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Archeological and paleontology history is fascinating, as we humans try to identify how long we have been on planet Earth? Civilizations have come and gone, over and over again.
We have geological evidence that goes way back in the millions even billions of years.
In the Western Transvaal in South Africa, hundreds of metal spheres have been found in strata deposits that are found in deposits that are 2.8 billion years old. They come in two types. One ball is hollow with a white, spongy center and the other type of ball is bluish metal. Some have parallel rings carved around their circumferences. The metal is so hard, it cannot be scratched by steel.
You can read about these in the fascinating book, The Hidden History of the Human Race, by Michael A. Cremo and Richard Thompson.
There have been found human footprints frozen in time, that go back a 150 million years alongside that of dinosaurs.
In Oklahoma, USA, a metal sphere was found embedded in coal from a mine, that was over 200 million years ago. The sphere had grooves around it. Alongside with a gold chain in similar strata of coal mining. This is pre Cambrian deposits. As far as we know, these things existed before the great extinction and impact that closed the Permian age. Supposedly before life even existed?
A metal nail was found embedded in sandstone in England back in 1844, in which the sandstone layer was over 20 million years old.
Back in 1852, blasting in Dorchester, England for a mine, uncovered a metal shaped vessel, decorated with images of flowers, inlaid in silver. How this can be found in stone that is millions of years old?
One of these 2.8 billion year old artifacts is in the Klerksdorp Museum in South Africa, where it is on display, slowly rotating on it’s own axis, even though sealed in a display case.
In the erosion of the sandstone of the Andes, on the Pacific coast, are over 20,000 egg shaped objects, in a museum in ICA, Peru. The ICA stones have carvings of dinosaurs, and show things like blood transfusions, cesarean sections, tumor excisions and even brain surgery and even have needle drawings at acupuncture sites on body drawings. The ICA stones were known about, by the early conquistadors, back in our sixteenth century, but belong to no known civilization of humans. They look like big eggs, but have two halves which can be opened.
There are carvings in Dendera, Egypt that show people sitting under what seem to be cathode ray tubes used in television today, receiving some form of energy.
A ship sunk back in 50 B.C. off the Greek island of Antikythera had an astronomical calculator that can be used to determine planetary movements.
Some say the CRYSTAL SKULL of Belize is 50,000 years old, made by a technology we have no idea of. Others claim it was probably made by German trades people back at the turn of the 20th century.
The Egyptians, of Saqqara, back in 200 B.C. had a model airplane made out of wood from the Sycamore tree, that had airplane wings with dihedral in the wings, that was not done in current times until about 50 years ago. It still flies.

A pre- Inca gold jewelry of an airplane exists in the Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia. I’ve seen it myself, with cockpit and pilot.
There is a preserved limestone artifact that has a human footprint in it, done over a hundred million years ago discovered near St. Louis, back in 1822.
Glen Rose, Texas, bulldozed a hill away, to reveal a limestone series of dinosaur prints along with human footprints underneath, in the geological strata going back a 150 million years. Back to the Cretaceous era.
There are many artifacts found in deep coal mines in ancient strata. From entombed toads, to man made spoons, found in coal veins.
There are queer cement cylinders found in New Caledonia in 1967, by L. Chevalier of the Museum of New Caledonia. They are very hard and have been carbon dated to before the rise of current civilization, back as far as 11,000 years ago.
We can date towns and cities back to around 11,000 years ago in our current human history. Most recorded knowledge only goes back around 6000 years, except for stone carvings. It would seem to preserve history and pass the message into the future, we need to send our technological knowledge forward, engraved in granite rock of caves.
Peking man has been found to be extremely old. Tools created in Europe of 30,000 years ago and cave drawings, have been surpassed by finds of fossils in ZAIRE over 90,000 years ago. Nowadays fossil research in Africa has pushed humans back fourteen million years ago.
The invention of the ZODIAC, or precession of the stars was a marvelous feat, that had to be done over thousands of years of study. Our planetary long calendar is around 26,000 years, as we move back and forth in a 30 degree slant, across the plane of the GALACTIC CENTER. The calculations are possible, because the axis of the earth is at a slant, and as we circle in our solar system, the tilt of the earth measures the change in the Zodiac. While our solar system circles, our ICE AGES seem to cover one quarter of the back and forth movement of the longer 26,000 year calendar. The Earth movement across the plane of the galaxy takes 13,000 years before we start to return again. One quarter of a complete movement back and forth across the plane of the galaxy, might be explained by the circular rotation of the solar system itself, for our ice ages and shorter warm periods. Currently we are moving in the ZODIAC as we measure and record this long 26,000 year calendar, and are moving from the age of Pisces to Aquarius. We call this the precession of the equinox, which moves the pole slowly backward through the zodiac.
The axial tilt of the earth, gives us our four seasons, from sunlight. The actual tilt drives the pole backward, very slowly through the calendar’s houses. For the North Pole to pass from one zodiac house to another in this slower calendar, takes 2,160 years. The longer cycle is 26,000 years and the really long cycle goes over a quarter million years.
There is a roughly longer calendar that is around 250,000 years, in which a long cycle asteroid belt, threatens our planet and causes extinctions, by impacts. We know little about the circulation of the debris clouds of asteroids circling outside of our solar system.
During the extinction of the PERMIAN age, there was not supposed to be any conscious creatures around. Which is denied by the evidence of isolated discoveries.
The VEDIC literature of India, around Kashmir and what is now Pakistan, when the climate was different before this warming period, but under the shelter of the high Himalayas, with a temperate climate, during the last ICE AGE, prevented the worst of the ICE AGE weather. Geology and climate was different there, back then, as also in North Africa. There was an inner sea covering the Arabian deserts of today back in the last ice age, of North Africa. These people of India in this area of Pakistan, have cities excavated that are 10,000 years old, with modern sewage and plumbing, during what was a different climate. Their belief system is that humans have been on planet Earth for a very long time. They even talk of flying machines and technology in the VEDAS, that even now are being rediscovered in both Russia and the USA and still secret government research.
Stones worked by humans have been found in Thenay, & Aurilac in France, Boncellesin Belgium and Suffolk, England that go back 5 million years old to the Miocene era.
Some of the puzzles of ancient human civilizations have to do with the technology of construction using blocks of heavy stone, as much as from 750 tons to 1100 tons in weight. There is no known technology today that can move these stones and build places like the ancient platform of Baalbek in Lebananon, or the Black Pagoda in India, or the oldest Egyptian pyramids, or the great fortress Sacsayhuaman, high in the Peruvian Andes. Which since it had been built, has apparently gone higher in the sky, away from the location it was built by Andean uplifting of the tetonic plates.
The nearest guesses are a massive climate change as the last ICE AGE quit and the warming period we now live in and is nearly over, happening some 10,450 years ago to 13,000 years ago. Floods and catastrophes have been recorded in what ancient literature there is. The Sphinx is presumed from before this time, back during the last ICE AGE. The OLD TESTAMENT was obviously written during the ZODIAC age of ARIES. Or at least copied from Sumerian tablets and earlier from the Book of Gilgamesh. Christ was born during the AGE of PISCES in the NEW Jewish Testament scrolls. The AGE of ARIES is recorded as the age of the RAM, whereas the era of Jesus was the era of the FISH.
Interestingly enough, the earliest Egyptian pyramids showed the most sophisticated construction and the later ones of the Pharaohs were more primitive. Technology was being forgotten and lost as the climate changed and civilizations faded away and were replaced with huge 1000 year gaps between them, like the Maya civilizations in their 5000 or more year, two known calendars. Even during this current Mayan calendar due to finish in 2012, there have been three separate Mayan civilizations of organized society, with thousand year gaps between them.

The VEDAS speak of a war back during the end of the last ICE AGE in what is now Kashmir and Pakistan. Involving aliens, flying machines, ray like weapons and craft that could fly to the moon. The geological record show a flood catastrophe, but there have been a series of these. The SPHINX was apparently built before the FLOOD, which was more than 12,000 years ago.
The Piri Reis maps, copies of ancient maps even then, describing the Earth and Antarctic land masses, mountains and coast lines, amaze scientists to this day. We have only now begun to confirm these ancient map copies by radar, which can see through the glacial ice covering the continent.
Another remarkable thing is the earthquake of June 9, 1994 in Bolivia, which supposedly took place below the surface of the Earth some six hundred miles. Yet current thinking is that there is no solid rock down there to make an earthquake, as the core is liquid. Tiahuanaco is another mystery, as it has been moved away from quays and piers for water access by land uplifting.
Current thinking is that the weather around the world will change in the next few hundred years, as fresh water into the North Atlantic disrupts the warm Gulf Stream. This among other changes should introduce the next long ICE AGE again. Estimates are about 450 years from now.

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