Friday, October 30, 2009


BELMOPAN HOSPITAL COGITATING ( further to article on Western Belize Happenings )

KM Hospital in the port mainly serves the population of the coastal port and 4 towns in the North of the country.

What is needed is to turn Belmopan Hospital into a real hospital, not a clinic and give full services including a trauma center. After all, the Belmopan Hospital is first provider for the towns in the Southern Districts and out Western Belize. This area has half the population of Belize and probably I guess the next census will show we have more than half the population of Belize.

Having Belmopan Hospital, equal to in facilities as the port town KMH is a logical thing. Presuming in the next 15 years we get a paved road driven through to Orange Walk, from Belmopan, then the Belmopan Hospital would become the major hospital in the country.

Something to think about? Especially since right now, there is no trauma center serving half the population of the country in the West, Center and Southern areas.

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