Monday, July 12, 2010



Watching the final game between Holland and Spain in 2010 in South Africa for the World Cup, it became clear almost immediately that HOLLAND was not going to play a decent good game of football. Their game was more akin to scrummage football on a weekend vacant lot, with shoving, pulling, fouling, as much dirty stuff as they could get away with, instead of finesse, tactics and skill. You could see the DUTCH ROYAL BOX was ashamed of their team.
Spain was doing great until the point when that DUTCH team player did a DELIBERATE KARATE kick in the chest of an oncoming Spanish player, putting him out of the game. They had been deliberately scraping ankles in fouls, twisting legs out of true, pulling on arms, shoulders and clothes. The referee did a decent job of controlling it during the first half, but after that, the DUTCH really got dirty. It was not until that deliberate KARATE KICK which could have put the Spanish guy in the hospital, not even aimed at the football, that the SPANISH team got mad and started to play the dirty DUTCH game the players repResenting HOLLAND were playing.
I thought the Spanish team were admirable. They held their tempers in check for most of the game. Good field playing, excellent passing and the dribbling and swift fakes and turn around of directions were superb. Excellent playing and skills. Unfortunately, only about 3 times did the Dutch team show anything like that level of skill in brief glimpses and flashes. There was one big hulking Dutch guy, on the side who once he got the ball, went like a high speed train with the ball down the side of the field. He really had on a head of steam and did it more than once. There were a couple of times, that individual Dutch players showed similar control of ball skills. Mostly they seemed out to foul and injure Spanish players taking them out of the game. As a tactic I thought it was lousy for WORLD CUP class playing. The one instance near the end when a DUTCH player came roaring up behind a Spanish guy with the football and deliberately fouled him and the shorter Spanish guy got angry, turned around, sideswiped his foot and hip tossed him, I thought was great. The referee came storming up, listened to the Spanish guy and what could he say? He let the DUTCH guy get away with the foul and the Spanish guy took his blatant revenge and it was deserved. The referee gave in and the game went on.
I was glad to see SPAIN win! I had my mind made up before half time, which was the better team. There was no comparison. You could see that scoring for the Spanish team was all about teamwork, for the whole game. SUPERB playing, the way it should be!

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