Sunday, December 9, 2012


  From: Rendezvous
To: Ray Auxillou
Sent: Saturday, December 8, 2012 9:09 PM
Subject: Re:

I have been told not to say this Ray but I will anyway.
 I believe Peter Singfield has some notions that do work at almost no cost.
I understand your relationship is tenious to say the the least.
Never say never.
Best regards,Glenn Schwendinger
Rendezvous Restaurant & Winery
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Friend Glenn, I learned from TRADING financials, that HOPE is not a workable strategy. Peter is my friend, so is Francis Gegg, but talk and salesmanship is not scientific evidence.  When they post FACTS on their websites, or whatever; so we can look at them, and judge.  Until then, they are like the SELF PROMOTED CONTRACTORS, with no bicycle, or tools.

Quack cancer cures!  There may be something out there for cancer cures someplace? The trouble in Belize, it is ALL ancedotal.  There are no facts.  No scientific method.  No statistics on treatment, number of patients, length of treatment, progress reports, success or failure rates, versus the type of cancer.  There are dozens if not hundreds of types of cancers.  Some cancers from diagnosis beginning, to death only take six months.  In Belize, they badly need diagnostic medical seminars.  Even the suspicion something MIGHT be cancer should to be told to the patient in my opinion.  I've wasted 2 years with mine, enriching the local and Guatemalan medical community by running tests through their newly bought diagnostic machines and taking a lard pail full of antibiotics.  All a WASTE OF VALUABLE TIME.  I might have caught mine correctly if I had been definitely told, when it was the size of a pea.  As a back o' bush country bumpkin, what the heck do I know about cancer? I am posting my progess on my blog as I go along, with hopes DEVELOPMENT WISE, that the KMH public health system, will take note and budgets and priorities be re-set, to be more responsive in the TIME ELEMENT.  In my opinion, they need a local medical seminar for doctors, on cancers and diagnosis and how to deal with these suspicions promptly.  My damn thing got the size of a GUAVA before I was even told in a whisper by a doctor in a hospital in Miami, that I EVEN had cancer.  ( two years later after my search for a medical problem. )  I figure I'm a gone goose!  Doesn't matter, I'll run it out as long as I can and see if my publicizing the problems locally in Belize, will somehow enhance the medical methodology in Belize, by EMBARRASSMENT type development methods.  For sure, a biopsy and pathology procedure lab system at KMH need a major boost and overall.  At a very minimum.  Two months for a pathology report is totally ridiculous. Two weeks for a biopsy appointment is also ridiculous.  50 % of older people over 65 will die in Belize, from cancer related complications.  As primitive as our medical system is, I firmly believe we can do better than that. It is just mostly re-prioritizing.
  Who can tell about Peter or any other jungle cancer expert and their abilities and cures?  They keep no records or statistics.  Without the scientific method, there is absolutely no way to separate the real thing from a QUACK medical promotion.  At least the Belize Cancer Clinic is posting statistics, for failure and success rates on website. These are apparently I'm learning, more related to accidental types of cancers.  Some cure easy and some don't.  There is NOBODY else in the country doing that. Not even KMH. Or even required to do so, by law.  Listening to boasters selling their cures, is like hiring a CONTRACTOR to build your house, who assures you he is the best, and then find out he has to come to work on a bicycle and needs money for some tools to do the job.


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