Saturday, October 24, 2009

BELIZE UDP report card gets 5 POINT BOOST


The UDP government report card gets a boost from 56% to 61%, based on recent news of accomplishments of bring public services and infra-structural developments to TWO very remote villages found along the Guatemalan border, in the most remote location of the high rain forest of the Toledo jungle district.
The villages are called San Vincente and Sunday Wood. The village of San Vincente was established by farmers in 1986 about five miles from Jalacte, where the national road service approaches close to the border with Guatemala. One day it is expected this road will be paved and join the Guatemalan highway system and interconnect with the Central American highway systems for trade and commerce. The village is quite large and has a population of 329. The other village of Sunday Wood has 270 persons and was established by migrant Quiche Maya, from the village of San Lucas.
Projects underway are school expansion in the village of San Vincente, to what is modern style and hurricane reinforced cement structures. In Sunday Wood village, a new water system and tower is being installed, replacing the old one which was inadequate.
Financing for these infra-structure projects in a very remote area is under the control of the Ministry of Economic Development. Funds are coming from the Belize government of $80,000, Joint financing assistance from the Canadian government International Development agency ( CIDA ), the Caribbean Development Bank and nine other governments. The government of Belize has taken out a loan with the Caribbean Development Bank for $429,906 to pay for the new water tower and distribution system for Sunday Wood village.
The NEW REPORT CARD IS NOW 61% for this UDP government.

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