Friday, August 27, 2010


Western Belize has a freight service, once a month from Houston to Western Belize, Central Farm airstrip.

Sterling Freight has been in business for a few years now ( 12 yrs ). They specialize in a once a month freight service with one container from Houston, near their airport, to Western Belize.
Their website is: Local phone number is: 824 2496

As part of their service they arrange all the forwarding and receiving, including customs brokerage, whether you are enjoying a DUTY EXPEMPTION, or an EPZ entry, etc. Just mail them your invoice.

You can have your stuff shipped to them c/o Salinas Forwarding Co., 6841 Fulton Street, Houston, Tx, 77022. The stuff you get sent to them, will be put in the container for Western Belize. Locally here in Belize, their address is: Central Farm Airstrip, Mile 63 Western Hwy., Cayo District and their EMAIL is: . Last time I checked the minimum freight charge was $70, that was a few years ago.

If light manufacturing takes hold out here in Western Belize, we can expect Sterling Freight to enlarge their business. They also rent hanger space for airplanes, run the annual EAA FLY IN for the country and other joint stuff to do with airplanes.

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