Sunday, April 24, 2011


WOW! The AMANDALA NEWSPAPER drops a bombshell with a story entitled LIBYA - ALL ABOUT BANKS, OR MAYBE OIL?

Couldn´t find this story in their online version but it is a dynamic look at the world events, on a par with stories done for the USA dealing with US interests, as it effects Belize. This is definitely quality writing on our Belizean Foreign Affairs, superior to anything our UDP government, or Foreign Ministry is doing. We need a PULITZER PRIZE OF BELIZE. Whoever their AMANDALA newspaper editor is on this story, it was magnificent. WOW!

Essentially, the point was made that there are WARS within WARS, within WARS on the world scene. Nothing is as it seems with these wars and the disinformation and blarney put out in the press. At heart, was the FACT and FACTS are unavoidable things when it comes to conspiracy theories. In this case, it was pointed out, when the popular uprising was made in Benghazi, in Benghazi, LIBYA, against the authoritarian, successful, socialist state of Ghadaffi, BEFORE even the uprising had got organized, or decided to consolidate and make some leaders and councils for the uprising and rebellion, a queer fact arose. Somebody took the uprising to heart and created back as early as MARCH, another second, CENTRAL BANK of LIBYA, based in the pre-planned revolutionary stronghold of BENGHAZZI. Before the REBELLION started to organize.
Now Libya has it´s own CENTRAL BANK in TRIPOLI, they also print their own money, have stockpiled tonnes of GOLD to back their money. Their people have lifestyles and wealth beyond the wildest dreams of the USA, U.K., or Belize. Everybody has a house, a cheap European car, cheaper than Europeans can buy them, young married couples get $50,000 after the wedding ceremony. No food shortages, cost of living lower than in Belize. Free medical, free education, even the government will pay for you to go abroad to get a Ph´d in a foreign educational institute. You name it they got it. They have a de-centralized government run on Tribal Council lines. While they have an authoritarian leader with no title, but has a bit of a police state, and controls the oil wealth with his family, other than that, you could not wish for a better socialist country built on the lines of the Northern Fisherman´s Cooperative on Caye Caulker.

In the USA, it is a well known scandal that Goldman Sachs and the privately owned Federal Reserve, control the country in financial affairs and often in foreign affairs. There is the oft trotted out conspiracy of the ROTHSCHILD BANKING OCTOPUS, and thrown into the mix are the BILDEBURG WORLD CONTROL GROUP, the G- 20 and the OECD countries of Western civilization ( the old colonialist empire builders ).
The AMANDALA newspaper after doing valuable research, points out that the ARAB countries have their own BANKING SYSTEM outside of WESTERN CONTROL. None of them belong to the control group now flagrantly in a war to control the smaller tax havens and financial centers. In Belize, we well know the controls of the banking system on CARICOM financial centers, as done by the 56 member banks of the WESTERN BANKING SETTLEMENT system, ( BIS )has literally put the tax havens and financial offshore business out of business, ( wire transfers these days are useless, they steal your money ), by denying our CARICOM and BELIZE banks the ability to exchange cheques, wire transfers, seized deposits and monies to make their WILL the law, on world money control affairs. The euphinism and excuse given is a WAR on TERRORISM. The ARAB countries are not members, the AMANDALA article points out and the famous quote, which I vaguely remember by some infamous ROTHSCHILD who said something to the effect of; if I control the DEBT of the countries, I care not about who rules, or the politics. The ARABS do not deal with the IMF, or WORLD BANK, but in Belize we must and are thus controlled as a producer of a foreign exchange crop through DEBT. That has been discussed many times going back decades in Belize. There is the fact that on the WORLD SCENE the infamous PATRIOT ACT and loss of democratic civil liberties that has ensued, seems nothing more than a weapon of war to subjugate smaller foreign countries, in a WAR of different means for world power.
In Belize, the recent visit by the RUSSIAN FEDERATION wanting who knows what? As we only have a small influence in Central AMERICAN affairs, the votes thus held in the United Nations by Central America and CARICOM. I watched the reading of the BUDGET SPEECH by PUTIN to the RUSSIAN PARLIAMENT in MOSCOW on television the other day, for the Russian Federation and they also seem to know they are in a NEW WAR with the WESTERN COUNTRIES, for exports and economics. The RUSSIANS have been beaten by the WESTERN NATIONS in this economic war and are complaining about their manufacturing industry of weapons systems and are having to write off TRILLIONS of RUBLES of debt thusly. Which makes their overtures to tiny Belize, with a population of only 313,000 people as somewhat ludicrous from our viewpoint.
Getting back to LIBYA, QUADAFFI is the leader of a movement to make an economic union of AFRICA with it´s 200 million people market. The CHINESE are even now moving into AFRICA doing development and investing, as they are in Latin America. The EUROPEANS and the USA are already here, on our continent, defending their perceived TURF, the Canadians are notoriously absent, being an extension of Europe.
In the USA the FEDERAL RESERVE is PRIVATELY OWNED, not by the US Government, the banksters as the AMANDALA calls them run the US Government along with corporate interests. WARS are simply an extension of economic WAR in US policy as is also apparently the EUROPEANS. In LIBYA the CENTRAL BANK is owned by the STATE, as it is in Belize. The foreign banking CARTELS, like the ROTHSCHILDS and GOLDMAN SACHS have to do business through the CENTRAL BANK of LIBYA over whom they have no control, them not being members of the OECD, or the FOREIGN EXCHANGE system, which we in Belize are controlled by with a heavy hand, in the attack on our FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY throughout CARICOM.
THe AMANDALA article well researched, went on to explain how the money system works with banks, controls, etc. in these hidden ways of war, we nothing of. An eye opener for a new generation of students in government service in our University of Belize. It pointed out, if your government is out of the control of the OECD, or the foreign exchange system, called by the acroynm BIS, in Brussels; you can do infra-structure building at half the cost of borrowing money from the banking Western World octopus control system. As the ARABS have proved by being independent, they borrow from themselves and their own Central Bank and do not therefore pay interest, cutting development and infra-structure costs by 50% at least.
Too bad the AMANDALA NEWSPAPER article was not online. The AMANDALA NEWSPAPER has risen to new heights for our national identity, giving food for thought, about where we are going and where we would like to go. It really makes you think, and the shackles we are bound with, by our governments continuing to persue debt via the WESTERN WORLD banking system.


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