Saturday, January 29, 2011


BREAKING NEWS on cruise ships and Carnival Cruise Lines in Belize.

Both the Government spokespeople and a fiery shuttle tender meeting agreed on the a new policy for Belize and Cruise ships like Carnival Cruise Lines.

The policy is: They are welcome to come to Belize, but only on SOVEREIGN BELIZE terms. They are temporary visitors and we will as a policy as a nation, not accept any bullying. Take it or leave it attitude. They want to go someplace else, thats okay. It´s a FREE WORLD out there.

Carnival cut 4 ships this past week and about 10,000 tourists, trying to bully the locals, by cutting visitors and revenues. Carnival in particular has overloaded our capability and infra-structure.

A lot of soul searching nationwide and with cruise ship service operators. The big ships have become too much. Carnival in particular. There is an underlying rethinking of tourism policy and will undoubtedly move toward re-orientation to smaller cruise ship visit type business preferences. Look for a major shift nationwide on how the cruise ship business is re-orientated. Shuttle tender people are prepared to take the loss of business, they say with fiery rhetoric. About a 130,000 people a year go cave tubing on the Hummingbird Highway. The rest visit three Maya ruins. Altun Ha, Xununtanich and Cahel Pech. The public seem totally in support of the new policy ideas being put forward.
The local desire is to move toward smaller cruise ship type vessels. Maybe small as 50 to 100 passengers, able to visit places like Placentia and Punta Gorda. A number of daily visitors that will not overload and destroy our eco-system. The new tourist policy ideas are meeting with favor throughout the country. We will build the type of cruise ship industry we can handle and manage. No more knee jerk reactions to outside developments stimulated by GREED.

The realization has come, you cannot build a business on cruise ships. It is too fragile a relationship. One terrorist act on a cruise ship and the business would disappear for years, within 12 hours. Bankruptcies would spread like wildfire.