Saturday, November 29, 2008

Barton Creek Tourist destination.

The Barton Creek Cave trip is by canoe and while not that impressive, if you are a survivalist type, it is way back in the boonies among the old time Mennonite farms, where they do everything with horses, shun modern electronics and gasoline engines. There are even a number of survivalist farms back there into organic self sufficiency. Barton Creek locally is famous for the potato production agriculturally speaking. This cave entrance starts just beyond a creek side camp ground in an orchard, on the side of Barton Creek, where it turns against an overhead cliff and hill ridge, forming a great swimming hole, with ropes strung from trees. Backpackers like it, with their own tents. Barton Creek has a big open sided lodge type structure, on which you can sling a sleeping bag in case it rains. Sometimes they have soft drinks imported from the Twin Towns about 30 miles away. The road getting in there is very rough and the last mile access has to ford the creek, about eighteen inches deep up to your axles on a car, over a gravel creek bottom. It is expensive getting a ride into this remote area. Though the proprietors of Barton Creek Lodge go back and forth shopping to the Twin Towns usually once a day and can arrange a ride for long time campers. You have to pay for renting the canoes to go into the low cave system with a guide. They only have a few canoes, about four. There are a couple of guides working this tourist destination out of the Twin Towns Tourist Operators. Not sure if you can contact them through Pacz tours or not, but I suspect so.

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