Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CHILE says NO - to Chavez Marxist system tyranny.

** Tyrant Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in 2010

In a press release this week, the government of Chile has rejected the Marxist model of tyranny and one party rule by a dictator. They have chosen Free Market Democracy as a governing system.
Hugo Chavez with his very rich oil country is falling apart at the seams, as the stupid Marxist model ruins the country of Venezuela. Not only are Venezuelans suffering from devaluation and galloping inflation. The printed money is getting to be as valueless as that of Mugabwe's, Rhodesia. It is good for lighting a fire if you live high up in the colder mountains. Three Cabinet Ministers have just quit, or been purged from the ruling politboro of the Stalinist Russian model, or like that of Castro brothers Cuba, now being implemented in Venezuela. The infamous Marxist, nick named ( the ALBANIAN) after that cruel and terror ridden, fear filled country during the Cold War; though his real name is Jorge Giordani has picked up another Cabinet, or politboro department to add to his list. Chavez is increasing his personal security with Cubans it is reported, who are not tainted by being local Venezuelans and thus unlikely to enable a coup. There are now questions being raised about the validity of the last election count. Chavez was once the darling of the poor masses. Now the poor are losing all, or any money they get, or cannot buy anything with it. Riots are occurring more regularly. Chavez failed to invest in the necessary infra-structure with the oil wealth. There is so much corruption and bleeding off of oil money into bureaucratic hands, the country is following in the footsteps of the previous Eastern Bloc socialist model. Chavez is still popular, ( about 50% ) for having an illiteracy campaign to teach those that cannot read and write, to do so. Plus some roads have been built and also clinics in the country have been built and staffed. Personal freedoms though are beginning to be diluted and as the tyranny puts on more and more of a strangle hold, to cement the tyranny in place and have absolute power over all citizens, even the poor are starting to realize this is not what they bargained for. Democracies provide the best socialist services as the European Union have shown and places like New Zealand and Canada.
Central and South American countries and the remaining Caribbean countries, not in the ALBA FEDERATION are watching the developments of the collapsing economy of oil rich Venezuela with interest. It is now becoming plain that Chavez ideas are ridiculous poppycock about economics.

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