Monday, June 7, 2010

Vaginal problems and yeast infection, or cystitus is not solving your problem?

A large number of women have allergies and one of those common allergies is allergy to your husbands sperm! It is easily resolved but not by a regular doctor.

Doctors tend to prescribe pills, antibiotics for yeast infections and other bacterial problems of the vagina.
Having known a few women myself with vaginal problems, I was really startled to read the trials and tribulations of two years of a newly wed couple that might have to break up, because sex was painful and the vagina irritated and blistered. Going to doctor after doctor solved nothing. 99% of general doctors draw the conclusion that you have a yeast or bacterial infection. Turns out this young couple lucked out and heard of a doctor in Cincinatti that specialized in this problem. Voila! They went and were cured.

The young wife had been having sex with her paramour before they got married, using a condom and KY jelly. Never had any trouble, but after the wedding they were going to take their chances on a baby, so they got rid of the condoms. The young wife spent two years trying again and again to have sex and doctor after doctor prescribed pills for yeast and bacterial infections, causing inflammation, soreness and blisters. The marriage was going to break up. People don't talk about sex much. At least not about sex problems!

Cut to the short story. The girl was allergic to a protein in the sperm of her husband. What the doctor did who specialized in this stuff was take a weeks supply of sperm sent by her husband. Made up a batch of something of different strengths from this and a week later they drove to Cincinatti and she got the usual allergy tests done. This involved marking off different areas of her arms with drawing marker and then they pricked her arms in about 30 different places. This identified the strength of immunization shot she would need, to quick start her immune system to recognizing, or whatever immunization does, when it gets signals to react, or attack something. Anyway she was cured and the marriage saved.

WOW! Modern science. I can think of a number of women that had this problem that were constantly on doctor prescribed pills. Just a common allergy and not a yeast or bacterial infection of the vagina at all. The immune system was killing off the sperm. Now we know and since I'm not bashful and believe in talking about forbidden subjects like sexual problems and actions, here it is for you women. You have an allergy, not a yeast infection, or bacterial infection sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

oddly enough, right after I read this yesterday there was a show on Discovery Channel called "Strange Sex"and one segment addressed a couple with this very problem! It was very interesting!