Saturday, December 29, 2012

INDIA looks to be able to help Belize more than TAIWAN?

China is now the next world power.  India is also flexing their economic muscles with a world wide attempt to lock in trade partners and material resources.  About the 1970's The USA was supreme.  Then Japan copied and improved by innovation on US products to turn out quality stuff.  Since then China has surpassed Japan and South Korea also rose as a manufacturing giant.  China leads even the USA and Europe.  Little noticed is INDIA which was locked into a massive bureaucracy that created inertia.  India seems to be working it's way out of those problems now and is expanding out into the world in competition for markets and resources.

  The Indian Ambassador visited Belize from his station in Mexico City.  He says India is willing to lend money to Belize up to $10 million for infra-structure projects.  There are also available to Belize small GRANT FUNDS up to $1 million.

11 scholarships are offered to Belize.  Restricted mostly to government trainees.

Indian companies have $25 billion to invest and are interested in agro processing.

There are other opportunities in vocational fields.  India is willing to take students to India, to study things like assembling solar panels, making 5 and 10 hp steam engines to run generators.  How to make generators.  Casting and foundry and CNC lathe teaching work. TRAINERS can also come to Belize to train Belizeans in groups for technical small light industry fields.

Picking and choosing training sounds like a tricky subject for our civil service who themselves lack skills, or even basic vocational, small entrepreneurial ideas and abilities to create exports. Still, India sounds like a better partner than the Chinese.  Similar language and customs,  They are also more primitive in many fields whch suits the Belizean start up entrepreneur.  Most Chinese stuff is too advanced technology wise and we need a foundation of basic practical, applied physics and tools to work with yet, before we can match Chijnese technical help.


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