Monday, September 1, 2008


We had a guest rode up on his motorbike the other day. Turned out to be a University Student from the UK, who is in Belmopan, living with a family and attending University of Belize for the FALL semester, a no credit semester for Foreign Travel Education. William Pooley is 23 years old and has been in Venezuela he said. He goes to the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, wherever that might be? He had an interesting story of going to El Mirador, an ancient Mayan metropolis of millions of people with a pyramid supposed to be bigger than anything in Egypt or the rest of the world, which is a six day round trip from Flores, in the Peten through difficult jungle. This is a new city archeological escavation of a metropolis that once housed millions of people on the border of Mexico, but in Guatemala northern Peten jungles. Mexico about 20 miles away has another big metropolis buried under the same jungle too. Anyway, El Mirador has teams of archeologists excavating the temples. William took a tour out of Los Amigos Hostel, in Flores, Peten, Guatemala across the border from here in Belize. About 2 hours in a mini-bus. The tour takes you to a jungle village where you camp overnight, then a mule train is organized and you tramp the jungle trails for 6 hours for two days to get to the excavation site. Camping gear, drinking water and food are all carried on mules from the remote village jump off point. William the student said, that the roads in this ancient metropolitan area are wider than a six lane freeway in England. Overgrown with high jungle trees, but flat topped still with clear cut sides and high above the jungle floor. William was off to the Belize Alps and the Mountain Pine Ridge foothills today Sunday and we enjoyed having him, as we were also empty, being in the FALL OFF-SEASON for tourism. This is the time we do renovations and repainting and repairs during the FALL months and go on vacation ourselves.

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