Friday, April 29, 2011

Nuclear electrical plant queries answered for Belize.

BELIZE INVESTMENT GROUP answers question raised from enquiries about a nuclear electrical generating mobile portable plant

In response to enquires: The Belize Investment Group have not yet found a nuclear electrical portable mobile plant in the size range required. The favored model so far, research shows, is the 30 year modular setup using SODIUM as the reactor. Without any dangerous long life radioactive by products and an automatic gravity fed dampening system. There may be others on the drawing board, but we are ready NOW, not in ten years.
What we are looking for is a 5 to 10 megawatt producing plant. It should fit in a container for shipping, or by truck. In response to one enquiry about the Westinghouse 70 ft long SODIUM such reactor, if it is modular and can be shipped in more than one container, that would be fine. However Westinghouse are not yet making the small size reactors needed for third world countries of small populations. Our favorite from the research is the SODIUM reactor, but only the Netherlands and India with Westinghouse in the USA are making any. These are all too big and usually of a research nature.
The nature of Belize our small country is that we buy most of our electrical power from Mexico. There is no guarantee this would remain a viable option in the longer term future. We would like independence in production of electricity, yet we do not want the dangers associated with a lot of the current old fashioned nuclear plants. Plutonium as a by product is completely out of the question, as are some of the other isotopes produced. Our population is growing at 2.5% a year and is currently 313,000 people scattered over 6000 square miles of rugged country. Development is approaching a tip over point, from being a basic agriculture commodity exporter, to more light manufacturing exports. With sure electricity the demand is expected to increase exponentially. Particularly at the border crossing points of the Toledo District and Cayo Districts.
Currently in Belize we use 90 megawatts of electricity from a variety of sources. This electricity goes through a middle man company owned by a Canadian firm, called FORTIS. What we want is electricity to the grid and our own middle man company distributor sold for 4 cents USA per kwh. The nature of governments and taxes and other costs, mean that finished electricity should not exceed 9 cents USA to the customer at retail and commercial rates. With small units, we expect to be able to take advantage of expansion according to need and opportunities on the domestic scene and add further plants. The country suffers from hurricanes and mild earthquake tremors. The desire is to develop Belize, but ensure that everything is orientated to a profit generating utility service.
In Belize, our electrical producing company would be by law 51% Belizean owned. The electrical nuclear plant would have to be TURNKEY, meaning it should be fabricated, shipped and installed to the point of connecting to the National Grid at 4 cents usa per kwh. There are 49% of the shares available to an investment partner that can fund part, or ALL of the other costs. There are hidden costs, such as environmental permits, and a host of departmental permits and licenses, all of which take time and must be paid for on the local scene. We would expect even the government to buy some shares.

Chairman ( Ray Auxillou ) Belize Investment Group
Secretary: Edilberta Figuroa ( Box 276, San Ignacio, Belize, Central America )

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