Thursday, December 27, 2012


Nationwide, the BELIZE IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT has put out of business about 40 private sector passport photo photographer shops NATIONWIDE  in the last month with a new photo MONOPOLY.

   Wife went last week for the fourth trip to put in my application for renewal of expired passport. 
All the way to Belmopan.  New rule, the photographs were invalid as the IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT NOW REQUIRE YOU TO TAKE YOUR PASSPORT PHOTO in their Belmopan office, by their monopoly!  Trip before that, a month earlier they rejected my renewal application on the grounds that the it had to be witnessed by a JP in my community, who knew me.  Could not use Belmopan JP's.  Don't know any J.P.s personally.  But got it witnessed here in San Ignacio.

  Wife came back from Belmopan Immigration frustrated.  4 photos wasted money.  Old expired passport has my photo, I'm the same person.  Not good enough. Comparing old passport photo with new 10 year aged photo is beyond their ability????

  Somebody needs to give the unelected head of Immigration a KICK IN THE ASS.  Think thats a friend of mine, Senator Hulse.  He's whacko!  In my opinion.

  I' m bedridden with CANCER, wife told them.  They said they don't care.  Got to go in person.  Need to rent an ambulance tomorrow and try it again, on my guerney with two attendants.  Need renewed passport to go to Guatemala City for radiation treatments.  Not available in Belize.

  Bet you they say they don't take applications on a Friday now?  6 trips to Belmopan to get my passport renewed and no further ahead after 6 or 7 weeks..  I pity Belizeans out of the country.


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