTUS ON THIS INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING.

The Government of Belize NATIONALIZED THESE SHARES being offered, and are now in the process of selling off a portion to the Belize public.

Due to the historical political manipulation of the company, and it’s status as a monopoly previously, this purportedly PUBLIC COMPANY is still being treated as a government possession. So far, the political requirements have been dictated at a selling price of $5 a share. TRUE VALUE is what buyers will pay for the shares. Current developments to do with BTL involve a number of law suits that will have to spend the next three or four years going through the court system and will end up in the Caribbean Court of Appeals. There is litigation over a number of loans, secret agreements with past politicians controlling the government and other factors.
The current Government of Belize is the United Democratic Party, under the leadership of Prime Minister Dean Barrow/Finance Minister. The sale of shares being offered to the people of Belize in this offering are basically dictated by him, as all BOARD of DIRECTORS and Management are political appointees from the NATIONALIZATION over controlling shares of the company.. For reasons of political manipulation, the asking price of $5 a share from the Belizean public, which makes the value of the company at this share price: $248 million in round numbers, per million. The recent offering price is .90 cents a share, which makes the actual value of the company on this FRIDAY, roughly worth $45 million.
The reason for the price discrepancy and wide spread, between the BID and ASK prices involve uncertainties about the future of the company, lawsuits and political outcomes.
The most recent event that has sent the share offering bids starting to plummet, is the news of the successful National Convention of the People United Party in Dangriga, last weekend. Potential Belizean buyers are very nervous about what seems to be a successful come back PUP convention. The re-approachment within the previous quarreling OPPOSITION PUP party and this success and obvious multi -million dollar financing, is guessed at coming from the interests of Lord Ashcroft, who traditionally milked the BTL company when he owned it, of hundreds of millions of dollars and was alleged to have swindled the government of the day under this same PUP in SECRET AGREEMENTS, artificial SECRET SUBSIDIES, PRICE FIXING, TAX BREAKS, and other media yellow journalism allegations on the local scene. True or not; the spectre of the PUP Convention resurrects fear in the buying public that should the PUP buy the next election successfully, LORD ASHCROFT will get his PUP to throw out the NATIONALIZATION of BTL and leave any buyers of shares in the company now being offered holding the bag and losing their money, or in a best case scenario, spending years in expensive court litigation getting their money back from the Government, or BTL and probably never. The share price offering started to decline since the television news advertised the successful PUP opposition party convention.
The dividend under the UDP controlled BTL nationalized share price is calculated at 2.4% approximately. In order to get the dividend returns previously taken out of BTL before nationalization, the stock price will probably drop into the penny stock category.
There are no stock brokerages within Belize and due to that factor and that newspapers in the country are basically once a week issues, keeping up with the sales of shares in BTL is difficult. Neither the company BTL, or the Government, are particularly concerned about freedom of information, or transparency. We have no public medium other than this to figure out what shares are actually selling for. These deals are usually SECRET in a political manipulated society. This is a case of BUYER BEWARE! Discounting the bad news is governing the dropping price offerings is my guess.

Belize Entrepreneurial tips for material sources!


I'll pass this tip along for you entrepreneurs. What I´ve been told is that for processing and packaging food products, that the cheapest high quality deal for those metalic looking food wrappers,that have a silver inside lining are bought from TAIWAN. Whether you are making Ginger biscuits, or chocolate bars. If you want the boxes, as in cardboard boxes, the best deal is from the USA.
I´m sure Mexico must also have stuff, but nobody knows. In Guatemala I found most everything I checked in these items were imported.



The thing about the Dangriga PUP political convention was the COST. I know they chartered buses out West here and all the people I saw early in the morning were RENT-A-CROWD people. I know many of them as marijuana dealers and other hustlers. I guess these were the $25 a day people or more? Were there more true adherents in the buses after they filled them that didn´t get paid, or were expecting their reward with some kind of job allowing them to steal in the next PUP government? I don´t know. It was a very nice organized PUP pageant show from what I saw on TV.
The questions that crossed my mind, was how much did it cost? Who paid? I figure the CONVENTION pageant cost between $100,00 to $250,000 ?
Then I can´t see either Musa, Johnny, or Fonseca( PUP gang leaders of first rank ) taking money out of their pockets. So that left only LORD ASHCROFT to front the money. All the big local businessmen are probably not donating that much when strong armed these days is my guess.
The ramifications over this well financed and choreographed political PUP convention raised more questions than answers in my mind. I know from the last election that the rent-a-crowd PUP tactics show, follows the USA system pretty thoroughly. I still remember Musa as PM, running his political Meetings out WEST here, when I took tourist visitors to see them. Waving flags, speeches and the organized choreographed rent-a-crowd. It was impossible to figure out where Musa and his fellow candidates were coming from. They seemed in it only for the money and treated the voters of the area with contempt, which is what I thought. I was disappointed back then and apparently most everybody else in Western Cayo thought the same, as they lost badly.
This PUP convention made some good points I saw on TV. They got George Price out there to speak. Musa and Johnny embracing in hugs and protestations of support for Briceno as party leader were encouraging video clips. The only trouble with it, was the BROADWAY show aspect of it. It wasn´t stumping local politics, just a show, a play of theatre. No meat in the bun as far as speeches go. The most I got out of this PUP political convention, was they had big money financing in the millions of dollars again. From where and who? What part of our patrimony have they sold for their pieces of silver and what will it cost the individual taxpayer in the future, if they win?
I prefered the old style political soap box stumping and door to door meeting of candidates than these expensive entertainment shows myself.
The messages I got, where the band of pirates were back again, united as a gang, and they had millions in financing and if past history is any learning lesson, we the taxpayer are going to have to pay for it if they win, though how and in what form? Tax writeoffs and secret deals?
Last national election I did not vote for either the PUP or the UDP. Just voted for an independent. I figured that Rene an unknown UDP candidate seemed to have the election sewed up and didn´t need my vote. I was certainly horribly disappointed with the previous PUP two candidates for my Central Cayo election district. This election I am satisfied with the government work and current performance by our representative Rene Montero, his dedication and sincerity. So he will get my vote next election. What his party is, will have no part in my decision. I´m a SWING VOTER and I vote for the person, reputation and performance. Solely based on his performance in government right now, this past five years,he will get my vote. I think he is doing a good job.



From: G. Michael Reid
Subject: Bz-Culture: who's afraid of the big bad bully....
To: "Belize Culture" , "Belize Culture"
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2010, 10:53 PM

The people of Belize spoke in a loud voice this past Sunday as the spacious grounds of the Holy Ghost compound in Dangriga swelled to overflowing with an enthusiastic gathering of PUP supporters. The theme was “We Da Blue” but the message to the Dean Barrow administration was even more resounding; “enough is enough”!

For two and a half years, Dean Barrow and his band of misfits have run roughshod over the country of Belize and the people are crying for salvation. Witch-hunting and victimization have been the order of the day and has left our precious “jewel’ in a deplorable state of fear and intimidation. Mr. Barrow’s bullying tactics in the House of Representatives is emulated daily in the streets and our poor Belize is not what our ancestors envisioned it should be. Murders and other serious crimes are committed with dizzying regularity and criminals ploy their villainous acts with seeming impunity.

The conviction rate is dismal as both the Police and the Judiciary operate in a climate of demoralization. Shameful occurrences like the recent murder of well-liked attorney Richard Stuart paralyze our communities but despite compelling evidence that usually lead to quick arrests, more often than not, these cases wind up “nolle prosequi”. Shocking videos of armed robberies and equally shocking reports of ruthless acts like the killing of a mother for her baby have become daily fixtures in the evening news. Planes land in the dark of night carrying who knows who and who knows what and yet, our Prime Minister spends most of his time travelling abroad. Mr. Barrow spends much more time abroad than he does at home and so it was just as well and fitting that he should marry in Savannah as opposed to Belmopan. Kinda reminds us of the old story of Roman Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome was burning to the ground.

If one was to go by the report of Sunday’s event as covered by Channel Seven news, one might be led to think that this was a gathering of but a few thousand people. Let us hope that the Prime Minister does not rely solely on Jules’ account or he will be missing a valuable and poignant message. Please Prime Minister, seek out and examine the reports of your other contacts. This was a massive gathering of well over twelve thousand people and of interest was the fact that some previously staunch supporters of the UDP were quite visible and vocal in the midst of it all. Many expressed their dissatisfaction with the course our government is taking and realize that much of what they have been told is lies. The Prime Minister was recently exposed twice in one week with blatant mistruths and he probably should be told that a lie articulately told is a lie nonetheless.

Much was made in Channel Seven’s coverage about the absence of four parliamentarians and a suggestion that disunity was on display. If lying is indeed a qualification for consideration in the UDP, then Jules Vasquez deserves a gold membership card. What Channel Seven did not report was that while the Parliamentarians themselves were absent, every single constituency was represented. The hard cold fact is that the blue machine is obviously re-oiled and beginning a hard roll. The party leader has made it clear that the blue tent is big enough to accommodate all who choose to come under but the task at hand is too urgent to be sidetracked by any minor disgruntlement.

The much promulgated myth of division between the so-called old and new guard was definitively debunked as both Mr. Price and Mr. Musa were prominent in their participation. Both Right Honorable gentlemen expressed categorical endorsements of Johnny Briceńo and his executive and committed their efforts to the task ahead. What is quite obvious is that despite the best efforts of his Goebbels and Karl Rove, Mr. Barrow’s “dolly house” seems on the verge of total collapse. Belizeans have seen through the charade and shenanigans and realize that this emperor is butt naked.

The decision to hold the convention in Dangriga was a good one. Many small businesses and food vendors benefited and it proved a worthy prelude to the upcoming November 19th celebrations. Folks began arriving in Dangriga from early the previous week and most hotels and boarding houses were booked to capacity. Dangrigans were gracious hosts and blue and white flags were visible wherever one went.

The challenge now is for the PUP to put together a realistic and achievable manifesto and convince the Belizean voters that their return to Belmopan will not be a continuation of the same old same old. Belizeans deserve and are demanding better. Those who continue to try to convince us that both political parties are the same are dead wrong. The PUP is asking the people of Belize for a job and as the legendary Leader Emeritus has reminded us; those elected are servants and not masters of the people. Look at the way those members of this current administration conduct themselves and tell me; do they act like servants to you? They live high on the hog while the majority us struggle to put bread on our tables. They travel the world flying first class while the only trip that the rest of us can take is to Hattieville courtesy the Police Department.

The situation at home has many Belizeans abroad crying shame. Many confess that while they were hoping to one day return home to retire in Belize, they are now seriously contemplating change of plans. Sunday’s turnout in Dangiga is a ray of hope. There are enough committed people in the PUP to make a decided difference in the way things are currently done in Belize. The tent is still open and while the train has definitely started moving, it is still going slow enough to still jump on. Get aboard people, the time to save our country is now! May GOD guide the pup and may GOD bless Belize always!

G. Michael Reid
Citizen of the world

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Auxillou family geneology details. - Original French village a 1000 years ago until around 1914.

** The small summer holiday village has one Bed and Breakfast, Clos Cavaillies, with 4 bedrooms. Delightful place to stay in the center. Run by Mm Marie Therese Chincholle. Website: Rates were about $95 usd a night in 2011.
Local vineyards around Castlenau d´Aude village, population 450.
Area vineyards, Languedoc.

Castlenau d´ Aude village in Southern French, Pyrenees. Wine making countryside. There is a Mayors office, population is about 450. A rugby field, a petanque pitch, one shop, and a small post office. There is also a 4 unit two story Bed and Breakfast called Le Clos Cavailles.

*** Wine making country of Castlenau d´Aude, in Southern France.
*** Castlenau d´Aude, home village in the Southern French Pyrenees, for a 1000 years of Auxillou generations.
**Castlenau dÁude in summer, with Black Mountain behind. (population 450 )

photos of the village of Castelnau d´aude in France

Current famous wine maker family from the village of Castlenau-Aude, AUDE, FRANCE. ( these are not Auxillou, this is the family of Roland and Anne Marie Coustal in the mountain village. )

The village is near the town of Carcassonne in the shadow of the Black Mountain and surrounded by vineyards. A rural paradise, the village remains undiscovered by many from outside the region. The village lies North of the highway A 61 running between Carcassonne and Norbonne. It is South of highway D610,and the junction with D11 Pyrenees road. Nearby villages are Roquecourbe-Minervois and Escales.
The production of wine has gone on in this area of France for centuries, and the village is surrounded by a fantastic vista of grape vines which positively glow in the extraordinary golden light for which this region is famed.
**local grapes from which famous wines in France are made from Castlenau d´Aude

Castelnaud'Aude village is gifted with a fine winemaking family, Roland and Anne-Marie Coustal, who make wine under the name Terres Georges. The moderate scale of production allows the entire process to be undertaken by hand. Many of the wines from this cave have won awards at the major European French wine festivals. The cave is open to the public for tasting sessions with the winemakers on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Castlenau d´Aude is a beautiful small rural village serving a wine making area of farms. Population is about 450 people, has one Bed and Breakfast, ( a Mayors office, a small post office, shop, rugby field, petanque pitch, tennis courts, and a small church. Surrounded by grapes for the wine making industry of the area.
Castlenau d´Aude in winter covered with light snow.

** This is CLOS Cavaillies, a 4 bedroom, Bed and Breakfast in the center of small 450 pop. village, Castlenau d´Aude. Run by Mm Maite Chincholle a very nice and helpful lady. Rate in 2011 was $95 usd. per night. She has internet. Her website is:

In summer, France and all Europe are covered with canals. The canal running near Carcassone and Castlenau d´Aude is La Canal de Midi. Rental barge type houseboats, sleeping 7 to 12 people, are available in the area for cruising along the canal. A good way to spend a summer vacation.
** Rented Tourist House barges, travelling on La Midi canal near Carcassone and Castlenau d´Aude.



For my grandchildren and great grandchildren. To know who you are and where you came from through the last 300 to medieval 1000 years ago. Actually a less accurate record goes back to medieval times a 1000 years ago. The day will come when you will do your own search for your family history. Don´t lose this collection here.
In 1060 there was a village called AUXILLOU. The name through the centuries got changed to Aussillon and exists still today in the mid Pyrenees.

Your cousins, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces. I´m missing a lot of e- mail details and birth days of Wendy´s children, Diane´s Children, Tina´s children. Would appreciate same. These are the living members of the family tree. I would like to update the "Auxillou Charitable Educational Trust" records.

Kathleen Millar ( Auxillou ) , Tamara Auxillou, Isabella Auxillou, Diane Auxillou, Tina Auxillou, Sharon Auxillou ( Urscheler ) Wendy Auxillou, Mark Auxillou, Tyler ( Auxillou) Loeper, Giselle de la Fuente( Auxillou ), Zoe de la Fuente ( Auxillou ), Bianca de la Fuente ( Auxillou) Christopher Blayd( Auxillou ) Vernon, Justin Kuylen ( Auxillou ), Cody Kuylen ( Auxillou ), great grandchild Gemma Natalie Caisee-Auxillou,

There are a lot more Auxillou´s, but the record is being done down the male descendants line, where the Auxillou surname is retained. Girls who were born with the surname Auxillou, thus get dropped from the inheritence list when they marry and according to modern custom in the West, change their surname to their husbands surname. Their children then, while listed as cousins and extended family are no longer considered Auxillou, but attach themselves to THEIR father´s surname. Whatever it is? Some of the girls in recent years, have adopted the custom of retaining their AUXILLOU surname, instead of changing all their paperwork records, as in this modern age, people tend to go through more than one marriage. These then, and their children who keep the surname AUXILLOU, continue the geneological line. The trouble with girls changing their bureaucratic paper records to a husband´s surname, not only gives complications in modern life, but the SURNAME gets lost, as more girls are born than boys. The surname thus tends to disappear as a geneological line.

Autobiography web page of Auxillou´s.
(Wendy maybe you could make a web page of this to save the historical photographs? One day this TRIPOD website will wipe them out and I have no other copies.)

GENEOLOGY AND AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE AUXILLOU FAMILY ( going back 300 - 1000 years in medieval times ) The Visigoths swept through here around 400 A.D. after conquering Rome. They conquered the tribes of what is now Spain and the monarchy is descended from them.

Interesting stuff. Found out on my Grandfather´s side, a Frenchman, ( Louis Auxillou )a bank clerk, who married my Irish grandmother ( Mary Ellen O´Brien from Ireland -midwife student) in London,England,before World War 1, and where my grandfather died in the Battle of the Somme, World War 1. His name is on a monument in Carcassonne, France )
Louis Auxillou from Carcassone, died about 1914 in WW1. Grandmother Mary Ellen Auxillou, Irish. My father Raymond Auxillou is the young boy in the photo. Died in Canada at 83 yrs.
Anyway, tracing roots back through the French side of the family of AUXILLOU, it turns out our home village is a village of 444 population, ( Castlenau, Aude Commune in South Western France ) near the town of Carcassone, in the South of France. This they say today is a picturesque village in wine making country. There were still a lot of Auxillou´s in the village and area around 1810 after the Napoleanic wars. I have a small acquaintance with the area, having explored around Montpelier and over to Nice, some 20 years ago.

From the birth and deaths of church records, here is the following new information I have gleaned of my ancestors. All of these are in the South West Pyrennees mountains. Most Auxillou´s originated from Castlenau dÁude, a village of 450 pop., near Carcassone the town.

Francois Auxillou 1495
Jeane Antoinette Auxillou 1689 ( Carcassonne )
Jacques Auxillou, married in LAURA 1695
Rose Auxillou born to the Father Pierre Auxillou and mother Marie, Sept. 11, 1700
Auxillou marries daughter of Jospeh Berger and Anne 1755 ( child arranged marriages back in the 1700´s by parents )
Auxillou marries daughter of John and Jane Burges 1763
Auxillou sone of William and Mary Shepher Touret 1766
Margarite Auxillou born 14 April, 1777
Marie Pascale Auxillou, born 19 April 1778
Marie Rose Auxillou, 18 March 1783
Marie Auxillou, born 27 Nov. 1787
Elizabet Auxillou, born 10 December, 1804
Marie Elizabeth Auxillou, 3, December 1808
Jeanne Elizabeth Auxillou, 31 August, 1810
Marie Rose Auxillou, 31 August 1810
Boissezon Auxillou,1829
Most of this must have been the time of the FRENCH REVOLUTION and NAPOLEONIC WARS.
Pierre Auxillou 1896
Louis Auxillou 1914, died at Battle of Somme, name on WW1 monument in town of Carcassone, Southern France.
AUXILLOU´s started to spread out around the world from here on.
**Caye Caulker became the NEW home ancestral village of the Auxillou family, 50 years ago, about 1960.

** some Auxillou family condos on the beach of Caye Caulker, built and owned by my four daughters. They have other units elsewhere.

Raymond Auxillou Sr. died in Canada at age 83 yrs. Born in London, UK. Son of Louis Auxillou a Frenchman.
Raymond Auxillou Jr., born in London, UK, 1937 - currently living at 74 yrs in Belize, Central America. Son of Raymond Auxillou Sr.
Stephen Auxillou born in Canada 1957, died in 1989 Vancouver, Canada. Son of Ray Auxillou Jr.
Mark Auxillou born in Canada, Son of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1959
Sharon Auxillou born in the village of Caye Caulker, Belize, Central America. Daughter of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1964
Wendy Auxillou born in Caye Caulker, Belize. Daughter of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1965
Diane Auxillou born in Caye Caulker, Belize. Daughter of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1966
Tina Auxillou born in Caye Caulker, Belize. Daughter of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1968
Isabella Auxillou, London, Ontario, Canada, Daughter of Steve Auxillou. 1975
Tamara Auxillou, daughter of Mark Auxillou 1989
Kathleen Auxillou, daughter of Mark Auxillou

Castelnau - D'Aude, Aude, France seems to have been the main concentration of AUXILLOU´s in the Pyrenees mountains and Carcassonne the main town. Also in the town of Carcassone there have been Auxillou´s for centuries. The castle at Carcassone is a big tourist attraction and one of the best preserved castles in all of France.

Of course nowadays, the home village of Auxillou´s is CAYE CAULKER on the great Barrier Reef, Belize, Central America. Though we have Auxillou´s also in Canada, USA, Australia. I do believe there are Auxillou's also around Guadalajara, Mexico, descendants of one ancestor, great great grandfather, who was a French Legionaire, when Emperor Maxmillian lived in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The actual name AUXILLOU in the 1700´s had several variations from medieval times. Auxilhou, Aussillou, Aussilhoux, Auxisillou are some of the variations in the locality of Castle nau, in the Commune of AUDE, in France. In actuality, by the late 1700´s and the French revolution, the largest family in Castlenau village was spelling their name AUXILLOU. The first records of this surname occur around 1060 during medieval times,with a village actually named AUXILLOU, but got corrupted to AUSSILLON as the centuries passed. It is still there. The Auxillou´s were spread out over TARN ( 1790 ), Castres and Mzamet as well as AUDE in those mountains. There is a rough history of a 1000 years of the Auxillou´s. Many wars engulfed the region and records were lost. It more described the immediate region of the Black Mountain area in AUDE commune near Carcassone. There is a record of an AUSILLOU swearing allegience to Viscount of Lautree in 1273. The AUXILLOU family, or perhaps AUSILLOU family of that immediate region into wool and sheep at the time. ( now it is wine vineyards ) was linked to the Hautpaul family. Their castle was given to Jordan of Saissac Aussillon in 1332 after Simon de Montefort, had beseiged and sacked the place in 1212,during the Albigeusian crusade. As late as 1852 the village was known as Aussillon. There is a photo of the village online, taken in 1906. Some photos also exist of a wool factory in the area in the early 1900´s and also of labourers working wool. There is a grave in the area of Black Mountain of Joseph Auxillou, 72 years of age, who was known as a shepherd. There are several marriages listed in the Black Mountain and Carcasonne area in church records of the Auxillou family members.
Going back to ROMAN times, this was VISIGOTH mountain tribes and gave the Romans a lot of fighting trouble in rugged country. The Auxillou´s had the LORDSHIP of the BARONEY of Mazamet around 1060. Their fief was Lordship of Mazamet.


I´ve found a mechanics place and towing business, off the VILLAGE or suburb of Saint Juery, nearest largest town of ALBI,( highway N88 ) family named AUXILLOU. ( tel: 05 63 45 20 66 )( fax: 05 63 45 43 84 ) The satellite blow up, shows a substantial set of buildings here in 2010. I don´t know the scale in kilometers, but would estimate 50 miles North of Carcassonne. I believe Saint Juery is in the mountain Department of Aveyron. There are a lot of rural roads ( D 902 and D 999 closest roads ) winding through those Pyrennees mountains. Saint Juery village is on a valley rural road, alongside a river. Don´t know the name of the river. The other place names close by are Cunac and Lanel and the Roue de Millan - D999-

There is also the Village of AUSSILLON in Mazamet, in the same general area

What I have for an address from the satellite links is AUXILLOU, 81160 ( this might be a zipcode? ), Saint Juery. It could be an Auxillou family, or the Auxillou Village along the river, in the department of TARN, Province of Languedoc, Canton - Mazamet. Since I´'m not familiar with the area, or the scale of these satellite maps it is hard to judge distances, sizes and references found in French.
I did phone them last week, in late November, but the lady that answered could not speak either English or Spanish, so we were unable to communicate to find out if they are relatives? They must be as the surname is very rare! ( I can´t find anybody in the family who speaks French and I have forgotten my High School French lessons.

Finally found a friend who spoke FRENCH and she phoned for me. She was told nobody there with the AUXILLOU name. The place is called Aussillhous and the map spells it wrong on the internet. The name means place of little birds. Ahhh well! Trying to find relatives in France.

Over a 1000 years of Auxillou´s and these are the next generation, living in the USA and Belize.

Thursday, December 2, 2010
BELIZE - Some of Ray Auxillou´s grandchildren on Easter holiday in the USA.
Grandkids of Ray Auxillou the patriarch,over on Thanksgiving Holiday in snowy Colorado.

Ray Auxillou - proud Grandpa, with grandkids on holiday in Colorado on Thanksgiving,2010

My grandfather, LOUIS AUXILLOU, from Carcassone, died in 1914, WW1, Battle of the Somme, his name is on a monument in the town center.

We spend the Thanksgiving weekend in Keystone, Colorado. Here is a pic of the cousins you might like. From left to right it's Marlise, Blayd, Chris (Zoe's boyfriend), Zoe, Miguel (Giselle's boyfriend), Giselle, Justin, Tyler and Stefan.


Thanks Wendy ( my wonderful daughter )

Marlise is my daughter Sharon´s youngest.
Blayd is my daughter Wendy´s youngest.
Zoe is Wendy´s daughter
Giselle is my daughter Wendy´s daughter
Justin is my daughter Diane eldest son.
Tyler is my daughter Tina´s son.
Stefan is my daughter Sharon´s eldest.

What a wonderful photo. I love to see them grow up. Giselle is in the USA National Guard and Tyler I thought was still over in China studying Mandarin. Apparently he is spending Christmas alone in the dormitory at NYC university. 2010.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Belize Government offers Belize Telecommunications shares AGAIN !


Opening public offering is for $5 a share. October, 2010

COMPANY: IPO BTL, NO OF SHARES bid 100,000, BID $1, ASK $5,

Shares of BTL which was nationalized are now for sale in Belize. The OPENING offering is at $5 asking. The opening offering bid is $1 par value.

Some restrictions apply: The sale is controlled by the Government of Belize.
This may be a forward looking statement, but the public offering of shares in BTL at $5 seems grossly overvalued. Expected dividend on cash investment is .024% at this price. Return on shares will be around 12%. The price of the shares creates the discrepancies.

Par value of the company is $1 per share. The price of shares over the last 20 years has fluctuated dependent on the amount of meddling in the company by politicians of both leading parties in Belize. The price per share has gone from $1 up to $3 and even $10 at times. There is no public record of trading in BTL shares in Belize. We cannot offer you a stock chart over the years. The same rules that apply in the USA do not occur in Belize. BTL shares have been a political football based on a monopoly both SECRET and declared at different times. Campaign financing for elections and a way of sliding manufactured legal work to politicians with law firms that enter politics has been the main problem.
The telecommunications company is well placed for growth with the population. The infra-structure is more complete than other companies. Only recently have two new ISP Internet Service Providers started offering internet for example. The two existing companies there were once ONE, under disguised ownership are SMART and BTL. So far in the history of Belize, political party meddling has thwarted the competitive nature of telecommunications development for the nation of Belize.
RATING: At $5 per share, the rating is C --, At $1 a share the rating is A++, A rating of these shares at .75 cents a share would be a Triple AAA rating.

Fun with the internet and ancestry geneology records of AUXILLOU surname.


Interesting stuff. Found out on my Grandfather´s side, a Frenchman, who married my Irish grandmother in London,England,before World War 1, and where my grandfather died in the Battle of the Somme.
Anyway, tracing roots back through the French side of the family of AUXILLOU, it turns out our home village is a village of 444 population, halfway between Carcassone and Norbonne, in the South of France. This they say today is a picturesque village in wine making country. I have a small acquaintance with the area, having explored around Montpelier and over to Nice, some 20 years ago.

From the birth and deaths of church records, here is the following new information I have gleaned of my ancestors.

Jean Antoine Auxillou 1689
Auxillou marries daughter of Joseph Berger and Anne 1755
Auxillou marries daughter of John and Jame Burgis 1763 ( in the 1700´s marriages were child marriages arranged by parents before they were 6 years old. )
Auxillou, son of William and Mary Shepherd Tourret 1766
Margarite Auxillou born 14 April, 1777
Marie Pascale Auxillou, born 19 April 1778
Marie Rose Auxillou, 18 Mrach 1783
Marie Auxillou, born 27 Nov. 1787
Elizabet Auxillou, born 10 December, 1804
Marie Elizabeth Auxillou, 3, December 1808
Jeanne Elizabeth Auxillou, 31 August, 1810
Marie Rose Auxillou, 31 August 1810
This must have been the time of the FRENCH REVOLUTION and NAPOLEONIC WARS.
Castel Nau - D'Aude, Aude, France.

Of course nowadays, the home village of Auxillou´s is Caye Caulker, Belize, Central America. Though we have Auxillou´s also in Canada, USA, Australia. I do believe there are Auxillou's also around Guadalajara, Mexico,descendants of one ancestor, great great grandfather, who was a French Legionaire, when Emperor Maxmillian lived in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Belize Pitayaha crop growing in local demand.


It is pitayha season and we eat pitayha at least three times a week. A new crop in Belize over the past four years, the dragon fruit is finding favor. Pitayha contains betalain, this is an antioxidant, used to neutralize free radicals that can cause cancer. Strangely enough pitayha is the only fruit in the world to contain betalin in the world. The soluble fibers regulate blood glucose levels and if you have Type 2 diabetes this fruit will give you positive results. Within one hour, your blood glucose level after eating a pitayha drops 30 points. We eat the pitayha as a desert. Cut it in half and spoon out the purple interior like ice cream.

Western Oil Business BNE TRUST a Charitable Organization is dysfunctional.


The oil wells out Western Belize here have $5 million in a CHARITABLE TRUST. The Board of Directors is divided between the company BNE and the government. They are squabbling and by refusal to attend Board Meetings, the BNE directors thwart the ability of the BOARD of DIRECTORS to function, as they lack a quorum to make decisions. At heart of the problems is control of the growing $5 million dollars in the Charitable Trust.
The media charge BNE with operating the TRUST as a personal private SLUSH fund ( private loans and such ) and the government people the media say, are being said by the BNE appointed Board members to wanting to giving grants based on party politics.

Belize BTL - no news to report in the six DISTRICTS of Belize yet!


So far, we have not been able to get any data on the announced BTL meeting down in the port town, to offer the public shares in the new sale. The District office in the TWIN TOWNS say they do not have, nor expect to have any such information. They refer people to the main office a hundred miles away down on the Eastern Caribbean coast. Unfortunately, when one phones, you get promises, without delivery, or backup information. There is no idea yet of the amount of shares to be available and or the price. The weekend newspapers had no data on this FAMOUS sale of shares in BTL being offered by the Prime Minister.