Sunday, September 7, 2008

Western Belize News Service of Cayo District- TROPICAL LIVING!

Life is tough in the tropics as you can see. I'm picking a papaya for breakfast. That is me at 71 years old. In the background you can see my brother-in-law Gustavo Pinzon, who flew in yesterday via Miami from Bogota, after selling out everything in Colombia to live and invest in Belize. Gustavo is about 59 years old, young yet.
You will notice the coconuts behind Gustavo for drinking fresh coconut water, with rum. Those plants in front of us are Elephant Ears, a beautiful decorative plant. We also harvest plenty of breadfruit, which we love and get oranges. All of these growing things in a house lot in Hillview of 75 ft x 100 ft, in which we have our two bedroom small house, surrounded by our HOSTEL catering to budget University age kids touring the world. We also have a three story annex on the same lot with a warehouse, three furnished apartments, garage and tool rooms, ncluding our nursery up on the top third floor screened in that gives us our salad vegetables all year round.
If you live in cold country with snow and blizzards, then you can appreciate that our weather is tropical. Our summer is April to August May is the hottest month of the year and June and July are very warm though humid. September is the start of the winter crops for temperate vegetable planting and you switch to summer varieties of vegetables around February planting. Crops grow all year round. Rainy season is January, September with scattered showers most of the rest of the year except April and May which is our vacation time dry season.
You cant beat living in the foothills of Belize or on the offshore barrier reef cayes.

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