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The processed meat products that were imported from abroad period in our history is almost over. We still import canned meat, like luncheon meats, corn beef and such. But nearly ALL meat products are MADE IN BELIZE today. For you Belizeans living abroad, we can buy all kinds of sausages, breakfast links, salami, hot salami, Polish sausage, boneless chicken breast, pork chops, T bone steaks and many, many more. I think it is probably protected now, with no imports allowed. We have a WIDE variety of meats. The days of somebody killing a pig on Saturday, or a cow, for the community may still be followed in some small rural villages, but in ALL TOWNS now all 9 of them, we have Chinese stores with HUGE glass multi-door freezers with all kinds of meat products. You old timers living abroad would not believe the progress the meat industry has made. There are to my knowledge two processing factories in Belize. One in the port town and one at Bull Run. It is hard to believe they are producing so much and doing such a good job at it.

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Spent the day today touring sustainable, natural and organic farms in
Western North Carolina. There were 37 such farms on the Appalachian
Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP) annual tour this weekend --
mostly small, family-owned farms around Asheville dedicated to
providing local organic products. Goat farms, hops farms, truck
gardening farms, grass-fed beef, etc.

These farms belong to the ASAP group and typically sell through
farmers' markets, tailgate markets and to local organic and speciality
groceries and supermarkets. A few sell regionally.

This "slow food" or "local food" movement is all over the USA and Europe.

There are a sizeable number of such small farms in Belize, too, but to
my knowledge they do not have any grass roots organizations and don't
seem to work together. I hope that someday they will be able to
organize together and work together for sustainable agriculture in

--Lan Sluder

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