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Subject: Bz-Culture: Revised List of Hotels for Sale in Belize
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Date: Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 9:35 AM

Here is a revised list of hotels, lodges, inns and B&Bs currently for sale in Belize.
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Hotels, Lodges and Inns for Sale in Belize

As of September 2009

By our count, more than 60 hotels, lodges, inns and B&Bs are currently for sale in Belize. Aside from these properties that are actively on the market via media advertising or listings with real estate companies, a number of other hotels are for sale but currently are not being promoted. The largest concentration of hotel properties for sale is in Cayo District, followed by Caye Caulker and Placencia. Despite its ranking as the number one tourism destination in Belize, with the largest number of hotels in the country, Ambergris Caye has relatively few hotels for sale.

Below are hotels and related businesses currently offered or advertised for sale in Belize. Several restaurants are also included, although this is not a complete list. All asking prices are in U.S. dollars. Prices are those set by the owner and in some cases may bear little relationship to actual market value. Most properties, if they sell at all, do not sell at full asking price.

We attempt to provide current and accurate information, but such information is subject to change, and owners do change their minds. To correct any listing or to add a listing, contact Belize First ( or email


Pook’s Hill Lodge, Belmopan, 11 cabañas on 100 acres, asking US$2,300,000

Gumbo Limbo Village Resort, Mountain Pine Ridge Road, San Ignacio, 4 cottages, restaurant, pool on 40 acres, US$660,000

Falconview Backpackers Adventure Hostel, Santa Elena, asking US$328,000

Roaring River Golf Course, 9-hole golf course on 20 acres with restaurant and five tourist rental cottages, asking US$1,800,000

Aguada Hotel, Santa Elena, 22 rooms, owner’s apartment, restaurant and bar, pool, asking US$850,000

Royal Mayan Resort and Spa, Benque Viejo, 25 rooms on 8 acres with pool and spa, asking US$1,750,000

Belmopan Hotel and Convention Center, Belmopan, on 2 acres, asking US$1,200,000

Macaw Bank, Cristo Rey, 5 cabañas/cottages with owner’s house on 50 acres on Macal River, asking US$550,000

Five Sisters Lodge, Mountain Pine Ridge, 18 units with restaurant on about 15 acres, asking US$2,200,000

Windy Hill Resort, San Ignacio, 16 cottages and 9 rooms on 97 acres, pool, tour operation, asking US$1,800,000

Belize Jungle Dome, Belmopan, 7 rooms, pool, on 2.88 acres on Belize River, asking US$850,000 (owner’s villa not included but is available at an additional US$275,000)

Belmopan Bed and Breakfast, Belmopan, 3 units plus owner’s residence, pool, asking US$330,000

Casa Maya Eco-Lodge, San Ignacio, 7 cabañas on 30 acres, restaurant and bar, swimming pool, asking US$1,400,000

Mopan River Resort, Benque Viejo, asking US$2,850,000

Eva’s, San Ignacio, restaurant, leased, asking US$150,000

Amore Mio Italian restaurant, San Ignacio, leased, asking US$35,000


Seaside Cabanas, 16 rooms on seafront, asking US$2,299,000

Belize Odyssey Hotel, 22 rooms, asking US$4,000,000

Tropical Paradise Resort, 25 rooms, restaurant and bar, asking US$2,500,000

Popeyes Beach Resort, 20 rooms, restaurant and bar, seafront, asking US$1,800,000

Iguana Reef Inn, 13 rooms plus owner’s suite, pool, asking US$3,000,000

Tropics Hotel, 17 rooms, asking US$1,400,000

Jaguar Morning Star Guest House, 3 units plus owner’s apartment, asking US$499,000

Barefoot Caribe, 14 rooms plus seafront restaurant/bar, asking US$1,900,000

Sunset View Hotel, 25 budget rooms plus bar, lagoon side, asking US$560,000

Tom’s Hotel, seafront, asking US$3,200,000

Casa Rosado B&B, 3 rooms, asking US$250,000

Don Corleone Caribbean Trattoria, leased, asking US$125,000


Ecologic Divers, dive shop with 3-bedroom tourist rental (included), asking US$699,000

Seven Seas Resort, 1-bedroom units on seafront, pool, RCI timeshare affiliation, asking US$1,950,000

Banana Beach, 66-unit hotel with restaurant on seafront, asking US$8,500,000

Lagniappe Provisioning, asking US$50,000

Casa Picasso Restaurant, asking US$150,000

Ruby’s Guest House (not Ruby’s on Barrier Reef Drive), 11 rooms and 2 casitas, asking US$399,000

Winnie Estelle charter boat, asking US$185,500

Conch Shell, 10 rooms, seafront, asking US$950,000

Jungle Jack’s restaurant and bar, leased, asking US$35,000

Mr. Joe’s Grocery and Grill, includes owner’s living quarters, asking US$500,000

Palapa Bar, leased, with owner’s house, asking US$700,000


Slick Rock Adventure Lodge, Long Caye, Glovers Atoll, seafront, asking US$995,000 for leased dive resort only or US$2,195,000 for 5.2 acre island with resort facilities

Blackbird Caye Resort, Turneffe Atoll, 18 cabañas on 44 acres, seafront, asking US$4,000,000

Manta Reef Resort, Glovers Reef Atoll, 15 cabañas plus house and restaurant on 12 acres, seafront, asking US$5,500,000

Unopened fishing/dive resort on Long Caye, Lighthouse Atoll, 27 units, asking US$1,950,000

Gaviota’s Resort, Tobacco Caye, 7 rooms, seafront, asking US$495,000


Kanantik, all-inclusive seafront resort with 25 cabañas on 300 acres, asking US$8,400,000

River House Lodge, Sittee, 6 units on 2 acres, asking US$890,000

Sir Thomas’ at Toucan Sittee, Sittee, 6 cottages plus owner’s house, restaurant on 1 acre, asking US$950,000

Caribbean Bed & Breakfast, Hopkins, 6 rooms, asking US$445,000

Parrot Cove Lodge, 6 rooms, 2 houses, pool, restaurant and bar, asking US$1,750,000


Mama Noots Jungle Resort, Mayflower, 48 acres, asking price US$1,600,000


Pickled Parrot, 2 cabañas, restaurant, owner’s apartment, asking US$395,000

Miller’s Landing, 7 rooms on 1.94 acres, pool, seafront, asking US$1,200,000

Manatee Inn, asking US$375,000

Ranguana Lodge, 5 cabañas, seafront, asking US$1,250,000

Seaspray Hotel, 21 rooms, seafront, asking US$1,500,000

La Chapelle Suites, 6 units plus 3-bedroom unit, asking US$1,700,000

South Waters Resort, 4 cabañas, restaurant and bar on 2 acres, asking US$3,000,000

Green Parrot Beach Houses & Resort, 8 units, seafront, asking US$1,495,000


TJ’s Guesthouse, 10 rooms with manager’s apartment, restaurant and pool, asking US$275,000

Las Palmas, 29 rooms, space for restaurant, asking US$2,900,000

Hok’ol K’in Guesthouse, asking US$598,000

Oasis Bed & Breakfast, 21 rooms, asking US$475,000


Sea Front Inn, Punta Gorda, 14 rooms and 6 apartments, restaurant, asking US$1,100,000


Belize River Lodge, 8 rooms on 47 acres, with fishing gear, boats and a live-aboard motor yacht, asking US$2,000,000

El Chiclero Inn, asking US$1,000,000

Maruba Lodge & Spa, Old Northern Highway, 18 units, two villas, 2 pools, spa, 700 acres, asking US$8,000,000

Bakadeer Inn, Belize City, asking US$375,000

Bacab Eco Park, Belize City, asking US$2,600,000

Tiger Point, Southern Lagoon, eco-lodge on 359 acres, asking $1,700,000

Cheers, near Belize Zoo, 3 cabañas and restaurant and owner’s house, asking US$1,083,000

Altun-Ha Ecotourism Resort and Maskall Golf Course, (formerly Pretty See) Old Northern Highway, lodge building with apartment, 14 cabañas, 9-hole golf course on 1,320 acres, asking US$5,500,000

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