Friday, October 10, 2008



My daughter Sharon and family, living in Homestead , Florida , are off for the long Columbus Day weekend, yachting in the sailboat Columbus Day Regatta, which goes from around the Coconut Grove Yacht Club to Elliot Caye. Over there, hundreds of boats anchor in the lee, in the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay and you see nude sun bathers, lots of boat hopping and drinking of beer for several days over the long weekend. Big long weekend party restricted to people with boats, due to distance over Biscayne Bay . I wonder if there are any yacht crowd left in Houston ? They usually sail and race out to the Oyster shallow bar in the middle of Galveston Bay and party for the long weekend.

Last night, here in Hillview of Santa Elena Town, on the slope of Green Parrot Valley , I was up in the hammock on the third floor of our hostel annex and enjoying the sunset. It was a lot like FALL months, with the turning of the leaves in Canada , before they drop from the trees. Down here on the other slope of Green Parrot Valley , the trees were bathed with Golden Sunlight as the sun disappeared behind the ridge from where I was reclining. The leaves of the trees were all the colors of a FALL season up in northern climates. Russet, brown, auburn come to mind as colors. After it got dark of course, the leaves turned green again. Even across the eight miles or so to the Yalbac Hills, across the Belize River Valley , ending at the TWIN TOWNS, the slopes of the hills and trees over there were covered in the golden sunlight, brown, yellow and different colors. What was particularly beautiful was five acres of corn tassles just down the hill from us along the edge of the Western Highway . The golden tassles were rippling in the colors of the sinking sun. It was a really beautiful moment in nature out here in Western Belize . One looks at the fear and panic in the so called civilized world and is humbly grateful for rural life in Belize .

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