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Belize - inflamed ear drum and mystery irritant.

Inflamed ear drum and mystery irritant.

Old Age complaints! ( Bunch of old Belizeans compare their illnesses. )

I´ve had four months of medical troubles. Got it narrowed down to an ear drum inflammation and swollen muscles under the ear. Been to 9 doctors. 3 GP´s, 2 dental surgeons, 1 ENT specialist, etc. Had cat scans, ultra sound, couple of x rays. Been treated for bacterial infections by three types of antibiotics, yeast infections, fungus infections, ear drops, sinus cleaners like Benadryl. You name it I´ve tried it. Been to Caye Caulker for 3 days, swimming. No effect on the ear when diving and the salt should have cured anything if there was something to cure? Bone arthritis maybe?
Cant decide which comes first, the ear drum inflammation, or the swollen muscle below and beside the ear. All MD´s are sure there is no infection, just inflammation. But can´t find the irritant. Had my saliva glands pricked and manipulated for blockages and all that stuff.
I use Neuro something other pill, which is a combination of a pain killer that blocks the brain and has a muscle relaxant as well, plus some B vitamins. It works for a good four hours and I have a couple of hours of medium pain and couple of hours of severe pain. It´s the only pill that works. Tried IBOPROFUN and other stuff. Even the pain killer part by itself, which does not work as the ear drum gets inflamed, then messes up the eustachean tube and gives me sore throat, which in turn swells the tendons and muscles on the neck and side of face. After that, you get the excruciating suicide pain, when the swelling presses on the trigeminal nerve. I´ve even looked a few times at cyanide, hanging, nitrogen as ways to quit this lousy quality of life. The pill I am using though gets me through the day, at the rate of 3 to 4 pills per 24 hours. Just found out my regular drug store no longer has any, I´ve used them all up. On my last pill this morning, got to trade the financial markets early and then head for the drugstores and try to get refills.
Plan to see the ENT again, whenever she comes out Cayo way from Belize City. Have a loose lower jaw on that side socket ( tmj ) and one dentist talked me into getting those plates with teeth to fill the gaps and align the jaw, but I´ve been on soft liquid food for six weeks, no chewing and no change at all. Doubt the plates are going to help when I get them this week. There is an irritant somewhere?
The question is at 73 years of age, should one just say Sayonara! With a lousy pain filled quality of life? If so, where is Dr. Korvekian when you need him? ( grin ) I think as long as I can get these pills that work for six hours, I´ll keep trying though.
Kind of want to see the challenge of the financial markets trading through though. Gustavo and I went partners and we each put up $5000 usa to trade. Got the account working April 1st, 2011, but no trade signals yet worth taking with real money. Prior to this, in four months, from Dec to end of March, we made in a funny money trading account 197% on initial capital of $5000. Before that a year of playing with spread trading met failure. Now we are on the cusp of REAL MONEY TRADING, it is a challenge to see if we can do this in reality. ( The Auxillou Family Hedge Fund ) But a life filled with pain, is not worth it. So long as I can control it with meds, OKAAAY!

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Ah tel yuh nuh; I have osteo arthritis and my shoulder and hip give me heck. My doc tells me don't come back until I'm ready for a shoulder replacement, been through the shots, therapy, whole bit but not ready to have parts removed yet.
Man, I'm just not ready for this next chapter; I have trimmed down, eat better, and work out regularly now.

Bze Kobuh,
The monkeys are running the zoo

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I am beginning to feel some aches in some body parts I did not realize existed before so I am exploring possible alternatives for the future. 20 acred gentlemans farm for sale.

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