Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nano technology stalls space exploration!


The major feat to exploring the Solar System by humanity is the inability to be self sustainable in space habitats. Currently, we are no more than explorers relying on re-supply from Planet EARTH for basics.
Nano technology promises one day, we will be able to produce our own water, oxygen and other atmospheric gases and even food, so that we can travel around the Solar System if not in total comfort, at least with self reliance. The replicator of STAR TREK movies is still but a dream, but one day nano technology can deliver this capability to us. Until then we are not capable of solar system manned exploration.
Until we can maintain, a village of 1000 people in a space habitat, either in Earth orbit, or Lunar orbit, without reliance on re-supply from the surface of planet Earth, we are doomed to just watch and send robotic probes around the solar system. Sure we could send a row boat with supplies sufficient to go to MARS and back, but we could not leave them there, until we lick the means of self sustainability in space, without re-supply from Planet Earth. So Space exploration and development waits on the scientists and labs, researching how to use nano-technology to produce the things we need for human life, in space.

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