Saturday, September 26, 2009



There was a very interesting interview with PRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ in the USA, while he was at some UN Function, by the television program LARRY KING LIVE of TV. This was very interesting. Chavez spoke in Spanish and there were a couple of things against him in the interview. One, Larry King and NBC tv are JEWISH owned it is said? There was a noticeable bias in the questions by Larry King to do with Jewish and Israeli subjects. Something most people in Latin America couldn’t care less about. The other bias, by the interpreter translating Hugo Chavez, was not completely translating the answers and opinions offered by Hugo Chavez. The translation sounded twisted and since there are a hundred million of Spanish speaking citizens of the USA, not even counting Latin America, the program came out as an unfair chance for Chavez to say his piece.
Other than that, Hugo Chavez had his chance to say his piece. The interesting choice of questions by Larry King were astounding. They were almost ALL orientated to Israel, a country nobody really cares about in the Americas. Chavez was asked about his trip to Iran and about the President of Iran’s comments on the holocaust. Chavez replied that everybody in the world is entitled to their opinion. He didn’t have to agree with Iran, but he certainly didn’t deny Iran the right to have their own opinions. Considering many European so-called civilized countries are jailing people if they DENY the holocaust ( about 2 million Jews were massacred by the Nazis prior to, and during World War 2 according to German records ), Chavez simply replied that the biggest holocaust he was concerned with, was that the 90 million people of South America were reduced to 6 million in two hundred years, by the invasion of Europeans. That was a bigger holocaust and Europeans still threaten the Americas. HUGO CHAVEZ is smart for sure! That resounded well with Spanish speaking USA citizens and those of the Americas. Asked about OIL DELIVERIES to the USA, Chavez said he was not going to cut off OIL to the USA. He said, the USA sent assassins to kill him and he never cut off the oil, why should he do it now?
The big problem with Hugo Chavez is the choice of SOCIALISM he is enthused with, from our point of view, in Belize. There are two paths to socialism! One is Communist Socialism, run by a tyrant dictator and which has failed badly in the last 85 years, wherever it has been tried. In Russia, Soviet Federation, Eastern European countries, Vietnam, North Korea, China. All these attempts to have SOCIALIST COMMUNISM applied wherever, have been converted to the second type of SOCIALISM. Which is a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM model. In that, the EUROPEAN UNION is full of democratic socialism country models that are operating successfully for the past 50 years. In democratic socialism, you change your leaders every four years or so, by elections and law in some cases. Successful SOCIALIST countries have a mix of SOCIALISM and CAPITALISM. The older failed COMMUNIST SOCIALIST models have pretty much all converted to the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST model of government, which is a mix of FREE MARKET CAPITALISM and SOCIALIST programs or ways of governing.
The trouble we in Belize have with Hugo Chavez, is that; he is promoting the old failed COMMUNIST SOCIALIST model. Basically this model is about a dictator, or President for Life, staying in power. The model used by CHAVEZ is more about the LUST FOR ABSOLUTE POWER over everybody in his country, ownership of all means of production, control of every aspect of life for SLAVES.
Belize is a mixed SOCIALIST and CAPITALIST model. We believe that the government should provide Universal Education from kindergarten through University. We believe that there should co-exist in parallel, a private for profit, medical system, along with a SOCIALIST universal FREE medical system for everybody, according to what you can afford, or want. We think the USA should have FREE HEALTH CLINICS about one in every 5 shopping malls. With a doctor, a nurse, some equipment tools and a receptionist bookkeeper. To us, the experiences of HOSPITALS in the USA are they are criminal enterprises using exaggerated costs, fees and extortion.
Most countries cannot afford all the advantages of SOCIALISM. They lack the productive capacity, or the wealth. VENEZUELANS ARE LUCKY, they have OIL RICHES. Nicaragua however, has wealth, but is unable to maximize the wealth, due to corrupt political systems. Countries like Nicaragua want to be COMMUNIST SOCIALIST under Daniel Ortega, but lack the organizational management abilities and thus the wealth producing aspects of associated parallel capitalism free enterprise. Our neighbor Guatemala however, is doing wonders, with new asphalt paved roads ALL OVER the country, new schools, new health clinics, in a mixed capitalist – socialist model. The driving force in Guatemala enabling SOCIALIST programs is reliance on taxing private enterprise, free market capitalist endeavors. This is a superior system to that promoted by Chavez in Venezuela. Though with OIL RICHES Venezuela is building roads, schools and health clinics. In Belize, our political party system siphon off the money needed party corruption, before they even start to bring education to our population free of charge. We are sadly mismanaged in DEBT ECONOMICS policies by our two party system in Belize. Also so far, our population has been too small to develop reasonable tax revenue sources. We could balance it, but the party politics doesn’t allow us to do so. Eisenhower in the USA talked of the military industrial complex siphoning off government revenues. In Belize, it is the big business, campaign contributions to the two political parties. Who reward them with huge profits in tax write-offs for which the common people have to pay for decades later and several generations. The nepotism and job, political party, patronage system used in Belize, defeats self reliance and self sustainability as our governing model. Until we change our governing model, Belize will always fail. This is true for many small countries that pits HUMAN GREED against the greater national good.
If HUGO CHAVEZ would change his model of SOCIALISM from the failed COMMUNIST MODEL of dictatorship, to the model used by successful European countries that are socialist, he would overwhelmingly succeed in transforming ALL the Americas. As it is right now, he is simply building a divided house, at war with each other over personal freedom and choice.

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