Tuesday, January 12, 2010

President Hugo Chavez deliberately destroying Venezuela's economy?

** Chavez as military commander of Venezuela's soon to be totalitarian dictatorship. If the worst things that can happen to a country, are INFLATION and DEVALUATION, then Chavez has succeeded in destroying the economy of Venezuela. You would think destroying the economy of Venezuela would be hard to do, with so much riches in revenues from their oil wealth. Yet Chavez has succeeded beyond anyones dreams!

President Hugo Chavez is deliberately destroying Venezuela's economy?

According to conventional wisdom, based on historical evidence, the worst thing that can happen to the economy of any country is a INFLATION & DEVALUATION.

Hugo Chavez is reputed to have devalued his currency three years ago and this New Year of 2010 has done it again in a huge amount. I heard 50%?

Economic scientists will tell you over and over and over again, the effects of a DEVALUATION, and or INFLATION will damage a country more than a WAR. Chavez has a military buildup going on, and it is speculated he wants to start a war with Colombia? On the other hand, critics say it is simply to stay in POWER, as President for Life and crush any rebellion from the streets.

Whatever the cause for the devaluation this past week in Venezuela, it demonstrates total MISMANAGEMENT, IGNORANCE OF ECONOMICS, and a total disregard, or ability to GOVERN the country of Venezuela in a sane and responsible manner.

President Hugo Chavez is busy turning his country into a copy of the mid last century of the failed Russian and Eastern European block Socialist dictatorships. You want to know how that works, read the book RED HORIZON. A history of that period some 60 years ago that ended in misery, deaths of millions and total destruction of the citizens of those countries, by totalitarian fear, and terror.

As a tyrannical dictator Chavez is obviously a success. As a leader of a successful economic governing system, this second devaluation in three years indicates by SANE people, that Chavez policies and desires are a total disaster for the poor people of Venezuela. ( just an opinion piece here ) If they tried to do that in Belize here, somebody would surely shoot the Prime Minister whoever it was, as responsible.
PRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ SUFFERING FROM GOD DISEASE! Most of the Presidents for Life Club of the ALBA Federation are suffering from GOD DISEASE. This is a disease that strikes most leaders of countries, that opt for more than one term in office, and or re-arrange their Constitutions to allow them to stay in office in perpetuity. Mugabwe of Zimbabwe is one and there are several African countries afflicted with this God Disease. One thing learned about DEMOCRACY over the past 250 years is that National Leaders must be changed every three or four years, without being able to repeat their time in office. There are all kinds of side effects to GOD DISEASE. Terror, fear, persecution, murder, torture, rape, rule by oppressive security forces, imprisonment and usually death for those opposing those with GOD DISEASE. Economic stagnation, national economic ruin and so forth. In the case of ALBA FEDERATION, Chavez makes no bones about destroying the economy of his country, in order to eventually control everything. The State, or Chavez will own the bed you sleep in, the rationed food you eat, the room and building you live in, the jobs you will be offered by the plantation administration, or the state bureaucracy, the chairs you sit in, and the citizens become SLAVES. Under the monarchies, people called the citizens Serfs.
Other words for GOD DISEASE, are ego-maniac, tyrant, dictator, this describing a person who surrounds themself with YES MEN to do his bidding to concentrate all power in his hands.

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