Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Best Internet Cafe in the twin towns until now!

In the last month another second internet cafe has opened up in Santa Elena Town side of the river Macal. They claim they are charging $3 an hour, haven't tried them yet. I've been going to this one on the San Ignacio Town side of the Macal River for a few years now and kind of feel at home there. It is air conditioned, got fast DSL speeds when the place is not packed, that is! Greg Aguirre is the proprietor sitting behind the counter. For prices he is the lowest in San Ignacio at $3 Bz per hour, rounded out to the nearest quarter, or shilling as we call it here in Belize. Greg has done a fair amount of repair work on my two old computers as well. Though I'm hoping my daughter Tina will bring a new E MACHINE back from Houston, as my other daughter Wendy in Houston said yesterday they were on sale at WalMart. I really need a new one, as these I have, are constantly breaking down now. This internet cafe for Greg is in the Del Rio Mall, which is on the next street over from Burns Avenue, the main street in San Ignacio. The street is called West Street and as I sit here in this internet cafe, I can hear some kid practising on the Cornet, next door in the Chinese owned music teaching shop. Next door to here is a Hindu restaurant where I normally eat a very cheap lunch of Somosa and Ginger flavored Lime Juice, Hindu style.
The BTL monopoly have been promising us internet service in our section of Hillview, a suburb of Santa Elena Town, for about 14 years, but they lie every year about it and never do it. They only want the icing on the cake and serving only town centers where the land is flat and easily reached by either land line, or cell phone towers. We can't even get their cell phone signal in Hillview, as we are behind a ridge and they will not put in repeaters around the South Side of the Twin towns for the growing population and suburbs. Too many hills they say! At any rate we cannot get internet service of any kind where I live, so I have to drive the two miles once or twice a day, to do e-mail and tend to my business interests. This is the place I must come to communicate with our tourist guests who are making enquiries for our budget Falconview Hostel Adventure selling place.

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