Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flood report for Cayo District on Thursday Oct.23

We are seeing some SUNSHINE today!

Macal River at Hawksworth bridge in the Twin Towns. The water level still high, but about 20 feet below the bottom of the bridge. The low bridge is still somewhere we believe, deep underwater in that brown mess of water. So the river is going down, but slowly. I would estimate that it will be Monday, or Tuesday before river levels get back to normal. Barring any more rain.
City Council for the twin towns in Cayo West are picking up garbage in the downtown areas and looks like they are filling potholes with marl for temporary patches.
The central government are going to need to do a quickie rough job on the whole country, for November grading streets and dirt roads, which is most of the country and undoubtedly will have to do it over again in February after the torrential January rains. Then it is all over for the Spring and Summer months.
Prime Minister Barrow will tap the Emergency Funds for about $7 million, all he says the government can afford to do. He says, NEMO ( Emergency management team ) will come first, to help distressed families with submerged houses, or damaged houses. And rightly so, good choice!

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