Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Just like we are friends with the totalitarian dictatorship of Cuba under the CASTRO BROTHERS regime. Belize is expected to stay friends with the NEW CONSOLIDATED TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP OF VENEZUELA OF EMPEROR, HUGO CHAVEZ.
Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun, and with the new ARMADA of weapons at the disposal of the totalitarian former STALINIST style method of dictatorship in Venezuela, the evidence indicates that by the end of this year, Hugo Chavez will have solidified his power in Venezuela. Using the pretext of violence and controls, due to expected electrical power shortages, the government of Hugo Chavez, Emperor supreme of about 5 or 6 countries now in Latin America and the Caribbean, is even now removing leading opposition opponents and throwing them in jail. With 40,000 Cubans controlling all major government functions and the native Venezuelans excluded, this year is expected to be the big year in consolidating the totatitarian dictatorship. You will know the plan is completed, once the Cuban model of food controls, ration food coupons and seizure of all private property by the government is over. Venezuelans the poorer ones anyway, will be surprised to find out that, as poor as they are, they can be made poorer still, when their homes and meager possessions are seized by the new government. By then of course it will be too late.
There should be a major purge of Venezuelan bureaucrats within the Chavez government apparatus, before 2011, which will continue through 2012, until the dictatorship has complete control. No one, can say Chavez didn't warn them. For he did, loud and often.
First things first, and the solidifying of his control within Venezuela is top priority. After that, the military machine he is building, is intent on preparing for some form of invasion by the USA. With OIL as his major world contribution, it is expected there will be some kind of fuss in the outside world, once the dictatorship in consolidated. For CHAVEZ has shown already, his willingness to use OIL as a weapon.
Despite this, Belize is expected to maintain a relationship on good terms, if limited in scope, with Venezuela. We have too many problems politically at home, to be concerned about the machinations of an ego maniac running Venezuela. That's their problem? We can't run our own country properly, in a financially self sustainable modest model, to spend time worrying about Venezuela.

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