Friday, March 11, 2011

BELIZE - Grandpa´s grandkids, Bianca, Zoe, Dillon and Blayd in March, 2011.

Diane Auxillou,( second from left) real estate sales, construction developer and travel advisor on Caye Caulker, Belize with CNN crew, introducing them to the good life, while they do a travel documentary on this exotic, great barrier reef, world famous small island village. The place to go on Blue Hole scuba trips, in the far away ( 90 miles ) Lighthouse Reef ATOLL.
Zoe ( Auxillou ) de la Fuente, off to Puert Rico and Eastern Caribbean cruise tomorrow.
Blayd ( Auxillou ) Vernon, youngest grandkid for patriarch, Ray Auxillou; for mother Wendy Auxillou.
Two cousins, Bianca and Dillon ( the Auxillou´s ) Bianca is a de la Fuente ( mother Wendy Auxillou ) and Dillon is a Kuylen surname ( mother Diane Auxillou ). Bianca is off with her mother to see the Eastern Caribbean, starting in Puerto Rico and down to Barbados on one of those cruise ships budget fares tomorrow.

Growing up on the Great Barrier Reef Island of Belize, has to be one of the greatest childhoods ever experienced.

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