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by Ray Auxillou, August, 2010

Heart defect patients for children, up to the age of 15 years agreement, speeds up with Venezuela new hospital. Primary among the services provided by the new CHILDREN’S HEART SPECIALITY HOSPITAL IN VENEZUELA are treatment for Atrial septal defect ( Hole in the heart) Septal, GTetralogy of Fallot, Patent ductus arteriousus, Pulmonary Stenosis, Aortic Stenosis
Presently the new hospital in Venezuela, called the Gilberto Rodriguez Ochoa children’s HOSPITAL is now accepting other socialist country patients. Last year this Venezuelan hospital performed 1100 heart operations on children. Ten years ago such a hospital was a dream of President Chavez. At the time, they were only performing operations on 141 patients annually.
Belize is a SOCIALIST/capitalist country on the Scandinavian country models. While Venezuela also espouses Medical SOCIALISM, particularly in the field of medical treatments and preventative diseases, the type of SOCIALISM differs in the ALBA Federation GROUP of countries. The three major players in the ALBA confederation; Ecuador, Venezuela and Nicaragua lean toward STALINIST DICTATORSHIP socialism of old, though today they call it PRESIDENT FOR LIFE and eliminate your opposition and checks and balances in the EXECUTIVE BRANCHES. Belize does not belong to the ALBA CONFEDERATION due to the foreign policy requirements of joining. Belize is a signatory in foreign affairs, to joint representation with members in CARICOM countries and also within the growing confederation of the CENTRAL AMERICAN countries. These countries both in CARICOM and CENTRAL AMERICA often vote differently from each other, in international bodies like the United Nations and the OAS, based on economic self interest and not from ideology. While Belize is slowly strengthening the democratic process and that of checks and balances in the EXECUTIVE, the ALBA group major three players are moving the other way, to solidifying the dictatorship model, as an example the CASTRO BROTHERS of Cuba, or of RUSSIA under PUTIN. The idea in Belize is to be able to change your governing political party on regular cycles when dissatisfied with the results.
Socialism is an expensive method of governing and the WISH LIST of priorities is endless, as bureaucrats dream up new things to do for the people of the country to make their life better. Belize does not plain have the money and unlike OIL RICH countries, we are an AGRARIAN country, with a tiny population and miniscule tax revenues.
Enter the alliances with CUBA and VENEZUELA in the medical health field. Because Belize is a tropical country, preventative medicine is a TOP PRIORITY. Already a disease like YELLOW FEVER has been eliminated through the use of DDT. Malaria, the occasional hepatitis and Dengue fever illnesses occasionally crop up, imported from neighboring countries during the rainy season. The NEW system in Belize of PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE which is a SOCIALIST SYSTEM, based on the thinking that prevention is cheaper than trying to cure diseases and health problems, after they become gargantuan and uncontrolled. Today, the medical prevention takes the form of FREE SOCIALIST POLY CLINICS, one in each political district, staffed both by Belizeans and the CUBAN SOCIALIST dictatorship MEDICAL BRIGADE, nurses and doctors. Private clinics, hospitals and doctors also provide medical services in competition with the POLY CLINICS. There are far more private practitioners of medicine and private clinics than government socialist medical services. You have different choices of medical treatment in Belize. Because the Belize population is small, scattered through 6000 square miles of terrain ( about 350,000 pop.) some specialist medical treatments do not exist. Heart operations are one, eye operations for encroaching blindness is another. We are also in need of a burn treatment hospital serving the socialist countries. VENEZUELA and BELIZE are now joining hands in SOCIALIST beliefs and what Belize cannot afford, OIL RICH Venezuela is providing to her fellow socialist neighbors, such as here in Belize. For which we are very grateful.
There is a big debate in the USA about socialist medicine, as expressed by the systems in CANADA and most European countries and now Belize. In the USA more than 55 % of the population are denied medical treatment under the capitalist ROBBER BARON MEDICAL CARTELS, coupled with INSURANCE CARTELS with a Congress bought and paid for by the cartels is our impression from the news programs. Capitalism running wild we call it. The only medical treatment available to this USA majority population, is SELF MEDICATION from ‘over the counter’ drugs from a commercial retail drugstore. We do not believe in this, in our more advanced world.
The new agreement for children’s heart operations was by the Hon. Minister of Health of Belize, Pablo Marin and Mr. Gabriel Sanchez, the Charge d’ affairs of the Venezuelan Embassy. Also present at the meeting were our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Peter Allen, along with Dr. Michael Pitts, Director of Health Service in Belize and Mr. Sanchez of the Venezuelan Embassy. The committee is now setting up the protocols and a point focal figure responsible for selection of patients and determining the structure of admissions and transportation for this new socialist medical program.

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