Tuesday, March 29, 2011

San Jose Succotz Festival 2011. - BELIZE

Photos courtesy of GRINGO - CHARLIE TREW with home in San Jose Succotz

Miss Succotz, Betty Chaman, the village QUEEN.
A Mayan community for over 13,000 years. Home of the Xununtanich Mayan temple ruins, on the top of the hill across the river. Brother and sister, the next generation.

San Jose Succotz Festival, children dancers. This village has a wonderful childrens growing up atmosphere.

SAN JOSE SUCCOTZ village, below the Xununtanich Mayan ruin on top of the hill, across the Mopan River. This SUCCOTZ festival this year is our Miss Succotz
The group photo, has Mariua Penados on the left and Christi Panti, on the right. Don´t know the others?
This village alongside the Western Highway and river has a vibrant and active festival and village life. With school marching bands,marimba orchestras and other community activities.

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