Thursday, September 3, 2009

Belize middle class couple cry, because they didn't plan properly?

** job loss protesters Hiriam and Charles Good of Belize City


Belize City Port Town folks are strange people! A long drawn out saga, because Hiriam Good lost her job as a School Warden, due to political patronage job allocations is a running serial, in port town newspapers. The thing that is strange about it, in a land such as Belize, is that this middle class couple even think they are entitled to salaried government jobs and that the Prime Minister has an obligation to them to give them a salaried job. One wonders what happened to personal responsibility?

Anyone with a salaried job, knows that the job is temporary? Dependent on variable factors. While you have a salaried job, it behooves you to plan and provide for what happens after the salaried job stops. We have been inundated with the cry that they have four children in paid high school. Well tough tiddy! I have thousands of neighbors in Western Belize that cannot even put their children in High School, because they do not have the money. In fact, there are hundreds around this immediate area of Western Belize that will not finish PRIMARY SCHOOL, because they do not have enough money. Many of them do not have shoes!

Charles Good has his PENSION and his SOCIAL SECURITY and while his younger wife Hiriam does not, they are middle class, with or without a government salaried job. They should come out of the PORT TOWN and see how real people in the nation of Belize have to live. Visit anywhere in the rural districts of Belize .

Nobody owes the GOOD family a salaried job in the government. They have to deal with the hard knocks of life just like any other family here in rural districts. People on a salary with the government, or in the private sector, should be preparing and planning for how they will live when they lose that job. That is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. Not that of a PRIME MINISTER. We the nation do not OWE the GOOD FAMILY a salaried job. They can always come out into the rural areas and grow their own food. This is a tropical country and you can grow food year round.

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