Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dutch University Fraternity student backpacker group stay at budget dormitory Falconview Adventure Hostel

Nine DUTCH University Student fraternity backpackers arrive at Falconview Hostel, booked by Hostelbookers.com, UK. They are from somewhere near Rotterdam, Holland.
They got in midday and in a rush we tried to accomodate them with a courtesy afternoon trip to the two Mayan ruins of Xununtanich and Cahel Pech. Today, four of them are off with Pacz Tours to the ATM ( Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave system). This is the XIBALBA, or one of the ancient entrances and sacrificial sites to the underworld planes of existance of the Maya spiritual mythology. About a mile underground using head lamps with a guide, they will arrive at the sacrifical site, where the archeology department of Belize have left skeletons and pottery as it was found. Tourists must walk carefully in stocking feet around the remains. This is an all day trip and you must traverse three underground rivers in the cave system to get here. Have no idea of how terrified captives must have felt back centuries ago. The other five on a cheaper budget were going to share some canoes and paddle the Macal River Gorge exotic jungle scenery. Tomorrow these nine will be off to Caye Caulker by bus for $6 Bz and water taxi for $30 Bz round trip to this fabulous Great Barrier Reef small island, surrounded by sheltered emerald green waters of the inner lagoon, protected by the reef itself. ( exchange rate is $2 bz for $1 us dollar )
These Dutch kids were TALL. Six feet six inches at least. Must be all that milk drinking in Holland? Made my five feet, 11 inches feel like a midget.

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