Sunday, April 24, 2011

Belize small electrical plant investment experimental research in Belize

Methane collector experiment.

Small investors are seeking practical ways of investing in needed electrical production to sell to the Belize National Grid, grossing about $300,000 a year. Practical affordable investments that would pay off, seem few and far between. Bagasse is being used. ( sugar cane refuse ) Lots of futuristic ideas, but nothing off the shelf that can be installed in immediately.

DEBATE by investors looking for ways to produce electricity. The CORRUPTION in the artificial price of electricity in Belize remains a sore point.

Hi Hugh I am a bit busy but... First there is no nuke in the Yucatan . It is located in Veracruz and powers about 4 million people and does not make it to us. We buy from Mexico when needed from the fossil fuel plant located near Merida. We are paying high bills because we are getting ripped off no other reason. I have tried to illustrate that. Our best answer is to force BEL to give power at the correct price. This can be accomplished by a buy back law that would necessitate revealing true costs of production.
I hate hydro that destroys habitats. My own opinion.
Technology is advancing rapidly in the power generation area. Nuclear chemistry shows great promise. It is not a question of which alternative energy form is better etc. The variable factors are numerous in all scenarios. Cutting and hauling sugar cane, wind variations, fuel cost fluctuations, drought etc.
My goal is much more basic . We have a pressing national need to produce meaningful jobs for our huge population of young people. That will require industrial development. To have that we must educate our future work force and be able to offer reasonable power to industrial developers. Community sized units wont do it. We need a real energy plan that will lower our power costs.
I respect all the research and experience that is present on the board. We need to focus on this serious national problem as no one else seems to be even considering it and I consider it a national priority. We must lower our power costs. The concept of selling when you have and buying when you dont works in most places. Thats why I was re-interested in wind as potentially it could produce a sellable amount. It is all very complex but we must lower power costs. Thats the goal. How do we do that? Thanks Mike

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