Friday, April 27, 2012


CLIMATE DEBATE AND RESEARCH IN BELIZE, PUT THE LIE, TO THE GLOBAL WARMING FANATICS AND PEDDLARS OF THINGS TO MAKE BIG MONEY OFF CLIMATE CHANGE. There are many studies of ice cores, marine underwater archeology, and computer charts galore with statistics of real scientific data. In a rough nutshell, you can find CHARTS GALORE on the internet. In rough figures here it is: a) Ice volume on planet Earth in our human era, peaked about 20,000 years ago. b) Human habitation found at 150 feet under the water of Western Canada and USA, prove that water levels were lower back in the years of the GARDEN OF EDEN ( now the Persian Gulf ) c) Present warm inter-glacial started started around 10,000 years ago. d) The warm period PEAKED about 8000 years ago. e) The last time PLANET EARTH was this WARM was 120,000 years ago. f) ICE AGES occurred 410,000 years ago, 330,000 years ago, 240,000 years ago, and 210,000 years ago. g) The MINI ICE AGES, glacial periods run for about 30,000 years and match the rotation of the SOLAR SYSTEM, around the GALACTIC CENTER. In all, taking about 50,000 years to complete an ICE AGE and a WARM inter-glacial period.

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