Saturday, April 7, 2012


Flying Saucer of 11,000 years ago.
The Indian Sanskrit, Mahjarabata VEDAS talk about some battles in an area today 11,000 years later we call PAKISTAN, and KASHMIR. One side had assistance from aliens, They used atomic weapons and hydrogen blimps with sound motors and other stuff. They also talk about going out to the moon. At that time, the ending of the ICE AGE, that area was lush and verdant. Many rivers from the glaciers of the Himalayas flowed through it. There are even today archeological tourist sites of towns, with running water, plumbing and hot baths, from over 9000 years ago in that area, which today is now desert like ( the major rivers shifted about 9000 years ago, caused by landslides and shifted to what is today India. At any rate the geography shifted, the area lost their rivers and became a desert in our memories anyway. Many of the weapons of that period mentioned in the VEDAS have been rediscovered by the scientists of this century. During the last ICE AGE this area, particularly the famous valley of KASHMIR were kingdoms, protected from the cold by the high wall of the Himalayas. Another ICE AGE CIVILIZATION place was in the Northern PYRENEES of Europe. Warmed by the tropical Gulf Stream and sheltered mountain valleys.

This small fusion plasma generator runs on a small amount of fuel, a hydrogen isotope, called deutrium. This thing can produce a million more times energy than current chemical rockets that send satellites into orbit, or jet planes carrying bombs to war. Earlier article on this blog about this fusion generator, about 10 years away from production.
Let us assume you do get fusion power, ( this is not COLD FUSION, a catalytic heat producing process ), but a plasma electrical generator with a million times the energy and power available from small fuel nano sized grains of powder. With that energy you can produce a magnetic field around a flying saucer. So powerful it can use the electromagnatic field around the EARTH, for propulsion, just like an electric door lock.

One can only wonder will this 5 hp generator, run by super hot plasma, be the engine that will fly a new generation of flying saucers around the moon?

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