Wednesday, October 21, 2009


*** The new SUCRE countries will use virtual computer money starting January for internal ALBA trade.

Eastern Caribbean currency notes.
Dominica national flag.


Dominica led the way and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, all small island countries, voted at the ALBA conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia to not switch currencies in two more months to the SUCRE, the new ALBA virtual currency for internal trade. They currently use an Eastern Caribbean currency. A conflict of interest with CARICOM. Since the SUCRE will be a virtual electronic money exchange, they voted to retain the paper money of the Eastern Caribbean islands for this moment, until such time as the SUCRE has paper and coins issued, to rival the EURO. The SUCRE will be activated electronically in January.
Members of ALBA are Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominica, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda. CARICOM lost their four countries to ALBA. Which was started by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez in 2004.
The idea is to make internal trade in some other currency than the uncontrollable US dollar, or EUROS.
The four former CARICOM countries used to belong to CARICOM, which fell apart from feudal wrangling over sovereignty and power. There is a hollow remnant of CARICOM left, but it is basically in disarray, or death throes. Belize continues to give lip service to CARICOM unity, but is hollow and has no practical effect, other than a Caribbean Supreme Court which has been proposed. There are traditional links with other Caricom countries out of Belize, but these are mostly to do with copy cat legislation, some legal educational training. There is no effective trade, air, or ship transportation between the former CARICOM countries. The little trade that is done is such small scale as to be more described as a cottage industry. There is no effective way to join CARICOM together. Most former and present CARICOM countries are mismanaged bankrupts.
Russia and China have also recently signed deals to trade with each other in Rubles and Yuan, and avoiding the EURO and DOLLAR. This strikes at the heart of the Jewish controlled financial banking establishment in European countries and the USA. A USA congressman recently published many articles saying the US Congress was totally controlled by the ZIONISTS of Israel through their religious groups in the USA, which formed a semi secret, fifth column subverting the USA government. Believe his name was Trafficante? His allegations join hundreds of other articles and books on the same subject.
This century wars are starting off economically, and the goals of all contestants seem to be the RESOURCES OF AFRICA, the resources of the EASTERN SLOPE of the ANDES running all along South America, from the Caribbean to Patagonia. The CHINESE it is claimed are building up AFRICA and seem to be bent on shipping their excess population to major sectors of the AFRICAN continent. They will eventually control huge segments of AFRICA by assimilation of population. You can win wars with AIR POWER and bombs, but to control the ground, you have to have people. The CHINESE have lots of people to spare. The USA recently lost a puppet leader in Guinea and the resources were lithium and buaxite I believe? The Chinese have signed contracts for these minerals, eliminating the USA as buyers.

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