Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dr. Gale of Belize, passionate blowhard?

They showed DR. GALE on television last night, spouting off about his research and studies in problems with the policing system and the educational system. Since we have a couple of thousand articles on Belize Development Issues and the BELIZE WESTERN HAPPENINGS and also on the Belize Electronic Library on the internet going back over 25 years, I don't see ANYTHING new in the armchair criticism of Dr. Gale. It doesn't hurt to remind people of the problems, but other than that, his spouting was pure hypocritical nonsense.
Now if Dr. Gale would tell us something new and offer ideas and suggestions, he would become useful instead of a dilattente criticizer. He could for instance take the police budget, reduce it 20% to suit the new financial circumstances of the government with the additional debt load upcoming now this FALL, particularly in the SUPER BOND higher payments. Then take the number of police officers working throughout the country and give us a NEW STUDY with innovative ideas, suggestions and restructuring to do better policing as a government and country within the priority funds available. NOW THAT WOULD BE USEFUL.
In EDUCATION the same thing. He said nothing NEW! It has all been studied and wrote about before. It more sounded like he was EGO driven and wanting his five minutes of fame repeating many studies similarly done before. You get more useful suggestions from the local rubby dup alcoholics at the corner bar on a Saturday afternoon about fixing the educations system, or the police system. We know we have over 11,000 children not attending primary school, we know primary school students are not getting to High School, but more now are doing so than 50 years ago, or 30 years ago, or even 15 years ago. There is progress! It is not enough, we know that too. Now if Dr. GALE could tell us how to do that on the tax revenues we have, the priorities we have, the reduced circumstances of expectations of lower revenues because of paying back earlier decades of government over borrowing, then his Phd would be useful to the country. Right now, he sounds more like Denzil Jenkins of the Citrus Growers Association. A lot of bombast, looking to get into a leadership role and milk the citrus growers cash flows for personal profit based on bullshit, small revenues as they are, without producing NEW IDEAS on the criticisms of the past performance, or OFFERING INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, IDEAS TO IMPROVE THE SITUATION AND PRODUCE MORE with less money.
We are a small agrarian country and moving into a light manufacturing EXPORT based economy seems beyond the ideas of these loud mouthed opportunists, with their academic gibberish. The academic bureaucrats are just riding like ticks, or parasites on the coat tails of the producers and getting in the way of economic improvement, not helping people be entrepreneurs and produce.
Dr. Gale's diatribe was a useful reminder of the situation, but about as useful and effective as a FART in windstorm. I wonder if he is planning on running for elective office, like Denzil Jenkins?

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