Wednesday, April 7, 2010



The uninitiated might ask; why trade derivatives and futures in general out of Belize? Mostly because of the climate. It is comfortable all year around. Most of the country is tranquil and peaceful. Infra-structure is slowly coming along. You can get electricity, water and garbage pickup, in most towns and villages of any size. The roads and streets are rough though.
The internet is probably the only drawback. Unless you are in one of the towns, it is difficult to get reliable and fast internet required of the modern communications era. Still, there are moves afoot by a growing competition of internet providers to bring internet and better bandwidth and speeds. You can work with the slow dial up for instance that I'm using. Not for everything, but mostly you can, in a rough sort of way.
Why trade derivatives at all out of Belize? Well it is the game itself that is the challenge. A person with $10,000 usa, trading derivatives, can earn as much as a person with a $1 1/2 million in the bank on CD interest rates these days. It takes a year of two of learning to do it properly. Nowadays there are all kinds of web based brokerage training free money trading services to practice on. Not like 20 years ago. The miracle that was SINGAPORE as a trading center hasn't quite reached Belize yet, but it sure is coming. There are all kinds of niche markets to speculate in. My own is the CASH INDICES using options. But there are many, many choices. Too many sometimes, it leaves your head spinning.

Yep, Ray, I'd say the slow and expensive internet connections in Belize are a real disadvantage to Belize becoming a trading center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The AVERAGE download speed in Singapore is over 7 Mb/s, maybe 20 times faster than Belize. Singapore is among the top five countries in the world in broadband penetration, whereas Belize is near the bottom. And broadband internet starts at under US$20 a month.

--Lan Sluder

Hmmmmmnnn! I was more thinking in terms of ability to move currency in different types of foreign exchange. Though most brokerages would be located outside of Belize, but still the business would offer job employment and if traders lived here, they would be bringing some money back to this country of Belize to invest and just spend?

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