Monday, September 1, 2008


The photo below is our front door for Falconview Backpackers Hostel Adventure Headquarters. We are located a bit rural on the slope of GREEN PARROT VALLEY which is in the suburb of HILLVIEW of Santa Elena Town. About a half a mile back from the Western Highway. We have been open for business now for two tourist seasons and will be starting our third tourist season in 2009. Thankfully for the coming season, we are now in many Tourist Guide Books for Belize. That should make a difference. The hostel has a three story annex, with three furnished suites, or apartments you might call them at $45 usa a night for short term guests. The hostel in the front building down below has a dormitory for University student types travelling at $11 usa a night for a bunk bed in double bunks. Kitchen of course, dining area and living room with hammocks instead of couches and television. There is also a weight bench for the guys to work out. The birds will wake you up in the mornings around here. They make a ruckus at daylight. That and the occasional dog fight in the village type area and roosters in backyards.

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