Friday, January 8, 2010


** Red Horizons

Hugo Chavez and the ALBA FEDERATION ( socialist dictatorship as a governing model )

There is as of yet, no hindsight study of CUBA and the socialist dictatorship of the CASTRO BROTHERS to read. The best book I have read which mirrors the attempt to achieve a better life for people through SOCIALISM and a one party strong leader dictatorship, is a book called RED HORIZONS, written by a defector, Lt. General ION MIHAI PACEPA, the former head of Romanian Intelligence
The book describes life in Romania and toward the end of the book also in Yugoslavia under TITO. All the Socialist countries, operated much the same way, whether it was Russia, or the Eastern Warsaw Pact countries, of that massive cruel failed experiment in SOCIALISM. Millions died in all the countries that tried to apply Communism, or a one party, governed dictatorship as a tyranny. Torture, imprisonment and death were the rule to keep the regimes alive. The Socialist countries developed tiers of elitist class living, with the party members at the top, the mid level bureaucrats at the bottom and the TYRANT whoever it was and his right hand henchmen having a wonderful life. Rivaling the riches of any multi-billionaire of the capitalist world.
The failure of SOCIALIST DICTATORSHIPS lies in human nature and physcology. Inevitably an ego-maniac criminal rises to the top post in such a dictatorship and goes on a rampage of killing and disappearing those who oppose him. This book, the RED HORIZONS is a good look into the warped minds of those who propose SOCIALIST DICTATORSHIPS as an economic system, with the undercurrents of competition among the bureaucracy for advantage. The enslavement of the poor masses to the ego's of the TYRANT, who eventually rules under such a one party system. People lose their individuality and become simple serfs, akin to the old Monarchy system of early Feudal times. They become slaves, owned lock, stock and barrel by the TYRANNY.
It is too bad the book is not in Spanish for Latin Americans to read. It would give Latin Americans a good look into the eventual goal of President Hugo Chavez and his compatriots who have formed the ALBA FEDERATION of SOCIALIST TYRANNIES, who seek a one party state dictatorship and LIFETIME PRESIDENCIES disguised as democracies.
** This book can be found in the Santa Elena Town Public Library, in Cayo District of Belize.

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