Monday, February 18, 2013

Cancer tumor getting worse, growing faster than the Florida state bureaucracy can deal with changing rules.

Cancer update. We are here in Miami. The tumor is doubling in size again. December it doubled over 5 weeks, January it doubled over 4 weeks, February it is doubling in 3 weeks. Am approaching the end game rapidly. Pain is intensifying. On constant pain pills. There is a possibility will be able to work out thousands of dollars of treatments to fight it this week? Or it is all over. David and Sharon have been working heroically trying to get me through the bureaucratic red tape. Sharon must have put 60 hours on the phone calls and driving me around this past week alone. I have no car and there is no bus service out here in rural South Florida.  Every week is the same. You cannot do this without health insurance of some kind. Waaaay too expensive. Was told Friday to start radiation, would had to have my teeth done over first. That came out of the blue. Dentist visit was a quote of $4000 usa for that alone over 4 days. Shopping for a dentist will do Florida medicaid today. Radiation people ready to start Tuesday, but cannot get teeth done that fast. Pet Scan and MRI this afternoon.  Think it is Larkin Community Hospital?  Medicaid system in Florida is in upheaval. New Obama laws and rules but the senior Florida State administrators haven't got the word out to their extension South Florida branch office staffs yet, for changes and corrections. Local family and children are giving out wrong information, bottlenecks, something like 20 phone number referrals are disconnected. Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, but my tumor is growing faster than the Florida state civil service can operate. Must have been passed to 50 people now, and we are going full circle.The State medicaid restructuring is playing hell with my own tumor growth tempo. The mis-information is playing hell with this growing malignant agrressive cancer. They tell me it is still curable? Hard to get stuff lined up efficiently. Should know how this is going to play out by this coming Friday. Pain is really intense. To top it off, it has been a really cold weekend and we have no heat. Wrapped up in blankets.  There seems to be three scenarios could mess everything up. The tumor starts going up into the brain.  The tumor chokes off my ability to eat and or it jumps into the lymph node system and spreads around other organs in the body.  Which it has not done yet.  Doctors are worried, but there are not too many willing to deal with the Florida State version of medicaid.  Don't know why? I'm already on a soft food diet, as I can't open that side of my mouth big enough to bite a hamburger.  One doctor really blasted BAPTIST MEDICAL CONGLOMERATE HOSPITALS.  They did the biopsy on Medicaid A.  ( I don't have B - got penalized and even though they are going to charge me double for Social Security deduction, they also refused to give me a Medicare B card until July.  Of course, I will be dead by then if I don't get this solved right now.) But when one famous doctor asked for the Baptist Hospital follow up treatment plan ( there was none - I would be OUT PATIENT if I had Medicare B.  He started railing up about these 501 K so called Charity hospitals that throw people out to fend for themselves.)  The Florida State Medicaid people came to the rescue with something called supplementary state medicaid.  Apparently our income is $15 to $70 or so over the Federal criteria per month?  Whereas the Florida State Medicaid we are in the poor improverished allotment.  Whatever, I'm glad for small mercies.  Sharon found out that stuff.  I'm too damned sick. Already got my pain killer pills via Florida State system thank god.  Couldn't buy that stuff here.  All I want is to get a shotgun and blow my brains out.  I'm disappointed we have no DEATH WITH DIGNITY CLINICS IN FLORIDA, LIKE SWITZERLAND.  Though with the national system, there seems to be all kinds of big business fraud schemes or so the newspapers say here.  The rich medical businesses are taking the paid cases and fluffing off the lower paid systems to community hospitals. The poor and those between 30 and 65 years of age are getting screwed.  Guess that is where they get those uninsured numbers from?  Well lets see what happens later today?  I'm ready to throw in the towel.  Sharon and Silvia and Tina are the ones pushing me to keep fighting.  Hard to do when you are constantly in some level of pain. 


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