Thursday, October 29, 2009


Commander in Chief of Venezuela, Generalissmo Hugo Chavez
** Jospeh Stalin, the dictator that ruined communism.


Trevor sent me an email, talking about my rightist views and opinions.

I had to consider that for a moment and think a bit of the age difference between me and Trevor and perhaps also the real life experiences of each of us. It is easy for those with an intellectual bent, but no real world experience, to come to modern day ambiguous type rationalizations I suppose? Based on intellectual ideas. Sort of like the current Health system in Belize, called the POLYCLINICS. The theory is great on paper, but it is terrible pragmatically in performance for a host of human considerations in failed applications. You try something and then you move on. Time to move on with the Belize Health System and for the moment go back to what we had before.

About the only thing I can think of is that; In a world when the two political parties are both bad in Belize, you vote for the one " that is the lesser evil".

In a world that has capitalism and it's faults and communism leftist faults and we are talking pragmatically here, not theoretical bombast, paper plans, or HOPE for a better life. Then you take the side of the one with "the lesser evil". For me that is capitalism.

For me, I remember talking to Russian prisoners of War in the camps, from outside the wire in Northern England as a child, of 7 years or so. I was helping them learn English through the concentration camp wire. They were not like concentration camps in Europe. Similar, but not so closely guarded. More like detention centers. I remember vividly when the War was drawing to a close and asking these prisoners through the wire, what would happen to them? They told me, they would be re-patriated to Russia and be killed. In the end, that is what happened. It was hard for me as a young child to realize people could do that to other people, but England didn't want them, as they had millions of their own soldiers coming home and returning to civilian life. There was no money, lots of debt and no jobs. Cold bloodedly the British politicians sent them back to certain miserable death in Russia.

Then my experience in the city of Vienna, Austria, from 1945 to 1949, when the Russians were raping for three years, six year old girls and any other females they could catch with their guns( with the blessing of STALIN ) daily, and looting everything, from watches to sink faucets and the sinks themselves left me with a memory that put me against Communism, leftist ideaologies. The rhetoric and theory is good stuff, Communism and Socialism is great on paper, and so is that of the ALBA group. The pragmatic reality though is something else again and I would not wish that on Belize, or Honduras. For all the GREED and STEALING in our current capitalist/socialist compromise system of government in Belize, it is far superior to that of Chavez in Venezuela. All he has is lots of riches from oil to squander, otherwise he wouldn't last in office. It isn't that Communism does not sound good in rhetoric, or on paper pamphlets, it is that you are dealing with PEOPLE and the people who run Communist countries have no checks and balances on their dictatorship. GREED and a host of other physcological effects on OPPORTUNISTIC CRIMINAL human things, end up turning good rhetoric into a nightmare for the citizen. I'm not good with the words, or explaining, but I sure have no trouble instinctively knowing what is bad for me and my family automatically. The history of Eastern European countries if you study it, only confirms how it works out.

Communist leaders are basically like Capitalists, they are OPPORTUNISTS, but give them the right to tell you how to live and what to do, and YOUR life will be pure misery. Believe me, I know from experience. More than will fit in here. You pick the LESSER OF TWO EVILS. Not hard to do!

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