Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Search for Merle MacKenzie, daughter of Ida MacKenzie formerly of Oakville, Ontario.

SEARCHING FOR MERLE MACKENZIE ( the single name she used around 1982 to 1986 )? She was married, but seperated to a Canadian fellar.  She had a son for Ray Auxillou, at TRAFALGAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, OAKVILLE, ONTARIO.   Merle was living in the late days of her pregnancy with her mother IDA MacKenzie.  She was reported to have died and the house sold. The address of that house was 1250 Marlborough Court, a townhouse in Oakville.  The new owner had no information on where Merle moved to, or what happened?  What happened to Merle and her baby boy, born in the TRAFALGAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL is not known?  Contact was lost about then.  The year is a rough guess, about 1982 to 1986. She had spent a previous year or two in British Honduras, or Belize.

The crux of the story as I know it, was Merle Mac Kenzie a married woman had a baby when estranged for some years from her then husband at the hospital in Ontario. She conceived while adventuring with her grown daughter, on a 48 ft motorsailer while in the Bahamas captained by Ray Auxillou. The father ( Ray ) was there at the hospital for the birth, as was her husband and his current girlfriend. Ray's two grown sons, Mark and Steve were at the hospital and a photo of that even is on Ray Auxillou's autobiography webpage.  ( the older Son has since died ) Merle went back to her mother's place ( Ida MacKenzie ) and told the father Ray Auxillou, that she would name the son Ryan Andrew Mac Kenzie. Ray went back to Belize, where he ran a tourist business. Never heard from her again and letters were unanswered. A few years later when enquiring, he found out that the grandmother had died, the townhouse in Ontario, Canada was sold and Merle had moved with no forwarding address. It was rumored from friends, she had got a divorce from her estranged husband and re-married. Anything could have happened. We don't really know what is on the birth certificate for the name for the boy, nor if she divorced and re-married if the name was changed again?
In FEBRUARY, of 2013, the boy would now be about 27 years old.


  Looking for a VOLUNTEER with the skills to trace either Merle, the mother, or the baby boy, whatever happened to him?  It is probably possible to trace the birth record?  Don't know anything about Canadian bureaucratic systems, but the hospital, said such records would NOT be at the Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in Ontario by the lake.  They referred me to OTTAWA, CANADA.  Lack the means to do that, as I'm foreign living.  Appreciate some help here!


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